GrabPoints Review - Make Money in Your Free Time - Scam or Legit?

I Used Grab Points to Earn in My Free Time - Here’s How

I have a steady day job, but even though I get a regular paycheck, I still look for ways to earn money during my free time. I’ve learned there are sites that will pay you to do things you probably already do for free, like watch TV or browse the internet.

GPT (“get paid to…”) sites are one of the easier ways to make a few extra bucks in your free time. As the name implies, GPT sites pay members to do certain tasks, such as watch videos, download apps, or take surveys.

A word of warning: there are a lot of scam GPT sites out there. They lure members with enticing rewards, but become flaky when it’s time to distribute earnings. I’ve been using GPT sites for a few years now, and had to learn the hard way which sites are scams, and which ones are legit.

I’ve been using GrabPoints (Link: and have had nothing but good experiences with them. I’m pretty familiar with the site, since I’ve been using it since it was known as GrabRewards. The old site was acquired by Zoombucks. I wasn’t sure whether the new owners would be able to maintain all the good things that made Grab Rewards awesome. Spoiler warning: GrabPoints is still awesome. In fact, I would even say that the new site is better, and easier to use.

GrabPoints is like Swagbucks , another big player in the GPT game. You get paid (in cash or gift cards) to accomplish a variety of common tasks like taking surveys, watching videos, and downloading apps. These are things you probably do anyway, so it’s awesome that there’s a way for us to earn while doing them.

Grap Points is pretty legit, but check out my detailed review below!

Getting Started

The tasks you’ll be doing on GrabPoints don’t require any special skills or qualifications. You will need a reliable internet connection, smartphone and/or computer, but you most likely have those already.

All you have to do to start is head to the signup page and register. An invite code will be sent to your email address. This code will let you earn points immediately, so be sure to check your spam folder so you don’t lose the code. Once you’re in, you can customize your profile.

You can use GrabPoints on either mobile or desktop, but mobile works best for me personally. Whenever I’m waiting in line or on a long commute, I whip out my tablet and earn points during those idle moments.

And that’s it! Now let’s discuss the tasks you’ll be doing on GrabPoints and the corresponding points you’ll earn.

Tasks and Earnings

Like I mentioned a while ago, you earn points for doing a bunch of easy tasks. You can then convert these points to cash (which is paid via PayPal) or gift cards.

The specific tasks may change depending on their current clients, but as of 2018, here are the available tasks:

  • Watch Videos
  • Answer Surveys
  • Complete Offers
  • Play Games
  • Download Apps

You can earn anywhere from 2 to 10,000 points for each completed task. One thousand points is convertible to $1, so keep that in mind when picking tasks.

You can also earn points by inviting friends, which I’ll discuss later. First, I need to give you some additional details on the tasks I’ve listed above.

Watch Videos

This is by far my favorite way to earn via GrabPoints. When I’m on the subway, I bring up a few videos and just zone out. By the time I get to my station, I would have earned a couple of bucks. Not bad for idle time, right?

Videos are pretty short, around two minutes long, and usually pay 10 points. My commute takes about half an hour. During that time, I can watch 15 videos, earning me 150 points!

Answer Surveys

All self-respecting GPT sites have survey tasks, and GrabPoints is no different. The site usually has a few dozen surveys available at all times. You may have to answer a few pre-qualifying questions first. GrabPoints does this to bring you surveys that are relevant to your interests. This also ensures that the appropriate people are taking the surveys. Answering those questions was no biggie to me; I pretended that they were part of the actual survey.

Surveys usually pay anywhere from 500 to 2500 points. You’ll have to complete each survey before you get your points.

Complete Offers

This is a pretty open-ended category. It includes tasks such as taking part in trial offers, clicking offers, or signing up for services provided by client websites.

Important note: most of these tasks require you to sign up for a free trial membership. Once your free membership expires, you may be charged automatically to continue the subscription. Make sure you deselect the auto-renew option. But if you like the service, by all means continue with a paid subscription.

