FlirtBucks Review Scam or Legit: Get Paid to Chat and Earn $60 Per Hour

Before I start this write-up, let me give you a warning. The money-making idea that will be mentioned here is a bit unorthodox. You won’t earn from watching videos, unlocking your phones, driving your car, mystery shopping, answering surveys, doing other online tasks and the likes. The opportunity to earn that I will be talking about here is being a Chat Hostess.

Chat Hosting is a work from home job specifically for women over 18 years of age. The only way for women to earn as a Chat Hostess is to be “very friendly” with their clients. They have to chat with them about anything under the sun and that’s the gist of the job. What kind of online company will let you work from home by chatting with their clients? The company is called FlirtBucks.

Again, this type of work is not for everyone. If you’re a woman with a pleasing personality and willing to chat with men online to entertain them, then, you may like working for FlirtBucks. There are many chat hostesses connected with FlirtBucks in selected countries and getting paid to chat is a good way to earn some money at the comforts of your home.

Admin Edit: FlirtBucks may not be as it seems anymore. This concise post will explain further.

How Does FlirtBucks Work?

Flirtbucks functions in two ways, a chat session through text and a video call with the clients. Women who work for Flirtbucks are paid to chat and talk with men from different parts of the world. The work is fun and exciting, but the environment is totally safe for the hostess. At times, it can be playful and a little bit flirtatious. Just remember that you don’t have to do anything that you don’t like to do, but it is important to note that as a chat hostess, you have to be friendly with your clients at all times.

Is FlirtBucks A Dating Website?

The answer is NO. FlirtBucks is not a dating website. It is a chat hosting type of online platform wherein the chat hostess and the client will correspond using a text box or do a video call interaction. The hostess is not obligated to meet with her clients in real life and she is not required to date the men that she’s chatting with at any time.

Is FlirtBucks An Adult Website?

FlirtBucks is NOT an adult website. Chat hostesses NEVER take off their clothes or talk in a sexual manner towards the clients, even if the client wants it that way. You don’t have to do any of this as a chat hostess.

Being the chat hostess, you are in control of the whole chat session with your client. You can bring the conversation in any way that you desire and if you’re uncomfortable with how the communication is going, you can shift the direction of the interaction at any time.

How To Become A Chat Hostess

The first requirement in becoming a chat hostess is your age. You need to be over 18 years old to participate in this line of work. It is also important to have your own personal computer or laptop with a webcam. Of course, you can’t chat if you don’t have internet. You must have high speed internet connection so that you can communicate with your clients efficiently.

Another important qualification is the location of the hostess. A chat hostess must be situated in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia. At this time, FlirtBucks will only accept chat hostess applicants from these countries.

Read their FAQ for more details.

Earnings Of A FlirtBucks Chat Hostess

As you know, FlirtBucks functions in two ways – the text chat and the video chat. If you do a text chat session, you will earn 10 cents per minute on texts with your first three months in FlirtBucks. If you work as a hostess for up to six months, you will get 12 cents per minute. Chat hostesses who have stayed with FlirtBucks for more than six months earn 15 cents per minute for text chatting.

Video chat earnings are higher compared to text chats. Within the first three months, you can earn 40 cents a minute with the video chats. After that, if you stay longer with FlirtBucks, you can get 45 cents per minute. If you work with FlirtBucks for at least six months, you’ll get 50 cents per minute in their video chat sessions.

Let’s compute the potential income here.

If you are a new chat hostess and you’ll work two hours’ worth of text chat sessions each day, then, you’ll get $12 daily. This is decent money considering you’re just chatting. It’s not tedious at all.

If you work more hours, you will also get more income. Chat hostesses who do a lot of video chat sessions also get a higher pay. In two hours, you can earn at most $60 with your video chats. No wonder some women do this gig full-time. You can also work as a part-time chat hostess. With that, you can earn extra money each week after your regular salary. But your earnings is not limited to that amount only.

Some chat hostesses talk with multiple clients at the same time. It’s allowed and it’s possible to do. So, if you’re earning $30 per hour and you’re chatting with two clients at a time, then, you’ll be making $60 per hour. This is the main reason why chat hostesses earn twice or three times the rate in some work days. Maybe, you can do it too!

OUR VERDICT: Scam or Legit?

