SuccessBux Review: Earn by Doing Tasks and Making Referrals - Scam or Legit?

2024 Update: Successbux appears to be defunct. Continue browsing these forums though to learn about programs that are still operational.

For my next review, I’ll be tackling SuccessBux. If you’ve heard about this site, and were wondering if it’s worth your time, read my SuccessBux review! I’ll be telling you whether SuccessBux is legit or not.

How to Earn on SuccessBux

Most of us will be familiar with GPT (“get paid to…”) sites. Well, SuccessBux is a bit different. Like GPT sites, you earn rewards on SuccessBux by doing simple tasks.

Watching Videos

You earn on SuccessBux by watching videos. You go on your dashboard and find available videos for you to watch. You’ll know beforehand how much watching each video will cost. When you open a video, you will first have to click an image to confirm that you’re actively watching.

Every video you open will require you to click on images. This isn’t a passive earning method. On some GPT sites, you can leave videos running on all day while you do your laundry. This is not one of those. Earning on SuccessBux requires active participation.

Most of the videos contain ads - usually for get-rich-quick schemes. Remember, SuccessBux is not responsible for the content or legitimacy of these ads. I wouldn’t recommend you follow any of the links in those ads. Just watch the video, earn from it, and leave it.

Taking Offers

The site has a list of offers, like free trials for various subscription services. Whenever you take those offers, you earn. Take note, some of these require you to give your credit card info. If you take any offers, make sure you cancel your membership before the paid subscription kicks in. Otherwise, your card might get charged.

Also, some of the offers were for, oddly enough, online casinos. To earn from SuccessBux, you will first have to make a deposit in the online casino (money you bet with). I’m not really into gambling, and this doesn’t look like a very good idea. If you’re into gambling, more power to you. But if you’re not, you could actually end up losing more money than you make.

Listening to Radio

They’ve got an online radio station. You earn for every ten minutes of listening, and every ten minutes, a CAPTCHA test will pop-up for you to complete. This confirms that you are indeed tuned-in.


You can also earn by referring friends or family to the site. Your commission starts at 10% with your free membership, and increases as you move up to the paid membership levels.

Wait a Sec Paid Membership?!

Yep, standard membership is free. But you can upgrade your membership by paying the following fees:

Standard – free
Premium - $19 for 12 months
Silver - $34 for 12 months
Golden - $29 for 6 months; $49 for 12 months
Elite - $39 for 6 months; $64 for 12 months
Ultimate - $29 for 3 months; $49 for 6 months; $67 for 12 months

Moving up increases your earnings from referrals (up to 100% on higher levels) and lowers the cash out fee (Yes, there’s a cash out fee, unfortunately).

Most of the perks are related to referrals, and I kind of see what they’re doing here. Your earnings for watching videos and taking offers won’t be very high (more on that later). They’re hoping you make referrals your main earning method. When you pay for upgraded membership, you become more invested in their system, meaning you’d be more likely to work harder to get people to join the site. And more members is exactly what SuccessBux wants. This isn’t shady per se; it’s just pretty shrewd.

My Hot Take: I get the impression that they’re positioning referrals as the main earning methods on this site. I won’t call it a pyramid scheme, but I do get a bit of that vibe here. There’s nothing bad about this, but be aware of what you’re getting into with this site.

Earning Potential on SuccessBux

The earnings per task isn’t so great, which reinforces my theory that they really want you to rely on referrals for earning. Anyways average earning for tasks are as follows:

Watching videos - $0.001 on the “high” end and a measly $0.0001 on the low end

Listening to radio - $0.005 for every ten minutes

I know using these sites aren’t a means to get rich - at best, they’re good for pocket money. But the earnings for the above tasks are so low, I wonder if they’re even worth the electricity and bandwidth you’re using.

My Hot Take: To earn decent money on SuccessBux, you will have to play the referrals game. And that means paying to upgrade your membership in order to maximize your earnings. Personally, this isn’t my thing. But I’ll let you decide on this one.

Payout Options on SuccessBux

There’s a $1 minimum withdrawal, and your earnings are sent either via Paypal or Payza. I like the low minimum payout, but be warned, there’s a 2% processing fee for the standard membership level and 1% for all other levels.

My Hot Take: Having to pay a processing fee sucks. In my opinion, a member shouldn’t have to pay for something a site needs to account for in the first place. To add insult to injury, they can’t even nix that processing fee altogether, even when you’re paying up to $67 a year for a top-tier membership!

How to Join SuccessBux

If you’d like to give this site a try, simply follow the link below. Ka-chow:

Membership is open to all countries, and is free (at least for the first level).

The Verdict: Legit or Scam?

SuccessBux is legit. But you need to know that when you use this site, you need to play the referrals game to make it worthwhile. Personally, I’m not into that. I’d prefer earning from both tasks and regular referrals. But if you like networking and referring people, you might have a better time on this site.

