PollPass Review: A "Chat" Survey Site - Legit or Scam?

A survey site where you get paid to chat online with people? Whoa. I remember just a few days back complaining about how survey and GPT sites have become so routine to the point of becoming dull. You log in, you see if you have tasks or surveys lined up, you pray you don’t get screened out, then you wait for payment to come in.

I think I also mentioned how it gets to be such a solitary and lonely routine sometimes because you’re not really interacting with anyone beyond completing surveys and performing tasks. Now, with PollPass promising to be a “different” kind of survey site, I think I might just have the answer to my whines.

In their homepage, PollPass says they are offering a transparent value exchange, where “everybody wins. Researchers get answers, you get paid.” But how transparent is transparent, and will you really win on PollPass, or is it potentially another scam? Let’s go check it out.

First things first - what is it?

The premise of the PollPass (site and mobile app) is that you will be doing pretty much the same tasks as any other paid survey site, except you will be doing so with a “friendly chatbot” (nope, not with people as I initially thought). So basically, you will still be answering questions about brands and products and services and getting paid for it, but in a friendlier and more interactive fashion courtesy of Artificial Intelligence.

How long has it been around?

PollPass is a new mobile survey app established in London under GlobalWebIndexLabs. It looks to be just over a year old as of this writing, but already has numerous reviews both positive and not-so-positive.

Is registration free?

Registration is free, with no maintaining fees required. You must be 16 years older to download the app and use the platform, though. You are only allowed one PollPass account.

How do I start earning extra income from PollPass?

As with almost all paid survey sites, you will have to go through an initial screening quiz first to determine the kind of demographic you fall under (including gender, habits, preferences, etc.), and if the surveys available are a good fit with your background. There are no caps on points earned, so you can take on chat surveys for as long and as frequently as you want.

Oh, and here’s the sweetest part of it - you will not get screened out during a survey chat. Unlike the main problem with traditional survey sites, there are virtually no vexing moments of discovering that you’ve gotten disqualified right in the middle or towards the tail-end of a survey!

Earnings can be redeemed via PayPal, Amazon gift cards, with the usual expected processing time for either platform. This is why validated email addresses are encouraged for registering with PollPass for faster processing.

Does it pay well?

The opportunity to get paid to chat doesn’t come too often, and on that premise alone I will venture to say that yes, it pays well. Regardless, there have been complaints about technical problems with chats, which in turn affect the kind of earnings they expect to make. However, the payment proofs on forums, blog reviews, Facebook page, and other sources are evidence of how the site is on its toes to try and keep their users satisfied with their platform (all concerns are encouraged to reach out to [email protected]).

How soon do I get paid?

Chat convos with the PollPass bot last between 5-10 minutes. The fact that this is a mobile-friendly app means you can go for survey chats then cash out anytime, anywhere, even during long rides to and from work, or while waiting for someone you’re going to meet, or just about any circumstance that gives you some free time.

For 5000 points, you can already redeem an Amazon gift card worth $5. Users have reported being able to redeem points within an hour! It all depends on the length and topic of the AI chat, but on average you can expect 50 to 80 points per survey.

The verdict?

How to make money with bots? PollPass has the answer! I would confidently vouch for this site being legit, because it not only meets my minimum expectations of what a good paid survey site should be but actually exceeds it.

I am all for working from home and earning some extra money on the side with GPTs, but with PollPass, I now have the opportunity to work on surveys even while travelling, waiting in airports or restaurants, or just about any time or place I want to earn on my free time. It’s flexibility meets convenience meets fun, and that’s something I want to get on board with!

PollPass Screenshots

Your turn!

Having shared with you my feedback on PollPass, how do you feel about it? Would this be a platform you want to try out, or would you rather stick with the tried and tested methods of traditional GPTs and survey sites?

Love, love, love PollPass! It’s one of my favorite new sites now. I really like the succession and flow of questions and selecting the answers in chat format. The only thing I wish they had were push notifications so I’d know when the next set is ready.

I like this site very much but I wish I got the questions every day. The first lot of questions lasted around 10-15 minutes but since then I get days when I have very few or none at all. Sometimes I will get a notice that the site is overloaded. However it’s a very novel idea and I shall keep doing it as the minimum cash out is only $5.

Im right on the edge of cashing out, but havent had questions for 2 days Im at 4410

That’s how it is for me. The initial earning was very fast but now I don’t get many questions

I also havent received any email or notification when there are new questions, I believe it says they will notify us, but I have logged in on my own and saw new questions.

But its still worth it and fun

I cashed out today for $5 and it says it takes around 7 days. I was reading on their facebook page that one girl’s payment was rejected and she had no idea why as they didn’t really say. Hope that doesn’t happen to me

oh no! Well fingers crossed that doesnt happen to us, maybe she was rushing through the questions just clicking first thing or something. I had a couple questions today, Im 300 away from cashout

I received mine in five days. Cashed out $5.11 to PayPal. Hope yours comes just as quickly!

I like pollpass and its fun can’t wait to cash out

7 yesterday they sent me a email to do a survey but u also might want to check your spam folder sometimes important stuff end up there

Ive been getting this happen quite often, usually I go back later and all seems fine, is anyone else getting this when trying to login?

"Oops, something isn’t right"

Ive never gotten a email telling me I have a survey, your talking about PollPass?

No I don’t get that but I do get a message most days saying the site is overloaded, usually during the evening.

This site/app has got mixed reviews and I don’t know what to trust.You didn’t mention in your discussion whether the site is opened worldwide or chooses a specific location.I’ll be happy to know this.

UK and US only…for now.

They are claiming “scalability issues” in this Medium article, but it was posted way back in April [image] Hope things get sorted out soon because I have high hopes for this one!

Today I got paid $5.16 from Pollpass. I was a little worried as I have read reviews of people not receiving payment on facebook but thankfully mine was ok

If anyone is a member, login and check to see if you have questions, Ive been having trouble the last couple months saying the server was busy. Today I logged in and had 3000 points worth of questions, many were from before Christmas, so there must of been a glitch

At first I found the concept of PollPass pretty exciting. Like the OP mentioned in his review, answering surveys can sometimes feel somewhat tedious. You really need to pile on the numbers to earn a substantial amount. So as a survey site user, I like to look for ways to make the process more entertaining. So when I discovered PollPass, I became excited. The concept was unique enough – you answer surveys by chatting with real-life people! That’s a pretty radical concept.

Well, it turns out, like Nick said in his first post, that you chat with a nice old bot. That does add a bit of novelty to the experience of using PollPass, but it’s not the super-fun experience I had in mind. Initially, I thought I’d be shooting the breeze with a person on the other side of the line.

My chatbot experience kind of felt like your usual survey experience, albeit with a slightly different process. All of which was not bad per se. PollPass is still legit, and that’s all that matters.

But your earnings won’t be so hot on PollPass. Surveys or chats don’t come around often, so you’re better off spending time and effort on a different site.

This is a site you need to login to see if you have questions, I wouldnt call them surveys, your given multiple answers to choose from.

Alot of times during the day time I am unable to login tho, I have more luck at night logging in. I get this " Sorry, we’re overloaded at the minute "

I am waiting for my payment from cashing out on 1-25