Volkno issues cashing out?

Any Volkno users i need help! I heard about Volkno on here. signed up and got my account to 10400 points. I did the address verification where they send the pin number snail mail, at first it said that the number was incorrect so I contacted customer service and got that straitened out. Now I am trying to cash out for $10 in amazon and it says “We are currently experiencing issues ordering your gift card. Please try ordering again in 24 hours”. I have gotten this message for 6 days in a row. Im confident that this site is Legit because many people said they have used it and got paid so Im not sure what the issue is. I have sent a few emails about this with no response. Does anyone know why this may be happening? Is there some time period you have to wait as a new user to cash out? Anyone else having issues? Thanks in advance!

finally let me cash out, yay!!!

Yes Im a member there, this happens quite a bit, but dont fear! Usually its over the weekends, however this last time it was for quite a few days, I see you wrote this on sunday, so you should be able to cashout now.

I just cashed out again on monday, the day after you posted.

I dont know for a fact, but I think the amazon cards just need to be restocked. Being that once you cashout, its nearly automatic that you get the email telling you that you have been paid.

thank you for the info. it finally let me cash out yay!! … I think you were right it must have been a restocking issue because it came in less than an hour! super easy and fun program, i would recommend to everyone. only cash out option is amazon but amazon has everything so its as good as cash to me.

I had never heard of this site, but I signed up and have been exploring it. It seems like a lot of fun. Easy to do which is right up my alley. LOL. I hope to earn some Amazon gift cards to save to use for Christmas presents. I think I can safely add this site to my list. I am glad I found this.

I have this note saved on my computer because I post it so many times [image] Here are my tips for Volkno and getting the most out of it

You should get 275 Flow (Points) per video
There are 3 rounds to a video, thats 275 for all three, NOT EACH Round

You need to let the videos play fully, NEVER skip a round

First Round = Hot or Not Round … Click Hot or Not, depending if you like the trailer or not
Note: Once the video ends, do the following
Then click the DEMAND IT button, choose a fire icon, and choose where you want to see it, click the x
Then click the TAG IT button, choose some tags, click the x
Then click the COMMENT Button, make a comment, SUBMIT
One last thing, slide the bar either all the way to the right or left to RATE THIS VIDEO
Click NEXT ROUND Button

((you do not to do the above after each round, I like to do it after the first round))

Second Round = Emoji Round… Click an emoji or two

Third Round = Tag It Round… Click a few tags, or add your own

I have nevered heard of this site but I will be checking it out