Seven Great Sites To Make Money While Playing Games

Who says earning and having fun don’t mix? Not me! I aim to enjoy myself doing whatever it is I need to do to get extra sources of income and will refuse to get bogged down by tedious and dull tasks. If odd jobs require creativity, I will surely take it - even if it means wrapping my car with decals, or getting a tattoo advertising a product I actually like or use! Life is short, as they say, and having fun is on my menu of living life to the fullest, even as I look for alternative ways to make a living.

So when it comes to GPT sites, I always keep an eye out for the availability of games as one of the tasks to complete. Just remember that your current favorite mobile games were once beta-tested - by people like you and me! More and more new games are being created as we speak, and before they are rolled out and made widely available to the public, someone needs to test them out first. That someone could be you! If you’re interested, you can check out some of my favorite sites where I earn something just for playing games on them.

1) Cash Dazzle

Offering free games after you sign up (for free), Cash Dazzle promises an impressive $1000 in payouts as cash prizes on a regular day. You will get free tokens in the first five days of being a member after viewing ads, which you can then use to play even more free games for even more chances of earning cash rewards. There is also a daily Spin a Wheel game which is, of course, won by chance, so just keep spinning it until you get lucky enough to win the jackpot prize!


2) Gamesville

I love the range of casual games this site offers! Sometimes I am in the mood for easy to win games like Bingo and Solitaire because it takes me back to simpler times when the best competitor you have is yourself. At any rate, Gamesville is one of the most popular gaming sites in existence because it’s internationally accessible. You can win cash prizes, along with what the site calls GV rewards, their currency of choice.


3) Paid Game Player

There are hundreds of games on Paid Game Player which you can access for free just by joining. There’s a great variety of options, too, from card or casino games to casual games, word and trivia ones, through to puzzles and ones that require some skills in order to compete for cash prizes.


4) LaLa Loot

Lala Loot is a simple enough gaming site to join. There’s a regular jackpot prize via a slots game right on the front page, which you can try your hand at for instant cash. You can also complete offers in order to earn free tokens to play even more games, for even better chances to win cash prizes. You can opt to cash out once your account has $20 in it, or choose to redeem it for a gift card instead.


5) Pogo

Pogo has a staggering menu of online games that I bet the hardest part about it all would be choosing which one you’re going to play. You can opt to register and play for free (why wouldn’t you, right?) or sign up for Club Pogo, which comes with a fee of $7. It doesn’t really matter which option you choose, because you’re still going to be qualified for chances to win daily cash prizes - just by logging in to the site! Amazing, right? There is also a daily Jackpot game worth $500 which you can try your luck at. Why not, because there’s nothing to lose with these sites?


6) XY Gaming

Right off the bat, the sites asks you if you are “tired of playing for nothing?” and I couldn’t help but reply with a resounding “hell, yeah!” It’s free to join XY Gaming, where you have the chance to win daily cash prizes, free coins, and other regular giveaways. Choose from a wide array of games: League of Legends, Smite, StarCraft, DOTA, Counter Strike, Rocket League, World of Tanks, or even Overwatch! It’s simple enough to start playing games to get paid: play tournaments for cash, where you basically compete against other users for actual cash, plus prizes including gaming consoles and merchandise!


7) Play and Win

As its name implies, that’s all you really need to do (after signing up first, of course)! This UK-based online gaming site is open to international members, and there’s a good amount of games to choose from, as well as chances to win cash prizes (sent via PayPal). You can also enter the sweepstakes to see if you have the kind of luck that can land you some instant cash.


The verdict?

There’s no need to invest in an Xbox, PS4, or other gaming consoles to be able to see some earnings from playing the kind of games you find enjoyable. Getting paid to play can mean downloading an app and enjoying games on your mobile device while earning points to redeem for cash or prizes. All these are legit ways to do so, so what are you waiting for? Go ahead and have fun because you’ve earned (and will earn) it!

Your turn!

Have you tried your luck and gotten lucky with gaming sites that pay cash and other rewards? Which ones are your favorites, aside from the ones on this list? Share them with us in the comments below!

Yup, I am all for making money while playing games (the same way my son has expressed interest in doing as well, but so far he’s more for the having fun and forgetting to do homework aspect of it). Thanks for this great list of gaming sites, Nick! I want to make a short review of one you’ve mentioned - Gamesville. My son can’t register on it because members are supposed to be 18 years or older, so it’s up to good ol’ dad to give it a spin.

Which is just as well, because the games in it aren’t the ones he digs (okay, I’m sugarcoating stuff here. He actually called the games “lame”). But I digress. Here’s what I think of it in bullets:

What I like about it:

  • As you mentioned in your review, “it takes me back to simpler times when the best competitor you have is yourself” - I TOTALLY AGREE. I grew up playing Solitaire on my high school and college desktop computers and I like the nostalgia associated with it.
  • The site pays in cash if you win at Bingo Zone! Full disclosure - I haven’t yet but I feel that I will, soon. The thought of getting a check in the mail as payment for playing Bingo, though haha - I am just tickled pink about it.
  • It’s easy enough to win a daily sweepstakes for various games here. I won $10 from playing Hot Stake Solitaire which is so far my fave game on the site.
  • The prizes come in cash or gift cards!

What I don’t like about it:

  • No PayPal option, unfortunately
  • You have to be quick about selecting your gift card prizes because it seems to be available on a first come, first served basis
  • I’ve been hearing talk in forums that a lot of people haven’t received their prizes yet, whether it’s cash or gift cards. This makes me wonder if things have gone downhill since I became a member a little over six months ago.

I’ll add Gamehag to the list. I just cashed out my first reward today. Although the site is primarily focused on earning points (soul gems) for downloading & playing games, it also has similar elements as GPT sites with offer walls, mobile app tasks, and Speak Up surveys. The soul gems can be used to redeem all sorts of rewards like gift cards or game keys, codes, and prizes. Here is my Amazon reward screenshot.

Is this an app or a website? And are these games on the site, or are these games you have to download?

It’s both. They have an app and a website. Some of the games, like the mini ones, are just browser games that can be played online without downloading. The other ones will require installation on your computer.

Do you receive credit for continuous playing, or is it one and done?

If you come back to ETB, might take these two off your list, the sites are gone now [image]

It depends on what game you’re playing. Some you have to reach a certain score to receive points and others require you to complete tasks and submit a screenshot of the completed task to receive credit.

Gotcha. If they’re asking you to post screenshots, it’s likely that they’re not really allowed to incentivize users, but forcing users to get to a certain level so that quality appears to be high for the advertiser.