GrabPoints Review - Make Money in Your Free Time - Scam or Legit?

I’ve used plenty of GPT sites like InboxDollars for a while, but ultimately, Grabpoints has been my saving grace. Two years ago, I got into some minor financial trouble and this site helped me to get out of it. I could easily earn money on that site through surveys like Peanut Labs and TapResearch, which earned me 5 and 10 points respectively for each disqualification, so I could try harder and get myself bonuses. The con I have is that sometimes, I get multiple disqualifications in one day, but usually it subsides It helps to have this in addition to other sites that help you get paid so you get even more money. It is very legit and I highly recommend it. Here’s a screenshot of my rewards history (note that my recent payment is pending).

Grab Points is one of the easiest cash back apps out there! It’s very simple to use and it has lots of activities that reward you points. Any time I have had any issues, they were dealt with right away by customer service. I love that you can use the app or you can complete the same activities on their website. A lot of cash back apps do not offer the ability to complete the same offers on their site. I also love that they offer you free points and free survey codes just by simply opening the app. Payout is always fast and I have never had any issues. I will highly recommend this app to family and friends.

I found GrabPoints through Swagbucks and joined them to get SB’s. When I started with Grabpoints my intention was to use the points to buy Steam vouchers for my eldest son and Swagbucks for my Amazon vouchers. Since then I have redeemed two lots of points for Steam and am now thinking of using them for Amazon too as my son is now working. I am seriously thinking too of going over to GrabPoints and leaving Swagbucks behind as GrabPoints is much better for points and it seems to me most of the games Swagbucks have stopped providing are now on GrabPoints and I miss playing them and also Peanut Labs through GrabPoints give 10 points for disqualification where they only give 1 on Swagbucks. Also I like that GrabPoints doesn’t have a daily goal to stress me out when I can’t complete a survey at all over the weekend and they do the trivia and the 7 points for a code where you don’t have to search all over the internet for the code and I like those too. The fact that GrabPoints now do tasks is also appealing, I haven’t had a chance to look at those yet to see if they are similar to Swagbucks tasks but I am sure when I get time I will be doing some of those too. The only thing I would like to see changed is the alerts section could do with a way to delete the messages you have read and completed, they do get in the way sometimes. All in all though I like GrabPoints, I have had no issues with them at all as yet and hope it stays that way, I like their way of doing things and the dashboard is easy to use too. I would highly recommend them to people wanting to earn money from rewards sites.

GrabPoints is a huge scam. I recently took a survey it gave me on gmail and I did it. It said it was going to give me 500 points for 10 mins of it. So I did it. The survey was 20 min long and afterwards, it gave me not points. What a scam!

Did you contact them about it? I have this problem a lot on Swagbucks and am always sending in tickets for non payment to them. I haven’t had this issue with GrabPoints… Yet!

I suppose you are talking about SSI surveys ?
I have sometimes the same problems: i don’t receive my 500 points on my account but in " Live feeds " i can see that i got 500 points.
It is really weird…
I tried a lot of SSI surveys with Grabpoints and i earned so much points by this way but i lost perhaps 10 000 points, also.

I message them but they don’t reply. Well I guess they want to earn money too! LOL!

I’ve been on Grabpoints for a while and it is really not that bad. I usually just redeem the promo codes and watch a few videos. There’s only so much time in a day and I earn a pretty penny just doing that.

I would definitely suggest contacting them if it’s showing in the feed and not your account. The best thing to do is take a screenshot in live feeds.

This page gives you a lot of satisfaction along the way and is very kind to the audience and how they can earn points to redeem.I will say I wish that the alert/message area had an option to mark as unread. At least once a week I get codes or offers that are not yet active and sometimes they get buried within everything else so to go back and find them later is a pain.

Grabpoints is definitely on my daily list of Get Paid To sites to do. Its just unique enough to add a little variety to the other sites. I do the daily trivia for 15c, the get 7c (when its available) and sometimes the trivia article for 15c. Then i try tap research surveys…you will find that you often get more points in disqualifying than most other sites. For example, another GPT site pays 2-3c for DQ at tap while most of mine on grabpoints are 30-60c which is like 3-6c. They also have grabpoints TV where you can watch videos that pays 1pt per video and they usually run about 30 seconds each. Just make sure you do not run two devices at once! Thats a no-no here. Its a nice secondary site where earning $5 every 4-6 weeks is quite simple to do in a few minutes a day. For me GrabPoints is a really good site and app, just perfect as something to do on the side in your free time. I use it to watch videos and take surveys, and there are games to play too if you really feel like it. One thing I really like about GrabPoints is they give you a special code everyday to earn extra points, I love getting that notification on my phone saying I’ve earned points and all I have to do is tap the button. Another thing I like about this site is that I can cash out through PayPal, that’s a big plus for me. There are plenty of gift card options too so you’ll definitely find what you want. I think if anyone is willing to try it out and is patient enough then GrabPoints would be a nice place to start. [image][image][image]

Nitu, I don’t know if yours is the same but mine the other day said promo code not available yet so I tried a few times through the day, 3 days later I could add them but I wasn’t on in between so it could have been sooner. I found by clicking on the box to add the code, before doing anything a lot of codes showed in a drop down box, all I did then was go through the top ones and try them and they were the ones I needed to do. This saved me a lot of time having to go back through the tasks to find the codes. Give that a try and if they appear there, just note down the ones you can’t redeem at the time and then click them when they appear in the box [image]

Hmm Swagbucks is really good at getting back to you, I have never needeed to contact GrabPoints yet so I would suggest you keep trying until they do reply. They get money anyway, they don’t need to keep your points lol!

[image]GrabPoints is the old Zoombucks. It’s a fantastic site… All of my questions have been answered in minutes rather than days.

Haven’t thought making money could be so easy, lesser time consuming, fun and addictive…
GrabPoints gave me the chance to be able to work from my comfort zone anytime anywhere, from home, school,club,market virtually anywhere.
It has been a great success to me because making more in a way that is so easy brings joy, i have spent lot of my time on other jobs but they pay less and are time consuming and hectic.
I’ve been able to pay for things i need and helped my friends and also invited them to this grat helping hand of Grabpoints.

I love Grabpoints!! it is 100 legit and my favorite moneymaker. FYI to anyone who doesn’t know, they have a VIP PROGRAM . If you email customer service and send screenshot proof that you make at least $50 in one month (it may be $30 cant remember ) on a different rewards site they will make you a VIP and you will get a bonus around 50% on all offers for more than 5 points. I use the Adscend video page mostly and earn around $5 every few days with slim effort just letting the videos run. 11000 points is $10 paypal. I attached screenshot of the bonus earnings too.

Do you know if VIP program is reserved for selected countries or it works all around the world ?

This program is no longer active. It was only available a while ago.

GrabPoints is very similar to the bigger and older Swagbucks . There are a lot of options to earn money. Videos, surveys, games, etc. There are also a lot of payment options but I do just use Paypal.

Yeah grabpoints is a great site,the best thing about it is that it has so many ways to earn from which makes it better than other sites,I earn about 5000 points everyday which is equal to 5 $ and i only spend 2-3 hours on it so i think its a good amount i am earning for just spending few hours on my computer at home.