There is no scamming here at FlirtBucks. The site is LEGIT if you are a woman who likes to text and video chat men for a living. This is not a dating platform or an adult site - this is a get paid to chat app (or site). The work here is very decent since you’re a hostess – a person who will entertain others who require some fun and casual conversations. With that, the potential to earn is great. You will be paid by the minute, and as you stay longer with FlirtBucks, your rate will go higher.

If you have no issues with talking to acquaintances online, then, be a FlirtBucks chat hostess. You can work from home, get a good income, and do your job in an exciting way.

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Will you try FlirtBucks and become a chat hostess? Have you already tried working for FlirtBucks or other chat hosting websites? How was the whole experience for you? Share with us what you think and let us talk about this type of income-earning job for women.

I was a Flirtbucks member (as a chat hostess, not caller) for almost a year. I agree with what Kanvi wrote: this earning method is pretty unorthodox, at least by your usual Earn That Buck standards.

If you’re interested in trying this, go give it a try. The company is legit. Some companies might do a bait and switch and require you to do phone sex. But on Flirtbucks, all you do is chat and be friendly. But as the name implies, you gotta be juuuuuuust a bit flirty. And that’s where the real skill comes in. You need to be slightly flirtatious, but not overtly sexual. And staying within those limits takes a lot of skill.

Here are some of my random observations about working as a Flirtbucks chat hostess. Think of this as my mini Flirtbucks review:

You Gotta Keep Your Energy Up!

I started at two hours, then moved up to four hours. Strictly video chat. Technically, it was a part time gig, but talking for hours on end via webcam can be tiring. And take note, you need to be “fresh” for each new client. It doesn’t matter whether the call is your first or tenth that day; you’ll have to look and act fresh with each one.

You Don’t Need to Have a Bubbly Personality (No, Really)

Okay, this needs a bit of explaining. As an operator, you do need to be bubbly and conversational. But I don’t think you need to be like that in real life. I know I’m not! But when I do video chats, I consider it “work” so it’s a bit easier for me to fake it. So if you don’t think you have the personality for this type of job, don’t worry. You’ll do just fine.

There Will be Creeps

Some people will try to have sexually explicit conversations with you. It won’t happen very often, but it’s still a possibility. It does seem strange at first - why would people bother calling Flirtbucks for that when they can just call an actual phone sex line? Part of me thinks there’s a thrill trying to get something that wasn’t part of the usual service.

But anyways, you don’t have to put up with it. When the caller starts getting weird, warn them. If they persist, drop them.

Is Flirtbucks Real?

I know it sounds too good to be true. A chat service where you’re not required to do sexy talk? But Flirtbucks is real! I can definitely say Flirtbucks is not a scam. It’s good to have options such as Flirtbucks, which is why I highly recommend this site.

If you’re looking for a different kind of online earning method, this is the site for you. The only caveat here is that it is tiring, and you need to manage your callers well.

Flirtbucks Pay

At my peak, I made $20 a day for about four hours. Not all of that time was spent chatting, of course. There will be slow days. And that’s why I didn’t rely on this to pay the bills. I used my Flirtbucks pay for extra pocket money. Flirtbucks is legit!

Well, I did do the application, I think it’s been over a month and I have yet to hear a response from them. I’m wondering if they’ve changed heir policies, rules and regulations. I probably have to go and check the site. Thanks for the info though!

Some notable weirdos I’ve had (a few minor details changed to protect privacy - if that matters to them):

  1. There’s this guy who was super-religious (I won’t mention what religion, in case some of you here also practice that religion), and he positioned himself as a “chat warrior of faith.” He frequently visited various chat rooms to try and convert operators and make them leave their jobs. He was pretty notorious among my friends who were also chat operators.

He was harmless… in fact, we liked it when he called, because that meant easy money for us. The dude would just not stop chatting. The more we deflected or declined his offer to join his religion, the harder he tried. We earned a lot of money through him. It was awesome.

  1. I had a caller who wanted to talk about Star Wars constantly. That’s it. No flirting. No innuendo. No indecent proposals. Nothing, aside from Star Wars. The dude obviously had no one to talk to about his fandom (or, rather, no females to talk to about his fandom) so he used FlirtBucks to solve that.

The funny thing is he wasn’t that deep into Star Wars from what I gathered. He tried to impress me with his knowledge that Chewie was a Wookiee. I was like, dude, everyone knows that. He then went defensive and told me that he was “toning it down” for non-fans such as myself.

