LEGIT Uber Driver Pay Review: How Much Can You Make Driving for Uber? Scam or Legit?


Bronze Wordsmith
Apr 16, 2018

Who doesn’t know about Uber, right? It is the most famous (and infamous) ride-hailing app used by millions worldwide. Uber is now a billion-dollar company because it turned regular people such as yourself into chauffeurs and gave regular people a chance to book a private car. With that, it is a great way to earn money.

Read this concise but complete Uber Driver Pay Review and know more about how to earn money from driving through Uber.

Earnings As An Uber Pay Driver

Uber doesn’t have an hourly pay structure. What they have is a base amount as the fare starts and it tops up as the trip goes on. Factors affecting the amount of the journey are time and distance of travel.

For that, Uber takes 25% commission and some drivers like that set-up. A driver in NC said that he doesn’t like hourly pay since it’s inconsistent. Although, Uber drivers have averaged their daily earnings and came up with $15 per hour, estimate. Some have said that they earn as low as $3 per hour and as high as $42. It will all depend upon the fare and the location.

Earnings As An Uber Pay Driver In Specific Cities Or Areas

We’ve researched this and came up with a solid base of information from Uber drivers in different major cities of the United States. Drivers from these cities say:

Minneapolis, MN: “I get at least $13 per hour after gas expenses.”

New Orleans, LA: “I’m a daytime driver, and for me, I get at most 22 bucks. Night drivers earn a bit more, my buddies say.”

Fayetteville, NC: “On weekdays, I get around $12 hourly. Weekends are the best since I rake in up to $26 per hour. On Sunday, though, it’s slow. Around nine bucks.”

Boston, MA: “It’s big during Friday and Saturday. I get a minimum of $30 per hour. My highest take home was $40.”

Las Vegas, NV: “At least $24.50 per hour.”

Nashville, TN: “Taking out all the expenses, I get at least $7.50 hourly.”

San Antonio, TX: “It’s not much here in San Antonio. $2.62 per minimum fare and Uber gets $2.58.”

Houston, TX: “I do this part-time and only on weekends wherein I earn a minimum of $200. At times, $300.”

Earnings are not flat rate, and it varies from one place to the other.

How To Make The Most Money Through Uber

To earn more in Uber, just think about these tips (taken from Reddit):
  • You have to drive during the peak hours. If you noticed, the fare is a bit higher, and the surge multiplier is 130% greater when it’s peak hours. Driving during these times will make you earn more cash. In major cities, it’s during the afternoon rush hours, and when people get off from bars, between 2 to 3 am.

  • Don’t take a holiday or weekend off. A lot of people need car rides on special days mainly on the weekends and holidays. Work during those days to get more trips.

  • Study your weekly summary. From there you will see which hours are busiest for you. Work during those hours.

  • If there is an event in the city, be available. People will call for Uber. Also, you have to work around the city’s hot spots like restaurants, clubs, bars, malls, and the likes.
Is It Worth It To Be An Uber Driver?

Some people are satisfied with Uber, while others have a lot to say about it being low pay and all. So, primarily it depends upon you if your satisfaction level on being an Uber driver is hit.

But first off, if you’re seriously considering this, then, you have to register at the UBER site.

Official website: https://www.uber.com/
For iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/uber/id368677368?mt=8
For Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ubercab&hl=en

Some Advantages Of Being An Uber Driver
  • This is your business, and that means, you’re the boss.
  • You get to pick your hours and days to work. No one will dictate you or your schedule. If you want to work midnights or early morning, you can do it. If you're going to take the day off, and it’s a Monday, no one will say otherwise.
  • The job is pretty straightforward. Wait for your trip, get your client at the pick-up location, drop him off to where he wants to go as stated in the app, and you get paid.
Some Disadvantages Uber Drivers Are Saying About The Company

What is life without complaints, right? Well, here goes:
  • Some drivers say that Uber has a pretty low fare rate compared to other transportation app companies.
  • Uber takes 25%, and drivers feel it’s too steep.
  • Factoring gas and other expenses, their take-home pay is meager, especially in smaller cities.
Take these testimonies from Uber drivers:
  • “Uber has a lot of fees. It’s not the 25% commission. They also take away $1.75 per fare, and I have to pay for the gas!”
  • “It is a nice part-time gig, but I wouldn’t do Uber for permanent. Here in Houston, it’s flooded with Uber drivers. You’ll have to wait hours before a rider comes up. Yes, it’s 20 bucks per hour if you have a ride. If you don’t, that’s zero for you too. And you have to pay for the gas, wear and tear, and everything else.”
  • “Overhead in Uber is so high, and yet the fare pay is meager. It’s not lucrative for me.”
  • “I guess it depends upon the place. My cousin in Vegas earns it big, while I don’t get as much.”
Just consider these thoughts and assess everything for yourself. You can try being an Uber driver and experience how it is being one. If in your area, Uber is in-demand, it might be an excellent money-making opportunity for you.

OUR VERDICT: Scam or Legit?

There is no doubt about it. UBER is 100% LEGIT. It's a ride hailing app that can make you money, that is if you want to earn part-time. That being said, consider your decision carefully before diving into Uber as your permanent way of living. I guess it will depend on your area. If you live in places like Las Vegas, Boston, New Orleans or New York, Uber might be an excellent way to earn. Other than that, it’s just for part-time. Also - don't forget to use invite code 29lx1 when you join.

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Hey, Uber drivers! We want your opinions! Leave them in the comment section below, and tell us – how is Uber doing for you?



May 18, 2018
My ex-boyfriend was an Uber driver for 2 years and he absolutely hated it towards the end. In the beginning the rates were better and Uber was subsidizing their drivers quite a bit, but they slowly turned down the cut the drivers were taking, eventually he was making barely minimal wage, add to that the cost of healthcare, wear and tear etc. Though this is not based on my personal experience but rather someone I lived with, I would say being an uber driver, highly depends on the area you in, what sort of responsibilities you have. It's definitely not a full-time career move in my humble opinion.
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Oct 10, 2018
I remember in the beginning they all fought over drivers and paid great bonuses but after a while they removed most of those incentives and they payout isn't as high. I didn't drive for them myself but thats what I heard from my friends that drove for them.