Amazon Flex Pay Review: Earn Money Delivering Packages for Amazon - Scam or Legit?

You are thinking of driving around town delivering packages for the retail agent, Amazon . And how much can you earn with that? It is said that Amazon Flex pays about $700 a week or $50 hourly. Is that good, or what?

With this, I thought it would be best to review and research about Amazon Flex Pay. Let’s dive into the details now, and who knows, this might work out for you. And I’d like to help you with it!

Amazon Flex: How Does It Work?

The whole work is pretty straightforward. It’s not complicated at all. Just follow these suggestions.

  • Check Amazon Flex page and GET STARTED. The official website is

  • For downloading apps, go to your App Store or Play Store.

  • Assuming you’re now connected with Amazon Flex, this is the cycle. You go to Amazon warehouses and get the packages. After that, you need to bring the boxes to the clients as stated in their addresses.

  • If you are using the Amazon Flex app, you can fix your delivery route in advance.

  • You can also check in the app if there’s an open delivery job for a block. One block may take up from three to four hours of work.

  • Delivery prospects are happening Mondays to Sundays, and you can fix your time around it.

How Much Can I Earn Being An Amazon Flex Driver?

I want you to read the testimonies of drivers who worked for Amazon Flex:

Past driver from Hawthorne, CA: “The pay is great! I enjoyed working there, and it’s easy to book my block schedule.”

Presently driving for Amazon Flex from Newark, CA: “I can schedule my workload and hours. And the earnings are better compared to other part-time work.”

Presently driving for Amazon Flex from Shawnee, KS: “This is like a business for me. I am the boss. I choose which route and blocks I’m taking. The deal is easy, and the pay is substantial.”

Most drivers in Amazon Flex are happy to be working there because of the whole work and pay set-up. But how much exactly do they earn? It’s not the same for everyone. There is a baseline though, which we will discuss.

Pay Per Hour

Drivers for Amazon Flex get at least $18 per hour. The highest rate so far is $25 hourly. Here are more testimonies to that fact:

Past driver from San Diego, CA: “I own gas-efficient care. Calculating my tips and the minimum hourly rate, I’d say it’s at least $20 per hour for me. At times, I get $25.”

Presently driving for Amazon Flex from Everett, WA: “In Seattle, it’s about $20 to $25.”

Presently driving for Amazon Flex (location not mentioned): “I drive in SanFran, and that’s $25 bucks an hour.”

What they don’t tell you in the Amazon Flex website is that you can earn more than the stated hourly rate. How? For example, you were given a schedule to deliver to a particular block, and that’s good for 4 hours. The pay is $25 hourly. It means you will get $100.

But you managed to deliver everything in 2 hours. Still, Amazon will pay you $100. It doesn’t matter if you spend less time doing the route.

Now if you compute it, you’ve earned $50 in an hour. Isn’t that great?

Pay Per Week

How can you earn $700 a week in Amazon Flex? Here’s how to do it, according to testimonies on Reddit:

“You have to pick up shifts every day, and that means 4 hours of delivery scheduled from Monday to Sunday. That’s $100 per day and if you can do the block for less than 4 hours, then, way to go!”

Other drivers have reported on Reddit that they earn more than $700.

“I earn $900. It’s 10 hours from Friday to Saturday and up to 6 hours from Monday to Thursday.”

“It’s 10-15 hours a week for me, and that’s 300 bucks.”

“Christmas week is the best. I earned $900 in less than a week.”

“Lucky for me since I live beside the Amazon warehouse. I only do my blocks 10 to 12 hours a week for a total of $300 in earnings.”

“The tips are great since I deliver around restaurants. My weekly take home is around $700.”

This testimonial is VERY recent due to the prime day between July 15-16 in 2019.

“Thanks prime day. Finally broke that $23.50/hr cap” - This user earned $93 in 3 hours (from 6-9PM).

Compute that – how much is an Amazon driver (part-time) earning each month, then? And this is just freelance work, for some, you know.

Making Money Through Amazon Flex

These tips came from Amazon Flex drivers:

  • Open the app.

  • Go to the Amazon Flex app every day. Check it for shifts. A lot of people do this, and the blocks are out as quickly as it comes. So, you have to be fast too in booking your schedule.

  • As safely as you can, finish your route in less than the allotted schedule.

  • If you scheduled a shift block of 4 hours, and yet you completed it in 3 hours, the pay is still the same. As safely as you can, deliver all the goods in less time to earn more per hour.

Additional Tips For Aspiring Amazon Flex Drivers:

Presently driving for Amazon Flex from Dallas, TX: “The job is easy, and for me, I can complete a 3-hour block in half the time.”

Presently driving for Amazon Flex from Salt Lake City, UT: “Working during the holidays is the best. The money is really good, and one shift takes me 1.5 to 2 hours. But I get paid for 4 hours. The most I made in a day’s shift during special occasions was $144.”

Presently driving for Amazon Flex (location not mentioned): “The work is simple. Most days, I can deliver a 3-hour block in one and a half hours. That’s $56 for me, easy.”