Download Apps and Play Games

As the names imply, you simply download apps or play games to earn points. These tasks usually come with some requirements, though. For example, when you download an app, you also have to open it. And sometimes, you will be required to keep it on your device for a certain period of time. Same thing with games. You may have to keep playing until you reach a certain level.

And just like the Complete Offers tasks, you’ll have to be mindful about recurring charges. So read the terms and conditions, and don’t select the auto-renew option if you don’t want your card to get charged later on.

Share and Invite

If you’re happy with GrabPoints, why not spread the word? The site has a pretty robust referral system that lets you earn even more points. You’ll get one point for every friend that becomes a member of GrabPoints. You can even earn bonus points when your referrals earn their first 1,000 points!

One slight hassle is that GrabPoints doesn’t have an automated way to track referrals. Your friends will have to manually input your promo code. So make sure you remind them to do so. Every point counts.

You can also earn points by promoting the site on social media, forums, or on YouTube. They have some specific requirements for these promotions, such as providing GrabPoints’ URL. You can earn 100 points for doing this.

Payout Method and Schedule

You can redeem your points as gift cards or cash. One thousand points is equal to $1, and there is a $2 minimum withdrawal. Cash payments are made through PayPal.

If you choose gift cards, you can select rewards from the official catalog, which includes awesome establishments such as Amazon , Walmart, and Best Buy. Gift cards are sent as codes to your email address. It usually takes around three days for processing.

The Pros and Cons of Using GrabPoints

I really like GrabPoints, but I still want to give you a balanced perspective. So here are some quick pros and cons about the site.


  • Reputable
  • Reliable payment schedule
  • A wide array of payout options
  • The website’s design is clean and easy to use
  • It’s global; people around the world can use it
  • Low minimum withdrawal. Probably the lowest among any survey site!


There’s just one, actually: you’ll have to do a lot of tasks just to make a small amount of money. There’s no point sugarcoating this. It’s sometimes disappointing to do lots of tasks only to find out that the points I’ve earned are equivalent to a couple bucks.

This is why I keep mentioning that you do this in your free time. You won’t be able to pay the rent using your earnings. But if you do tasks during your free time, those points will add up and it’s always a nice surprise to learn that I have enough to treat myself.

The Verdict: Legit or Scam?

GrabPoints is legit! You just have to manage your expectations. Look at this as a way to make a couple of bucks during your free time. Once you keep that in mind, you’ll have a lot of fun… and the points really do add up!

GrabPoints Screenshots

Your Turn

This review is based on my experience with GrabPoints. Now it’s your turn to share. Have you used the site? Which tasks did you usually take, and how much have you earned?

Let’s hear your stories!

Grabpoints is the only place where I have found a wide variety of options to earn money. It is very easy to use, friendly. Maybe what I would like is that you do not focus so much on Android downloads. I see that you have a very large user community, from all over the world. It is reliable, it fulfills what it promises, it gives you points even when you do not qualify in a survey, it also has a series of interesting tasks. It is also possible to review your history of activities and profits, it is very useful. Thanks Grabpoints!

Absolutely one of my favorite sites. Not only are the survey’s relevant to me but the games they have are fun to play. It is also very easy to earn points. I find they are very helpful when you have a question as I always get a reply. Highly recommend this site and often tell others about it. I really don’t think I can come up with 100 words. I don’t want to just ramble. But I do Love this site and it’s one I go to every day.

I like GrabPoints. I have earned points and received payment. If you want to make money online for completing offers, GrabPoints is highly recommended for you because GrabPoints has many offers and tasks to make money online. So what are you waiting for? Join now!

Grab points is very good earning site. Actually I am new to this site. My friend refered me to this site. I have not reached the redemption limit to show my payment proof but this site has very good reputation of immediate redemption. Very nice to have to participate in this website rewarding program

GrabPoints is an awesome website/app. I have been able to earn points which I have been able to redeem them later on Amazon gift cards and PayPal. Most of the time that I have redeem money from them, have been as a PayPal payment. I like answering surveys from them, like the ones from Peanut Labs and TapResearch. I also like that the payments are sent very quickly, so I can use it exactly when I need to use it. It only takes 3 days, at the most. They offer a lot of other types of rewards like PlayStation Networks cards, Steam cards, Google play, as well as gift cards for Target and Walmart, just to name a few stores.