Successbux Screenshots

Great review Amos, first of all let me say I can’t figure out why anyone would even bother signing up with SuccessBux, like you said their payouts are measly and thanks for figuring out how much one can earn by watching videos with SuccessBux, but at 0.001 per video view it’s not just low it’s ridiculous, to put it into context GrabPoints pays 0.07 for 3 video views and I believe BrandedSurveys pays a full cent for 3 video views, though I’m not sure that is their permanent rate. Regardless both of these sites pays waymore than SuccessBux.

Also I have serious doubts about the legitimateness of SuccessBux with their paid membership options, generally this is a red flag for me. Not saying it’s a scam, I just don’t see the upside to it and it seems rather suss.

I’m always looking for new GPT sites so I came across Successbux as well. Here is my own personal review :

I tried it for about a few weeks and I wasn’t able to make a lot of cash on that platform. While they have a good amount of offers I encountered the same problem CaptainE mentioned above. Ie low payouts etc. It’s much easier to build points & earn cash with other providers.

All in all Successbux is not necessarily a bad site but compared to others they’re just not as good.

Also as originally mentioned in the main review on top. Make sure you cancel your free trials if you sign up somewhere through the site. It happened to me that I signed up for some free sample product and then got charged 2 weeks later. My fault and the sample was alright. Those offers pay pretty nicely though so you could get some points by doing those. Just once again: Make sure you cancel unless you really want to keep that product.

Another negative is the processing fee when you want to redeem your points. I don’t see why they can’t just waive it when you reach a certain amount. I guess they just want to make it harder for people to redeem.

Here is a plus : The best thing about successbux is their referral structure. You will earn 10% of all future earnings of the people that are below you so if you know a lot of people then you can def make some good extra cash by referring people to their platform. I was able to refer a good amount so even if I’m not very active myself anymore I see some points here and there from my referrals.

All in all I would say they’re legit but there are better sites out there!

SuccessBux is a legit site to make a few bucks. I am a part of this website for about 5 months already, and I enjoy being a member.

This website ain’t like any other GTP websites or survey sites which are very annoying because either you’re not often qualified for a survey or you will get disqualified in the middle of the survey.

SuccessBux offers several ways to earn. I earn by watching videos, taking offers, and mostly on referrals (I have an Elite Membership). Members can also earn for listening to the radio (10 minutes = $0.005).

The minimum payout here is just $1 and this payment will be sent through PayPal or Payza.

This website won’t really make you rich. Yes, that’s the fact. But if you’re good at referrals, you can really make some money from this website like me.

A great PTC site. They are legit, and they offer many ways to earn such as watching videos, completing surveys, advertisement, and even monthly contests.
I am a member of this site for eight months now. Though I only use this every weekend because I don’t have spare time on weekdays. Still, I am earning extra bucks.
Their minimum payout is only $1 plus they have a Paypal option. I already cashed out about $70 since I started using this site.
It isn’t that much, but as long as they’re paying me, I don’t have a problem with them. However, it would be much better if they raise the rate of every task.
There’s a lot of other PTC site and survey sites that I knew, but the reason why I stick with this is that they are the highest paying site that’s available here in our country.

They are legit but they’re not the highest paying ones. You can find some of the same offers on other sites and get paid more ( just need to know the right places [image] ) But they are 100% legit and if you use them you will get paid. I also like that their minimum payout is just $1 so if ever you just need a quick gift card or something you can just go there do 2-3 quick surveys and cash out a quick 5 bucks ( or more depending on your location ) All in all they’re alright and I used them a while back. Right now I am mostly on other sites since I get paid more to do the same tasks.

I make most of my money with succesbux from referrals ( although not much ). @CaptainE good point regarding the paid membership options . I go to these places to earn money. Every time they try to charge me so I can earn more I get very suspicious.

SuccessBux is a PTC website that pays not only for clicks but also for completing offers, watching videos, and even listening to the radio. The income potential is low unless you have tons of referral.

This site is legit; I can say this cause they’ve paid me once. As importantly, the platform doesn’t offer rental referrals, which is positive as some PTC websites may be using fraudulent tactics to mimic human clickers.

Getting paid for viewing ads is probably the most inefficient way to make money online. It takes ages to see a dollar in your account, so I don’t know where people get the motivation to keep doing that. It feels good to earn just for clicking, but the time spend on these activities will never come back, remember that.

A good site to make extra money. Few ads but they offer a lot of ways to earn such as extra PTC ads, watching videos, completing short surveys, advertisement, and other simple tasks.
It’s free to join. Paypal is available, and the best thing is the minimum payout which is only $1, very easy to reach. Additionally, the support staffs and admins are very serious and professional; they reply promptly in a matter of hours.
Not the best site, and the highest paying one, but all I can say is they are legit. This website has paid me several times. That’s all that matters to me.