OUR VERDICT: Scam or Legit?

People are wondering if driving for Amazon Flex is worth it. Well, with that, let’s go back to basics. The pay is high, and it’s not strenuous on the car, unlike Uber or Lyft. You are paid better than the two companies mentioned, as well, since they only earn an average of $15 an hour. Some even get as low as $3. Yikes!

The lowest you can get in Amazon Flex is $18, and it will depend on your time spent on delivery. The highest you can get is $50 per hour. $18 per hour is not bad at all!

Researching on this proved to me that most drivers for Amazon Flex are happy and contented with the whole job settings. And how legitimate is this money-making activity? Well, I deem it 100% LEGIT. If you like to deliver packages, then, you can benefit from working in Amazon Flex. Even non-professional drivers who know a thing or two about shortcuts in their cities can do this well-paying freelance job.

Amazon Flex Screenshots


If you’re an Amazon Flex driver, please tell us how you do it! Comment below and if possible, provide us everything you know and have experienced with Amazon Flex.

The last 3 deliveries I got with my Amazon Prime membership was done on the same day which is amazing and done with Amazon Flex drivers, however these drivers are not uniformed and if it wasn’t the package they are carrying you’d be inclined to think someone was scouting your house and about to rob you. How do I put this delicately… let’s just say Amazon Flex drivers tend to look more dodgy than your Dominos delivery guy. Perhaps this is Amazon’s way of keeping cost low, but it would not hurt if they were in a branded t-shirt or had a sticker or something.

Seems like Amazon is well aware of the branding aspect of their current Amazon Flex fleet. I just stumbled across this article…000-mercedes-vans-to-bolster-delivery-program and it seems like Amazon has just bought 20000 vans from Mercedes Benz, but not to use themselves but rather for people who wants to run their own flex fleet where you lease the vans off Amazon and hire people yourself. So this is next level stuff, versus you just being the flex driver. In any regard it seems like we will soon see the flex drivers in Amazon Prime branded clothes and cars which is great news.

It looks like membership in Amazon Prime is blowing up, and Amazon is trying to build a workforce to help satisfy the demand for super-fast delivery. I’ve heard from friends that working for Amazon Flex can be grueling, because of the crazy-high demand for quick deliveries. Maybe that’s why some delivery people seem shady? Amazon is like, whatever, come aboard. As long as the deliveries are made and the packages are unharmed, nbd.

Normally, working in a high-pressure environment is pretty doable, but I wonder what it’s like when there are a bunch of delivery people competing for Amazon Flex bookings within a limited area.

This is a very high-stakes job. If you screw up or drive too fast, you could end up in an accident - and that pretty much affects your overall earning potential. So it’s a double whammy - you need to be professional, but you also need to hustle with the best of them.

And I think that brings to mind one of the essential skills to being an Amazon Flex driver: you gotta be pretty unflappable. You shouldn’t let traffic, pressure, and competition get to you. You need to be pretty zen no matter how crazy your surroundings are.

Amazon flex is not a scam. Not even close. It’s run by one of the biggest ecommerce sites on the planet and if you drive for amazon you will get paid. I heard about the amazon flex program a couple months ago and gave it a shot as well so here is my personal review. I live in a big city so I qualified for their program. I am not sure if they are looking for drivers all over the country but if you’re in a big city you should have a good chance to get the job. So basically with amazon flex you are like a uber driver. But instead of picking up customers you pick up packages that were ordered on amazon prime and then you deliver them. As simple as that. The cool thing is that you are pretty flexible and there are no fixed work hours. So if you’re looking for a way to boost your income and don’t mind driving around and delivering packages then this is a great opportunity. Also if you ask me personally its also better than driving people because a package doesn’t complain. As long as you deliver it as promised you will paid. And you can listen to the music you like while driving [image] Just wanted to put it out there because that makes the work so much more enjoyable. At least for me

A package doesn’t complain - That’s an interesting point. When I drive for Lyft, I need to play my “passenger-friendly” playlist. But with Flex I can play whatever helps me get through traffic!

Amazon Flex is awesome and I drive for them occasionally as well. As the other say a package doesn’t complain and as long as you deliver it on time and in good condition you will make money and keep the job. I’m personally really amazed by amazon lately. I believe that normal companies like UPS etc will lose a lot of their customers in the near future because of things like Amazon Flex.

Here is my personal amazon flex review: I started using them about 6 months ago and I was approved after about 2 days. They do some basic background checks ( which is good if you ask me) and then you’re pretty much ready to go. You then have to schedule your working hours and in my case I just did 4-6pm every weekday after my day job to try it. I got a decent amount of tasks and I basically just had to pickup a package somewhere and then deliver it. I drove for Lyft before as well and I also prefer the packages as you can just listed to music ( or an audiobook ) while you’re driving. When you drive for Lyft you basically just have to be quiet ( or chat with the customer if you got a chatty one). All in all I can recommend amazon flex to anybody. If it is available in your area then try it out.