My payment proof is below:

TMG - The Marketing Group Inc has sent you $5.00 USD​

NOTE FROM TMG - The Marketing Group Inc:​

Thank you for being a valued GrabPoints member! Don’t forget to post your payment proof on Facebook, Twitter, personal blogs, pretty much anything to to get the word out. Also, leave your invite code when posting payment proof! You will receive 500 points for every user that reaches 1000 points in a first tier country! Let people know - YOU GOT PAID BY GRABPOINTS! Now go earn more points! Website -

Transaction Details
Transaction ID: 4JX1737326692270H
April 23, 2018
Money received
$5.00 USD​

GrabPoints is from my experience 100% legit. I have been using GrabPoints for 10 months and earned 89 $ for Paypal. I love the fact that we can earn points from a lot of way such as making surveys, download applications, get free promo codes…

GrabPoints is very attractive, it is very easy to use GrabPoints application to get points. There are several rewards such as Paypal, Amazon, Skrill, Google Play… Then, the staff of GrabPoints is very present on the Social Network and they answer you when you contact them.

For my part, GrabPoints has always respected its payment delays which are less than 48 hours.

In conclusion, I encourage everyone to try GrabPoints. From my point of view, GrabPoints is the best remunerative application I’ve ever tried and I’m still using it.

GrabPoints is great. I have earned quite a few points and subsequent PayPal $ over time. GrabPoints is legit and my winnings are paid out quite quickly. I love that they give out free 7 points daily and often more. However, I recommend checking on your account regularly and adding points on a regular basis because I did forget mine for awhile and lost a bunch. But I quickly earned more so I guess I learned to check in regularly. Also, if you don’t you miss out on collecting all the free point bonuses. I frequently do the tasks on Peanutlabs and others that help boost my points. I encourage you to sign up! Here’s proof of one of my PayPal payments!

I have been a member of GrabPoints for a couple of years now. What I like about it is the fact that you have so many options to earn. If you can’t find a survey, you can play a game. If that doesn’t suit you, there are offers you can sign up for and receive points.

The options for payment are numerous. You don’t have to reach a high amount to get a payment. I personally use either Amazon or Paypal and can redeem at $3. The are other choices for rewards but I don’t save for them. Check it out yourself and see the options. There might be one tailored just for you

All in all, GrabPoints is an easy, fun way to earn a little extra. They redeem very quickly there are numerous options for earning, and they are fun!!

For me GrabPoints is a really good site and app, just perfect as something to do on the side in your free time. I use it to watch videos and take surveys, and there are games to play too if you really feel like it. One thing I really like about GrabPoints is they give you a special code everyday to earn extra points, I love getting that notification on my phone saying I’ve earned points and all I have to do is tap the button. Another thing I like about this site is that I can cash out through PayPal, that’s a big plus for me. There are plenty of gift card options too so you’ll definitely find what you want. I think if anyone is willing to try it out and is patient enough then GrabPoints would be a nice place to start.

Reposting, because I didn’t attach paypal screenshot earlier…please consider

Grabpoints is the best way to earn pocket money for my personal expenditure. I don’t have to rely on anyone, that gives me independence to spend it the way I can. Furthermore, this app is very easy to use and the customer support is great and instant. The surveys are quite easy and in simple language to understand. Unlike several fraud apps on the internet, Grabpoints sends out payout upon redemption and that is how this is the most authentic app. I love the small financial freedom I get and that is why Grabpoints is so much relevant to me


I would like to recommend GrabPoints as a pay-web-site for the following reasons. It is simple to use. They have a variety of Rewards (Prize Redemption) on offer and a great Support team as well. They have a variety of ways to earn points which you would later convert to prizes, including various quizzes, treasure codes, as well as watching videos, offer walls, surveys, games, download apps, tasks and much more. Once you give GrabPoints a try you’ll be hooked like I am!

