Laundry Care Review: Earn Money Doing Laundry - Scam or Legit?

I Earned Money on the “Uber of Laundry” and You Can, Too!

I hated doing the laundry when I was a kid! I was one of eight siblings, and we all had to do our own laundry. I used to mix as many of my clothes as I could into the clothes of my older brothers. Every time they washed their clothes, I thought I would get busted. Two of my older brothers were varsity wrestlers, so I was either really bold or really stupid (probably a mix of both).

I never did get caught… which makes it all the more fitting that I just recently started doing other people’s laundry via Laundry Care! I’m sure my brothers would consider this my karma. But the truth is, meeting people, doing laundry, and getting paid is actually pretty fun!

If you’re looking for a quick way to make a buck, I suggest you give Laundry Care a try. If I enjoyed it, I’m sure you will, too!

Introducing Laundry Care

In a nutshell, Laundry Care is like the Uber for laundry. You book a Laundry Care Associate, and they come over to collect your dirty laundry. Within a day or two, you’ll get your laundry, clean, fresh, and folded. The associates can also do additional services like ironing or taking your clothes to the dry cleaner.


Working as a Laundry Care Associate

Like Uber drivers, you won’t actually be an employee of Laundry Care. And like Uber drivers, you should have the proper equipment. In this case that would be a dependable washer, dryer, and steamer.

I worked as a Laundry Care Associate for almost a year, and it was pretty fun. My job included heading to people’s homes, picking up their clothes, doing the laundry, then returning them. The kid version of wouldn’t have imagined that this could be fun, but it is. Most of the people who avail of my services are extremely busy. It feels good to know that I’m doing a valuable service for them.

Job Requirements

You’ll need a decent washer, dryer, and steamer. You’ll also need dependable transportation. Laundry Care also requires you be free on afternoons, because that’s when they receive the most booking request.

Prior to starting you will have to buy the Laundry Care Branch Kit for $150. The kit includes all the things you’ll need to start, such as the company handbook, business cards, car signs, garment bags, and other cool stuff.

Since you’ll be an independent contractor, you need to be trustworthy and able to manage your own work with minimal supervision.

Earning Potential

Your earnings will depend on the number of clients you can service, and the demand in your neighborhood. But on average, you’ll accommodate about 10 to 15 clients a week.

Laundry Care has two service tiers: Regular (three loads of laundry for $35) and Extra-Large (six loads of laundry for $65). You get to keep 60% of the earnings, which is a pretty decent amount.

On an average week, I serviced ten Regular clients, and about three Extra-Large ones. I got to keep $327. Payouts are provided via weekly bank deposit. Not bad!

The Verdict: Legit or Scam?

Laundry Care is legit! I never imagined I’d be earning some pretty good money doing other people’s laundry, but here we are. It’s a fun, dependable way to make money if you’ve got the afternoons off.

Laundry Care Screenshots

Your Turn

This review is based on my own experiences earning money by doing other people’s laundry. Now it’s your turn to share. Have you tried Laundry Care or other on-demand laundry services? How was it, and how much did you earn?

Let’s hear your stories!

Yes, you can earn money form doing laundry cause i did! I’m living proof lol!

Like the OP i also did a lot of laundry when i was a kid and also helped to run a laundromat that belonged to my aunt and uncle so i can earn some extra pocket money. Back then there was nothing like this “uber of laundry” because people came into the laundromat and used the machines like they woud use normal ones in their homes and then waited until their washing is done. I was there to assist with folding and also explain to those who didnt know how the process was so there was no other service beyond this. But i can really apprciate something like Laundry Care nowadays because with all the diaper changes and blankets that need to be washed every single day…boy i can sure need some helping hand with some1 else washing my clothes! So i will look into contacting laundry care first as a customer and if i can get to interview the person doing the laundry services maybe i should look into becoming a contractor too hmmm….wish me luck!!!