Streetbees Review: Paid for Real-Time Data - Legit or Scam?

Ever heard the idiom “busy as a bee?” Bees are definitely busy all the time, and they always have something to show for it - be it honey, a hive, or attacking a threatening presence as an army. In fact, they’re so diligent that they will sting anyone who tries to get in the way of their busy-ness!

Hopefully, when you and I take on a job for extra income, it will be all about sweet productiveness, with none of the stinging regrets often associated with scam GPT sites.

Today I’m going to take a closer look at Streetbees, a newish GPT site that has an interesting homepage (an aerial view of what looks to be a busy Asian street filled with piles of fruit, vendors, and customers). The site itself is a virtual beehive of activity and information, talking about connecting with real people for real-time insights, with real-time opinion polls and even live retail intelligence - all laid out there on the homepage! But unlike the regular honey-producing bee, you get paid for tasks on Streetbees (and hopefully paid well, not just in honey or pollen).

Sounds like a legit site, or something that’s potentially scammy? Let’s investigate, shall we?

First things first - what is Streetbees?

Streetbees deal with real-time data from people in 87 countries. Under “What We Do” they highlight three main points: real people, real lives, in real time. They believe in “truly representative, unbiased results” for their global platform. Maybe that’s why the home page banner shows a bird’s eye view of a busy commercial street. They want to underline the “real people on the ground” thrust of their market research via geolocation technology and Artificial Intelligence.

There is a Streetbees app available for download on Google Play and the App Store, and this IMHO is the best way for you to start making some extra cash. Tasks include answering surveys and also performing several small, very doable activities.

How long has it been around?

Established in 2015 in London, Streetbees doesn’t have the pedigree of other paid survey and GPT sites yet, but it already has a reputation for cashing out fast, and with no minimum threshold for cash-outs.

Does it pay well?

Forum members who have registered at Streetbees were able to present many proofs of payment, with the average earning at around a dollar per 5-minute survey. That’s higher than the average payout for a completed survey, and done in a much shorter time, to boot. The unfortunate thing is, survey notifications only come once or twice a week (depending on your geographic location and demographic).

Payment is made via PayPal, within 24 hours after tasks are completed and verified by the site. This is perhaps what makes it so attractive to those seeking a little extra cash, fast.

Is registration free?

Registration is free to anyone around the world who is of legal age to enter into a contract involved with personal data processing (those under age 18 need to present parental consent during registration). Make sure to register with the same email address as your PayPal one for easier payouts.

How do I start earning extra income from Streetbees?

After registering, you can start completing stories by submitting pictures or videos or completing multiple-question surveys. This will give Streetbees’ partner sites an idea of consumer behavior and habits, which they will compensate you for. The tasks themselves have on-screen instructions so they’re pretty easy to accomplish. Prior to completing stories, however, there are a few basic questions you must first answer to determine eligibility to take part in it.

There are short video-taking and picture-taking tasks, which can be unnervingly simple but extremely useful to their market research. Some users have reported being asked to record themselves while cleaning their kitchen, preparing lunch, while shopping for groceries or even browsing through channels to watch on TV. At any rate, it sounds like anything anyone on Instagram, Facebook, or Snapchat would do anyway, so it’s good that a site is willing to pay you to do these normal things, right?

Then there are the surveys, which are pretty straightforward tasks. You answer questions to gauge your preferences and consumer habits, so they’re generally about everyday stuff and nothing too intimidating. Each story comes with a reward, which can be a PayPal (or other eligible payout platforms in your location) payment, a gift voucher, or an entry into a prize draw.

You can also earn via a referral system called the Streetbees Ambassador, where you basically help expand the site’s coverage in your country. Every referral that completes a story earns you around a dollar.

The verdict?

Is Streetbees legit? Yes, it is! Users love the no-minimum cashout and same-day payment policy, and that most surveys take only around five minutes to accomplish. But is it a perfect GPT site? Nope, not by a long shot. Common complaints include not having enough surveys to earn more than just a couple of dollars a month - which, to be honest, is what other people on other paid survey sites complain a lot about too, anyway.

So for me, Streetbees is good for some extra pocket money or to start saving up for your holiday shopping, but not really something you can pay bills with. That being said, I like the look and feel of this platform and am hoping that it expands into something more than just a spare-tire GPT site.

Streetbees Screenshots

Your turn!

Does getting busy on Streetbees sound like something you’d want to do? Are you currently a member, and would you recommend this site to other members here? Please present proof of payment and feedback below to help us make up our minds about it!


I downloaded this app when it was still new and everyone was talking about it.I waited for one week and couldn’t receive even a single survey but i think its because of my geographical location and I had to uninstall the app.All I can testify is that the app legit and pays well and have seen some payment proofs.

It was the same for me. I installed the app and kept it on my phone for 2 weeks but never got a survey.

