OpinionBar Review: Get Paid to Take Surveys and Test Products - [SCAM]

There are a lot of survey sites out there – a lot of them are legit, but some, unfortunately, are downright scammy. To help the Earn That Buck community separate the legit ones from the crappy ones, I’ve been doing regular reviews of various survey sites.

Today, I’ll be reviewing OpinionBar. Are they legit or a scam? Read my OpinionBar review to find out!

OpinionBar: First Impressions

At first glance, OpinionBar’s website looks pretty plain. There’s isn’t anything in it to capture your attention - save for a photo of a couple going over brochures. But beyond the blah design, the site has extensive info on how it operates. If I had to choose between flashy design or extensive info, I would pick the latter all the time.

OpinionBar is owned and operated by MetrixLab, a major market research company. OpinionBar has been around since 1999, and have worked with big brands such as UNICEF, Yahoo, Microsoft, and Heineken.

My Hot Take: Pretty good so far. The site definitely has the cred and tenure. But let’s take a closer look, shall we?

How to Earn on OpinionBar

There are two ways to earn on OpinionBar. As the name of the company implies, they all involve sharing opinions and giving feedback. The earning methods are:

Completing Surveys - OpinionBar tries to make the experience of completing surveys more fun. They do that by providing surveys that are more like games. Sometimes, tasks involve sorting through images.

Testing Products - OpinionBar gives out freebie items to qualified members for advance testing. This includes actual products. Because of the cost of shopping, it’s pretty tough to qualify for these - I myself never qualified.

My Hot Take: Earning methods here are the bare minimum for a survey site. Most notably, there isn’t a referral program. I usually only use sites with referral programs, because referrals comprise a large chunk of my earnings.

Earning Potential on OpinionBar

I’ve heard people comment that they would get up to 4 surveys per week - I only wish that were true for me. I only got 1 survey invitation per month! But that’s probably because I didn’t qualify for many. Your mileage may vary.

Average pay per survey is €1.00 to €10.00 (MetrixLab is based in the Netherlands) for each one you complete.

My Hot Take: The pay is pretty good, because Euros. But what isn’t good is the scant amount of surveys I got invited to take. So while the pay per survey was pretty good, there wasn’t enough to make substantial earnings.

Payout Options on OpinionBar

Once you’ve accumulated a minimum of €10.00, you can request your earnings via bank transfer, or donate them to OpinionBar’s partner charity (War Child).

Payments are processed on the first week of every month. Which mean, if you requested a payout on the second week of the month, it could take over 4 weeks for your request to get processed! At to make matters worse, it could take another 6 weeks for your earnings to appear on your statement, depending on your location.

My Hot Take: I’m honestly not a fan of the super-long processing period. It could take months just to get your earnings, which won’t be that high.

How to Join OpinionBar

If you’d like to try this site out for yourself, I’ll be providing a link to their sign up page below. Ka-chow:

Sign Up Page: https://www.opinionbar.com/signup.aspx

Memberships are free for just about anyone in the world, but you need to be at least 18 years old to register.

The Verdict: Legit or Scam?

OpinionBar is legit, meaning you will get paid… eventually. Their payment processing, coupled with infrequent surveys, make this site an easy pass for me.

OpinionBar Screenshots

Your Turn

So that’s my review of OpinionBar. Now it’s your turn to share! Have you tried out this site? How did you find it?

Let’s hear your stories!

Unfortunately, I strongly disagree with you sugar coating of opinionbar. In my opinion, these are scammers - I have completed their surveys, requested pay and they never ever paid; I have sent several emails and no single reply ever gotten, this is typically how scammers operate.
Another similar group that treated me in very same is called inboxpays.com
Anyone with similar experience??
We put in a lot of time but when treated as such it becomes really horrible shaping our societies because I thought contributing to better societies is also through surveys.
Anyone with advice how I can get this sorted??

I think this should be changed to scam. I saw this thread and was interested in trying them so I did a little more research and here is what I found:

On SurveyPolice there is a big warning sign about them saying:
“WARNING: As of early 2018, many OpinionBar users have been experiencing problems collecting payment and customer service inquiries appear to be going unanswered. Please bear this in mind if you are continuing to complete surveys for OpinionBar.”

This is a huge red flag to me and I immediately skipped the signup process. They also only have a 1 star rating and on top of that tons of user complains. As a rule of thumb I usually stay very very very far away from survey sites that get that many bad reviews. I would strongly suggest you skip them and change the rating here to scam instead of legit.

Changed to SCAM due to the influx of complaints regarding payments.