GrabPoints Review - Make Money in Your Free Time - Scam or Legit?

Grab Points is a page you can trust. Interesting ways to earn points and exchange them for prizes. You can watch movies here, fill in surveys, download applications. All these activities will be rewarded with the right amount of points. I am very pleased with this site, you can see that it is growing. There are more and more tasks to be done. There are a lot of prizes to choose from and everyone will find something for themselves. So do not hesitate and start your adventure with Grab Points. I recommend, I have already received my prizes, now it’s time for you.

I started Swagbucks , but eventually found grab points and god I’m glad i did, introduced me to a hole new area of earning with Link clicks, Tasks and Passive Videos before this I hadn’t found an offerwall worth the time. Out of the offers and walls grab points offers it has overcome and far better than most/all of its counterparts.

Name tells you. GrabPoints!!! lets do it.

GrabPoints is a site that generates earnings in an easy and reliable way. I am very grateful because in my free time I can download apps, tasks and offers that give me good earnings. For me, it has been very easy to earn, it is very simple and easy to use and has many ways to get rewards. The rewards are very easy to use, has no problems with this page, or with getting rewards.

I hope that many of you benefit from this page, I recommend it, it’s very good, thank you GrabPoints!

GrabPoints is a legitimate site for earning passive income. It’s a cool name for an earning site too, because that’s exactly what you’ll be doing – grabbing points. GrabPoints pays you to do many things such as take surveys, watch videos, download apps, enter promo codes, complete trivia and quizzes, complete offers, play games, and refer friends. GrabPoints has one of the best apps out there to make money on your smartphone! You can exchange/redeem your points for various gift cards from popular retailers like Amazon , Walmart, Best Buy and so many more. PayPal is also very popular, and it’s my favorite ways to “grab”. How much you earn from GrabPoints depends on the amount of time you spend “working” the site. Support is always available and very helpful.

GrabPoints is a really good app for getting money! You can easly get 5$, that you just need to: download applications, complete questions, play games on internet and much more for earning points and make it to real money. I really like that app. I didn’t get 5$ jet because games sometimes doesn’t work and I can’t get credit. I need 5$ for Fortnite - Starter kit, and I will try to get that 5500 points and get 5$ on PayPal.

Good Luck everyone with epic app GrabPoints!

Hello! Today i want to talk about GrabPoint app. You like to complete offers,do surveys,play games and in the maintime receive points? That’s just for you! With this app you Can accumulate points that you Can convert in gift card or money to add to your Paypal account,there are a lot of possibilities. The First step is to install thw app,then start to make points:there are a lot of surveys router,you Can receive from 100 up to 500 points each surveys you qualificate for;it’s the best way to make points. Then you Can complete tasks,install apps and earn point to reace a certain level or just for have opened it,subscribe to sites and also wacth some videos;these Can give some points like 1-2 at time or give you a lot of them,it depends on what you choose to do. It’s very fun to use and a great way to make money in your freetime,so try it!

I have been with GrabPoints for a couple of months and have earned and already redeemed six times of US$3 cash each to my Paypal, pending my 7th redemption at the moment. My highest earnings are mainly surveys such as PeanutLabs and TapResearch. These two providers give you points, even if you are disqualified, which is pretty amazing. Survey earnings might vary due to everyone’s different profile. I only do this at my leisure time aside from work, so with more time spent, you might be able to earn more.

Currently my country is not enabled for Videos, and some other offers. But I see that Videos would be a possible high earner too, based on the feed of other people’s earnings. I hope Grabpoints brings it to my country soon.

Crowdflower is another potential big earner, but the tasks are not so easy, and they disqualify from earning if you go under a certain percentage of accuracy in your tasks. It’s fair, but kinda discouraging for me sometimes.

Downloading apps sometimes do not work, even though I’ve completed them. And asking for missing points is a pain. So I’ve decided to stick to trusty surveys, and the free promo codes that comes every now and then. Now, I’m also doing the Trivia to get 15 points per 5 questions, after reading an article, which is pretty easy.

Rewards can be in the form of cash through Paypal, Skrill, or credits or points for other applications such as Facebook credits, Steam Wallet Codes, Vouchers for popular games such as Castle Clash, etc.

I would recommend GrabPoints, so do sign up and give it a try.

Grabpoints is the only place where I have found a wide variety of options to earn money. It is very easy to use, friendly. Maybe what I would like is that you do not focus so much on Android downloads. I see that you have a very large user community, from all over the world. It is reliable, it fulfills what it promises, it gives you points even when you do not qualify in a survey, it also has a series of interesting tasks. It is also possible to review your history of activities and profits, it is very useful. Thanks Grabpoints!

You can download it as App and also on your computer, is varied and really pay… Grabpoints is a safe site, where you can shop, answer surveys, trivia, read articles, watch videos, etc. Win score with codes that gives you the page, is a very complete site. I recommend 100%. Thanks Grabpoints.