Certain ideas or webs I like to scan through because if you know what you are doing it’s an ez $$ for your tea. This web looks(Ed) like one, promising review but take no offense at this ETBteam but I don’t think this review is based on personal experience of whoever wrote it. Quite few red flags on bees website FAQ right what made me cautious,noone there did actually get paid be you in USA, Canada or elsewhere. Comments as old as 2015 and as fresh as 10days ago. Nonetheless I opted in, promising 10$ for one thing - DID, 8$ another - DID, days ago, their pay approval 48hrs didn’t apply to me and I joined a “promising awaiting league” club(like the rest commentators in their FAQpage). I will update if they would actually approve my 18$(very heafty for 3min deal thing). So far first misfire ETBs! Not that I check everything on the forum yet(believe me I want to and maybe will,b4 I die, but so far busy schedule to spend much on the forum) but for other content a solid solid reviews. W/ best regards, DimnD(n/n)

Ok… usually I’m pretty busy, but something happened that first made me want to get back on this page and delete or at least reedit my previous message. However the ETB on my opinion is a go2 site and it’s users might as well see what how when and the outtake and decide for themselves afterwards. So…
A moment ago I noticed on one of my cells a weird sign like a dark black silhouette of a fly got me thinking WTF ([image])!?
I got paid…for two tasks, 1st was “about me” - 8$ (literally 5 or 6questions multiple choice questions) and 10$ 2nd(take a picture of the place, that’s it) all total mb 1-2min worth of 18$. But for some reason it’s 15.87$ , tonight at home I’ll go and see wuts 15.87$ about instead of 18$, but hey…2mintes hassle not bad eh? So NOT unlike every bad comments of no pay on their(bee’s)official site(sry ETBTEAM[image], but not 24hr or 48 pay out either, but they did. Now I’m a bit regretting not to accept couple other offers they had(another 10$ and 25$) but those were required some more time doing it and at that time I wasn’t sure if I should keep investing my time with that app.
But yes, personally CONFIRMED! They DO pay
P.s: just have to find out wut (-1.13$ ) was for…who did I tip?!
If anyone still not sure or want to c for themselves, on me I’ll upload my history with them, just my payout took about 6days(I personally think that first they make sure with whoever pays them for certain ad/commercial,that their own pay is IN for it, then they release your payout)
/W best regards DimnD n/n

Hey, Nick! So call me shallow, but when I visited this site based on your Streetbees review above and got reeled in by the quaint bird’s eye view of a busy (Indian?) street full of vendors selling - are those oranges? At any rate, I thought this might be fun, even though I’m not a big fan of survey sites myself. Also, I love that it has apps which I prefer because I keep my main work going on my desktop computer, so side hustles like survey-taking are preferable on my mobile devices.

At any rate, here are my thoughts on being a Streetbees “bee” survey-taker so far:

  • The tasks are simple and doable - and dare I say, even fun? There’s a conversational quality about the surveys that other sites don’t have and which actually kind of feel intrusive. At Streetbees, you’re asked about how you like your coffee, or if you listen to music while doing your laundry, etc. just like you would be chatting with a friend!
  • The surveys aren’t lengthy like the usual 20 to 30-minute ones I had to plod through before in other sites. This means if I do get screened out, it won’t be as frustrating as, say, being in the middle or the tail-end of a longer survey.
  • I’ve gotten paid via PayPal! And under 48 hours too, which is awesome!

My bottom line?

Streetbees is legit, and it’s something I actually proudly recommend to friends and family members looking for a side hustle. It’s just too bad that they “graduate” their bees within two years of using their platform to give way to newer bees. But I guess it’s fair, and I understand the reason for this particular policy.

StreetBees app is one of the legit survey apps nowadays. Though some of their surveys are unpaid and just for fun, they are all far shorter than most. Paid ones are worth $1 - $3 (not points), and they pay right away via PayPal without even having to make any claim or request.

Survey topics are centered around things you do in your everyday life, like eating and drinking, shopping, driving, etc., rather than around companies, and the surveys are easy to read and respond to on a smartphone.

No minuscule print and tiny boxes to fill in; just simple, text-style questions and answers along with some multiple choice, and things like photos of things you’re eating or your selection of hair care products. Their customer support staffs are also great. They reply fast, and they are very professional.

One thing that is clear is that Streetbees is not a scam.

There’s one thing that is clear, Streetbees is not a scam cause they really pay. It is a legit opportunity to make some extra bucks online. I have been using this site for about three months and already cashed out about four times.
You must have a PayPal account to be able to receive a reward from this site. I love that they process rewards faster than other sites. Sometimes it takes up to 48 hours for the money to reach in my Paypal account.
Just remember that nothing is perfect, so joining sites and downloading apps are always at your own risk so take precaution, and good luck with all your money making endeavors!

I came to know about Streetbees around seven months ago, a friend referred me. I was not sure that time if it actually works, but yes it worked, and I am earning some money from it.

It pays you to complete small surveys (hardly 10-12 question) and sometimes attaching a screenshot with it for proof (in case of miscredits). I have earned for more than 50 surveys until now, and each gives me $0.80 in Paypal which I transfer into my bank account.

Streetbees is not perfect, and sometimes, it takes longer to receive my payment. Also, sometimes approved surveys change to rejected; this happened to me twice.

But all in all, it is very useful for small earning; you can earn $0.80 in less than 5 min.

Not bad for 5 minutes of work - works out to $9.60 / hour if you earned $0.80 in 5 minutes.