Pampers Rewards Review: Buy Diapers and Get Rewards - Scam or Legit?

It is super costly to have and take care of a baby. According to, parents spend at least $50 a week for baby stuff like diapers, milk, baby food, etc. If you compute that, it’s $2600++ of your hard-earned income every year. That’s a lot of money!

But what if there is a way to get free diapers, baby toys, educational books and gift coupons for various baby things? Would you do simple tasks to get these rewards?

It’s called Pampers Rewards .

And yes, you will get a lot of free stuff in exchange for quick and easy-to-do things. Parents are aware of the two major diaper brands fighting for the top spot – Pampers and Huggies. With that, Pampers has created this “loyalty program” for their consumers wherein they can save money.

Would you like to know how to avail of it? Of course! Who wouldn’t? Read this Pampers Rewards review to understand more about this loyalty program.

Pampers Rewards – How Does It Work?

With Pampers Rewards, you have the chance to earn coupons with free stuff, discounts on particular items, and avail of baby gifts. It’s is a loyalty program for users of Pampers – well actually, the ones benefiting from this program are the parents of the users because they will save money. You have to fill up a form online, and you will earn points for the program which you can use as savings.

For it to work, follow these simple steps, assuming you have already registered in the Pampers Rewards website:

  1. Buy a Pampers diaper pack.
  2. Look for the code on the package.
  3. Take a snapshot of the numbers and send the image online.
  4. After verification, you will earn points which then converts into rewards.

When you sign up, expect 100 points automatically added to your account. On your first code submission, you will get another 50 points.

How To Submit Pampers Codes

There are two ways to submit the code – through the website or by using the mobile app. If you download the app, it’s free of charge, and you can instantly join the Rewards program. You don’t need a membership card. All you need is to buy Pampers from US retailers and submit the code.

If you registered through the website, you could also use the same log-in information once you’ve downloaded the app.

Website And Mobile App For Pampers Rewards

Here is the official web page of Pampers Rewards:

Earning Pampers Rewards Points

Every time you buy diapers or products made by Pampers, you can:

  • Type in the rewards codes in the website, or
  • Use the Pampers Rewards mobile app to scan the codes

Here is a guide wherein you can easily spot the rewards codes. Remember, upon input of the “magic numbers,” you get the points straight away!

Redeeming Your Rewards Points

There is a rewards catalog where you can find baby items, gift vouchers, and gift coupons with corresponding points. Each reward, voucher, or coupon has points attached to it. They will send it to your address by airmail if you choose a store coupon, though.

The rewards points in your account will not expire if you are a regular and active member. Make sure to input your codes once a year to avoid account inactivity.

If you are buying diapers for your baby each week, then, that means you can submit codes weekly as well. It will be more points for you and more gifts to redeem. But you will have to wait for at most six weeks to receive the reward you chose upon redemption of the accumulated points.

Pampers team will also send you a notification email every time you redeem your points. Remember, waiting time for the item redeemed is up to 6 weeks. Others receive it through the mail in 4 weeks’ time. Also, if you get an online reward, you will receive an email within 24 hours.

All About Pampers Reward Catalog

The goodies within the Pampers Rewards Catalog are the best. Here are some of the favorite brands you will see within their “shopping mall.”

Hello Fresh
Child’s Play Books
Jam Wireless Auto
Discovery Toys
Sesame Street
Melissa & Doug
Vera Bradley

Don’t see anything you like? You can also use your points in exchange for baby books, cute toys, magazine subscriptions, and diapers! The program allows you that option. And there’s more. If you regularly buy diapers and actively submit codes to the Pampers Rewards program, you have the opportunity to win in the monthly sweepstakes draw. There’s a winner’s list on the site. If you get picked, you win a prize. The gifts are so cool!

Is It Worth It To Register At The Pampers Rewards Program?

If you have a baby from zero to five years old and using diapers, then, yes it is worth your time to register for the Pampers Rewards mobile app or website. I mean, you’ll earn points by merely buying these diapers. What company will reward you back for using their products? Not a lot of big brands do that, but Pampers surely does. It is their way of saying “thank you” to their loyal customers.

Aside from that, check out the site. Browse on it. You will see many useful resources:

Pregnancy guide
Pregnancy due date calculator
Baby name generator
Pregnancy calendar
Baby Shower Tools

It’s a useful site or app to check out if you need this information.

OUR VERDICT: Scam Or Legit?

Pampers has been in the industry for almost seventy years. It is one of the two most influential brands out there for diapers, and they’ve outdone themselves in the environmental-friendly aspect. Their packaging is now 78% fewer waste materials as compared to last time. The diapers are affordable, as well, giving the babies a great night sleep with fewer chances of developing rashes – this is a personal testimony.

Indeed, they are taking great lengths in producing top-notch products for the benefit of their users, and they’re also rewarding their consumers for their loyalty. Points are used to exchange for items. You can get points from the codes on the diaper packaging. In less than ten minutes, you get your points. It’s great!

Now, on the subject of legitimacy, is it for real? Upon research, I can say, the Pampers Rewards Program is 100% LEGIT. A reputable company will not risk their perfect name for a fluke advertisement. I checked the website personally, and it’s up there – the registration, the points, the rewards, and more. If you want free items from your diaper purchase, switch to Pampers, and get what you want from their catalog.

Pampers Rewards Screenshots


Have you received your gifts from the Pampers Rewards Program? How was the whole experience for you? Did you face any problems or concerns? Was it a smooth transaction? What items did you pick? How long did it get to you? How many diaper packs did you submit to get your chosen item?

We have a lot of questions here and if you have gone through the Pampers Rewards program, please, let us know how it faired for you! We want your comments today!

You can just actually buy diapers and wipes and without realizing it your points have accumulated to exchange for rewards. There are a lot of cute products that you can get. You can go online and check all the things you can get with Pampers rewards.

I love pampers rewards and agree with this review! my only complaint is that somtimes the pampers rewards codes are so long and i make mistakes typing them in the site so i get errors all the time but now i know there is an app i can use to just scan them lol! So thanks for this your a hero!

my baby is still in the diaper stage so i think i will be needing pampers for a long time so i cant see myself giving up my pampers rewards membership at least not yet. i like the idea that what i buy gives me coupons for even more diapers wich can get REEALLLY expensive if your a single mom [image]

I also like that i can use my points for toys for my baby though he is still too small to apreciate them right now so maybe in the future when he is bigger? right now my points all go to getting discounts for his diapers and its been a huge help so hopefully it helps other mommies and daddies here too!!!

Pampers is awesome for having this! Though I agree with Janine that the promo code can be a bit unwieldy!