GrabPoints is a great site to earn extra cash! by completing offers, playing games,watching videos, taking surveys and downloading apps.Points can be redeemable for gift cards from a wide variety of retailer.Like Walmart, Target , Amazon and so many more.You can redeem your points for Paypal cash.Share your grab points on social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google plus.Anyone can join for Free using your desktop Pc, labtop, smart phone or tablet. Also you can download the mobile app as well.You can get a promo code on twitter. Pretty cool everyone! So why not join today. Don’t forget to refer your friends and family. GrabPoints ! My invite code: 834B1A

I really like grabpoints. It’s real easy to earn rewards. I like the surveys mostly especially peanut labs because you get a reward even if you dont qualify. I like the daily rewards and the new trivia were you read reviews and answer questions. If you get them all right you receive a promo code, if not you can do it till you get it right. I mostly use my rewards to get Amazon gift cards, but I also have received other gift cards and Paypal. It’s a great site you should definitely try it out.

GrabPoints is best website to earn money it is very simple method to earn money up to 300 usd per month you have to follow just a simple steps to earn money iny opinion grab points is the best ever website to earn money for time passers like me just by sitting at home with the help of phone we can get monet it is just free of cost better u too try this

Grab Points appears as one of the usual app revenue, through which accumulate points to be converted into awards of performing simple tasks: download app, complete surveys, answering the questionnaires of “general knowledge” (the so-called Trivia 15 points) and watch video advertising.
The points of trivia and bonus are always assigned by a particular method, the codes: after viewing the message of bonuses and correctly answer the three questions of the questionnaire.
The prizes you can take are very varied:, Facebook Credits and my much adored charging Paypal.
I reached the 3,000-point mark and asked the credit of $ 3 to my account. I recommend this site to anyone looking for very small sources of income doing nothing but to do what they do in the rest of the day: to use time lost computers and smartphones.

Hi I’m Bibi, I have been a member of grab points since last year, it has not been a year yet --But I will say I am loving it thus far. It is a great way to earn a little bit of extra cash. In the 9+ months I have played this I have a earned a total of thirteen dollars! It may not be much to others who are experts at using these sites and other apps as well, but I have enjoyed being able to earn and redeem points from this site/app. It is fast, fun, easy, and very self explanatory. I have learned quite a bit watching videos on this site too! To add, there are great cooking recipes videos to watch and learn from too!

Thank Grabpoints! I will keep being a member of Grabpoints till as long as I can!


I am immersed in this world of earning applications - Uento, MakeMoney, Whaff - I also use PTC pages, and surveys. GrabPoints is one of these - it is serious in what they offer and in terms of the timeliness of payments, I am in Spain here there are not many exclusive offers of Grabpoints, but spending more time, you can get a lot out of the app. In the market of these app there are many but as GrabPoints are few that really meet, like those of surveys, in order to anyone who wants an extra $ / € can enter this world with eyes closed starting with this app

Grabpoints now getting better and better. it’s to be my favorite website to earn GC. So many activities can work on to get more points. Now it’s to be my daily click to pay website to launch to earn extra pocket cash. It’s very convenient to work on video, game, survey, … etc. It provides the best cash back method to me, like paypal, amazone GC. Thank you.

Grabpoints is really good to earn a little extra in your spare time. their is various different ways this can be done, by going to the offer wall and completing free trials or downloading app, then surveys, they have many different companies offering surveys on Grabpoints, you can also watch videos. Newly you can write reviews or tell people about coupons, like what I’m doing here. Then you also get promo codes either in your notifications or social media, they also have quizzes or answer questions about an article which will give you an extra 15 points each time. Points soon adds up as you can see I’ve cashed out twice already and will be doing again soon & I don’t spend much time doing it.

Grabpoints is a very good earning site and app it will give you Freecharge gift voucher Flipkart voucher Paypal cash Amazon and skill so many payment modes are available it is a very good earning sites I am attaching the payment proof of mine

GrabPoints is from my experience 100% legit. I have been using GrabPoints for 10 months and earned 89 $ for Paypal. I love the fact that we can earn points from a lot of way such as making surveys, download applications, get free promo codes…

GrabPoints is very attractive, it is very easy to use GrabPoints application to get points. There are several rewards such as Paypal, Amazon , Skrill, Google Play… Then, the staff of GrabPoints is very present on the Social Network and they answer you when you contact them.

For my part, GrabPoints has always respected its payment delays which are less than 48 hours.

Grabpoints is a good website where I can make money by completing different and easy tasks: taking online surveys, completing offers, downloading apps, watching videos and referring friends.
I like Grabpoints because he is available in Brazil, is free, is well-organized, have many opportunities to make money and accepts Paypal with low cash out requirement of $ 3.
I dislike Grabpoints when my account is inactive for 30 days, she will expire along whit all my unredeemed points.
In conclusion, Grabpoints is a good genuine rewards site. However, the income potential is just too low and my friends get bored and give up.