  1. Another guy was having problems with his SO. He didn’t call me to flirt or have some side-action. He just wanted to talk to someone. I told him I wasn’t a qualified therapist (and besides, my FlirtBucks pay wasn’t enough to cover that sort of job), but he said talking to strangers was best for him. Friends knew about him and his background, so it was tough for them to give objective advice.

  2. One caller wanted to use me as practice for his “game.” He was an aspiring pick-up artist but didn’t have the guts to approach real women. So he called chat operators for practice. This was his safe space.

The thing is, I think the whole pick-up artist scene is full of crap. As much as I wanted to react positively to his negging, I just wasn’t having any of it. I’d like to think I was giving him so tough love. Hopefully he grew a pair and learned how to approach girls without having to resort to lame tactics.

  1. This one guy who was a self-styled psychic. He kept trying to cold-read me and guess what my interests where. I wanted to encourage him (plus I needed the money), so I kept telling him he was guessing right.

  2. Spam callers. Good grief, I got so many calls from insurance agents, realtors, and nutritional supplement sellers. These must be desperate times, if they want to pay just to be able to talk to possible clients. This was also easy money for me, since they were the ones who wanted to do the talking. I just let them be. I never bought anything… usually. I did get a nice set of kitchen cutlery once.

… so that was some of the worst I encountered working as a chat hostess. Actually, I think “worst” is actually too strong a term. These weren’t bad per se; just a bit… odd.

So there are a lot of FlirtBucks reviews out there (including the one I posted a while back). I think you’ll find that the site is overall good to use. FlirtBucks is definitely legit. And is FlirtBucks safe? I would say so. And it’s definitely interesting.

Give it a go!

Thanks for the flirtbucks review because of it and all the other feedback from users here i am now brave enough to admit i was once a member lol! it was years ago and i stopped using it already. at the start i was wary about giving an id but now i know it is for proof of legal age. other that that, being single i had no problem being a member. made a couple hundred bucks at my stint their and this is my experience at flirtbucks so far, hope it helps!

i know that it isnt a dating site but i still got the usual sleezy requests for a peek at my body wich i found both funny and sad haha. but i like that it is also a lot like facebook and other social media sites i am a member of. by this i mean that you can make friends and have bonds over things you like, music, movies, news etc. of course the best thing about it all was getting paid to chat and let me tell you there are LOTS of lonely people out there willing to part with there cold hard cash for some1 to talk to!

So because of my ok experience with them but had to stop because i became a mommy my best friend wanted to become a flirtbucks chat hostess too. unfortunately hers isnt such a good experience rite from the start. she was already wary of giving away TMI like id and other sensitive personal stuff but what made it worse was she never got confirmation as a member! So now she is all panicky and stuff over identity theft and and stolen personal information so i dont think flirtbucks is up to snuff at the moment. It might be a good idea to stay away from them rite now!

Wow, looks like the Flirtbucks reviews here are really resonating. Glad people are talking about Flirtbucks in a (mostly) positive light. [image]

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, Flirtbucks is legit. And adult chat is also legit. It’s a safe way to earn some money from a few lonely guys looking for some attention online. And that’s what they are - lonely dudes. I can think of worse things for them to do than paying me for some naughty chat time online.

The online part is the real game-changer for me. I don’t think I could have done this in person or over the phone. Online chat was sort of my safe space. It allowed me to keep a certain distance from my callers.

Ironically, this distance helped me go all-in on this job. Since this wasn’t a “real” person to person interaction I could really let loose. For realz, I wrote a few things on chat that I wouldn’t be able to in real life, lol.

Mind you, things got naughty, but not overly torrid or sexual, as I mentioned in my previous Flirtbucks review. It’s totally safe - I never felt like I had to wash in bleach after a call, lol. It was work, and that was all there was to it. [image]

Were you actually a member? Because I think its all a scam and that I got extreme information out there about me that may be being sold or used maliciously!

I think this so called flirtbucks is fake and is selling and or using our information

As a disclaimer, no I am not and never have been a FlirtBucks member! But seeing as this review has the premise of earning $60 per hour just to “chat”, I can see why there’s some controversy in the thread surrounding it.

First off, I totally understand why an “adult” site would demand verifiable identification from potential members. It’s to ensure that no underage person would participate in it. It’s actually a law protecting both members and clients. On that note at least, I would venture to say that this particular requirement does not make the site scammy.