I love Grabpoints. When I started using it my goal was to make three 3300 points in order to exchange them for three dollars, thus I could see if they really pay, or if I had just wasted my time. It was awesome to see they paid! It’s so easy, there is always a way to make points, even if you do qualify for a survey! There are even fun ways to make points: play games, watch videos, tivias. The only thing I don’t like so far is the difference they make from one country to another. I am from Mexico and if I invite a Mexican friend to join and he does with my invite code, I receive less points than if my friend were from other country. Still I stay with and promote Grabpoints.

First off I love Grabpoints and recommend it to anyone. I have been able to make $3,$5 and $10 here and there when I needed it.
I love the fact that we can watch videos and get 10 points over and over. I never really bother
with surveys only because I never qualify. But once and a while I find some good ones. I love
the daily 7 points we get and my favorite is the 15 point trivias. I let my points build up and usually cash out
faster at $3 which is super easy. I have made paypal money with this great opportunity. One thing I love
is the new feature where you can complete simple tasks and earn points as well. I have been off grabpoints for a while
and just recently got back to it and discovered the new tasks section after I updated my app. I tend to download apps on
my phone for the points and one thing I love about grabpoints is their links always work. If I choose an app and download it it
never directs me somewhere else or gives me the incorrect app. Alot of apps that pay you to download have that issue plus they
can spam you or send you to a false page that would give you a virus. But not with grabpoints I have never had that issue.
Plus their support is great. Another thing I love is the Game section. It’s super easy to earn points just while playing games.

Grabpoints is definitely on my daily list of Get Paid To sites to do. Its just unique enough to add a little variety to the other sites. I do the daily trivia for 15c, the get 7c (when its available) and sometimes the trivia article for 15c. Then i try tap research surveys…you will find that you often get more points in disqualifying than most other sites. For example, another GPT site pays 2-3c for DQ at tap while most of mine on grabpoints are 30-60c which is like 3-6c. They also have grabpoints TV where you can watch videos that pays 1pt per video and they usually run about 30 seconds each. Just make sure you do not run two devices at once! Thats a no-no here. Its a nice secondary site where earning $5 every 4-6 weeks is quite simple to do in a few minutes a day.

I’ve been doing grab points for about 6 months now and I just cashed in a $5 PayPal. The downside to GrabPoints is that it takes too long to earn points I’ve been doing it for 6 months as I said and I just now got to 8000 points I also do Swagbucks and with them it takes me a probably about a week to get to a thousand points so I can literally calculate days I will be able to make you know like 2,000 points by 30 days that’s the downside with GrabPoints is it takes way too long money.

I do like that I can cash out on Amazon Walmart PayPal get PayPal cash which I just did today and you know the site is pretty good I like the trivia questions I like that I get 7 bonus points sometimes two or three times a day it just I need more though in order to make it worth my time to keep logging in every day

Grab Points is one of three sites that I earn on. It is easy to earn but I do find I put more concentration in the other two sites. It may be that I started on the others first, or because I earn more on them but nevertheless I still continue to put in effort here too so something must be right. I will say I wish that the alert/message area had an option to mark as unread. At least once a week I get codes or offers that are not yet active and sometimes they get buried within everything else so to go back and find them later is a pain.

Grabpoints is an exciting page to be heard and get rewarded by that, its very simple and easy to use and have a lot of ways to get rewarded, which include Paypal, Amazon, Bitcoin, Walmart.

This page gives you a lot of satisfaction along the way and is very kind to the audience and how they can earn points to redeem.
For me, it’s my number one option because it gives lots of opportunities to be heard and can give my opinion about random stuff, so I easily gain points every day.

I hope that everyone can use it to see this new way to earn.

It is a very reliable rewards application. I have already obtained several rewards of $ 3 and / or $ 5 that I can easily win. I’m sorry that the videos are gone, with which I got many points. But especially with PeanutLab Surveys, it is super easy to qualify and get many points quickly.

Changing your points for money in PayPal is easy and you can dispose of it quickly. I almost always use my earnings in online purchases. I like to earn points with the surveys because they add many points with which to achieve the reward faster. I love receiving the code notification of 7 daily points and the Trivial with its 15 points even more.