On the other hand, if there is repeated feedback about getting your identity stolen and the site itself not getting back to applicants within a timely manner - then it warrants investigation. It’s all just common sense, really.

Hello there, I have signed up for months ago. Every time I sign in the website it says “Your account is pending approval.” It has been doing the same thing for months NOW . The website says it takes two business days to receive a response. I’ve checked my email and spam many many times. Never got a response. I googled other people’s experiences with that same website, most people had similar experiences. I think it’s fake. If you have had good things with that website, that’s good for you. I’m just saying it didn’t work for me.

Thanks for sharing your experience using Flirtbucks… or rather, your experience not being able to use Flirtbucks, amirite? Sorry to hear that you weren’t able to complete the application. I hear ya. And I think it sucks that you were not able to complete your application process and use the site to earn money.

I was lucky enough to get accepted, as well as a few other members, form the looks of it. My guess is that the site suspended getting new members for the time being. I’ve encountered this in a few other work from home sites I’ve tried. The number of new applications far exceeds their need for new workers. But it really does suck, since it gives a lackluster experience to applicants. The least the site could have done was make a public announcement that they weren’t accepting new applications. Either that, or at least send you an email informing you that new hires are on hold for the time being,

There are other sites you can try out. Since you’re new to the Earn That Buck community, you can check out the different threads and forums on this site. You’ll find a lot of ways to earn money from home!

I’ve been receiving a lot of negative feedback on FlirtBucks lately, people emailing me directly here at ETB telling me FlirtBucks is a scam. I encourage everyone who has had a negative experience with them as a chat agent to reply to this thread, don’t send it to me directly but instead reply to this thread. If Flirtbucks is no longer legit we need to change the rating, but people we need proof.

I have zero experience with Flirtbucks or any other site like this, to be frank. So I can’t speak to the legitimacy of it. But I am curious is Flirtbucks the only such service out there or are there others that allow you to chat for money. I’ve heard a lot about fake accounts being managed by so called “chat angels” on dating sites and I assume the concept is somewhat the same?

Good question, we do have a list of alternative services here Make Money Doing Adult Chat | EarnThatBuck - Make Money on These Forums

As for chat angels on dating sites, I am not sure. I suppose most of it is done in-house as it’s illegal as you are basically scamming the people who pay for a membership. I believe there have been quite some cases about this the last years where companies got fined for doing just that.

Seems like Flirtbucks has become completely unresponsive. They continue to collect information but simply never respond to applicants. Requests from users to delete information go unanswered. Users are concerned because they have provided their license / ID etc while applying, so they want to confirm that their information was actually deleted from their servers, but seems like all emails are falling into a black hole.

We have changed this from Legit to Scam. There are far too many complaints and it seems like the company has gone MIA. It also appears that many users are asking for their information to be deleted with no response from Flirtbucks.

USA folks who applied at FlirtBucks along with no response, then please report FlirtBucks to the FTC, y’all.
They require sensitive information such as SSN and driver’s license pictures.
Yet, they are totally silent after applicants submit their personal info. That’s shady as hell…

FTC Complaint Assistant

  1. Click the link above and select the Education, Jobs, and Making Money category to the left.
  2. Then, select Job Offers subcategory.
  3. Fill out as much relevant information as you can. The more the better!

Here’s FlirtBuck’s business info to help when prompted to fill out more information about FlirtBucks on the complaint:

  • Business Name: FlirtBucks
  • Business Street Address: 1497 Main Street
  • Business PO Box: Suite 331
  • Business City: Dunedin
  • Business State: Florida
  • Business Zip: 34698
  • Business Email: [email protected]
  • Business Website:

Canadian applicants can formally complain to the Office of Privacy Commissioner of Canada.
Canada’s privacy laws allows Canadians to have the right to not disclose their SIN (Social Insurance Number) , legal identification, etc. when applying for a job. FlirtBucks can require all that info all they want, but ultimately, if an applicant from Canada refuses to provide sensitive info while applying, then FlirtBucks has to respect their choice AND accept their application (companies aren’t even allowed to ask for SIN during the application or interview process anyways).

FlirtBucks - BBB Rating Overview
FlirtBucks is a labeled a scam here, and the link above shows it’s also rated F at the Better Business Bureau along with 30+ complaints…