Make Money Doing Adult Chat (safely)

On social media, everyone’s connected to friends and family. On the surface, it looks like everyone’s happily interacting with each other, but you’ll be surprised by how many people actually feel lonely online. Reading about the sandwich your cousin had for lunch doesn’t really count as a meaningful interaction.

I think this is why a large number of chat companies are popping up. They address a need for conversation and human interaction that other platforms aren’t providing. These companies hire people to have conversations or chat with paying members. It’s that simple, but it’s big business. Which means companies are hiring, giving you an opportunity to make decent money.

If you have an outgoing personality and can sustain a conversation, you may want to give this a try. But first, let’s address the elephant in the room: some of these sites hire people to flirt with their members, and yes, phone or chat sex is sometimes involved. You’ll have to maintain an emotional connection (or at least give the caller the impression of it) with your caller.

Some people may have a problem with it but think of it as just another type of work interaction. It’s no different than pretending to be interested in an officemate’s vacation story, or when we make ourselves to smile and be friendly to a customer.

If you’re up for this type of job, I’ve compiled a list of companies where you could try applying.

1. MyGirlFund

Despite its name, MyGirlFund is a place where both girls and guys can find sexy, interesting people to interact with. The site caters to people who are too preoccupied with their careers or have little time for real relationships. By joining the site, they can have some no-strings-attached fun.

When you work for MyGirlFund, you can earn pretty good money. You get credits for each reply you send to a member, so be sure to keep the conversations going! The site doesn’t reveal how much their operators make, but Business Insider estimates that amount to be anywhere from $40,000 to $50,000 on the higher end of the earning spectrum.


2. Text121Chat

Text121Chat is one of the biggest phone sex and phone sexting providers in the United States. They also provide “safe for work” services like clean SMS and MMS chat, as well as chat topics like Tarot, Trivia, and Anything Answered.

If you’re interested, I can’t recommend Text121Chat enough. The company is super-friendly and professional, which is apparent the moment you check out their website. They also provide training workshops to make sure your work meets industry standards. You can work as many (or as little) hours as you want.


3. Lip Service

Lip Service has been around since 1987… way before the internet became as big as it is today. The company calls itself an “alternative staffing agency” and specializes in hiring and training operators to provide entertainment and companionship to callers. If you speak languages other than English, you’re in luck: Lip Service is looking for operators who are multilingual.

Lip Service also prides itself on its tight-knit, supportive company culture. You can make $0.06 for each message sent, but earning capacity depends on other factors, like whether you take voice calls or not.


4. Arousr
This has recently become a popular option and they offer a few ways to make money. After joining, you will receive messages from people. Each person messaging you 1 free messages, so you need to work it! After that, you have the ability to toggle premium mode - which insinuates that the client will have to upgrade to premium if they wish to continue chatting with you.

Another method is video chat. With this method, you get paid for every minute.

The third method is by uploading pictures. You can choose to sell some of these to your view, which they will be able to view after a purchase.

The fourth and final method is via tips.


The Verdict: Legit or Scam?

All of these sites are legit! If you’re up for this kind of work, it can be fun and a good way to make money just talking and being yourself. The expected disclaimers apply, though: you have to be okay with sexually explicit talk with strangers. That said, these chat companies provide you with a safe space to do your work. No dealing with creeps in real life!

Your Turn

Now it’s your turn to share. Have you worked as an adult chat operator? How much did you make, and do you have any interesting experiences to share?

Let’s hear your stories!

I did this for years and I was good at it too. It’s not for the faint hearted though and you really do need to be broadminded. It gets quite boring after a few weeks, months or years and I nearly always get fed up and leave but I might go back again at some point. Never say never.

I started with Text121 and worked for them for around a year although the money was terrible, 5p per message. They then put it down to 3p and we had to do a minimum of 2000 messages a month. When they put the pay rate down I decided to quit.

The best site I ever worked for was I can’t tell you what I earned an hour but they gave 15p a message, it was emailing rather than texting. You had a strict test of 10 messages you had to answer before being accepted. I notice from reading their site info they are only asking for 75 messages a week whereas it used to be 150.

If you do this kind of work you need to detach yourself from the people you are talking to as basically you are scamming people out of their money … it’s one of the reasons I decided to leave … some of the men were nasty pieces of work with no respect for women at all. Others were really sad and lonely and believed they had met the love of their lives. I had huge guilt issues about those as some of them had been chatting for years believing they would eventually meet this person who didn’t exist. I should mention you never appear as yourself, you are taking on an acting role of one of many profiles which exist on the site.

I worked at Text121 as well. It was very low earning 5 cents per text and there were quite a few restrictions on what type of texts you could send, etc. There were several boards, tarot, flirting, x-rated stuff etc. At the time I was with them it was very hard for me to earn. I had a horrible internet connection, the time is based in the UK and I am in the US. It was stressful because at that time they were flagging for everything. Your account could be put on hold and reviewed without warning. As far as the support and training go, that must have changed because I don’t recall “support” I recall rules and regulations and certain moderators being far too quick to jump on the bandwagon to call you on any mistakes.

They are good to you as long as you keep in with them. I worked for them twice but the rules were so strict and when they put the pay rate down I decided to leave. That didn’t go down well and then I became unpopular. When I messaged them the second time to tell them I was leaving they sent me a rude message and blocked me. I wouldn’t work for them again although they’ve been in operation a long time and they do pay as long as you follow their numerous rules.

The rules were so numerous and so strict. To me, it seemed as if they advertised their #'s for one thing to get people to text in and chat with certain models expecting something totally opposite of what was allowed to be done. It was too stressful to keep up with all of the ever-evolving/changing rules for such little pay.

I can understand that people think this is an inappropriate way to make money but really it’s just words and you detach yourself from those you are speaking to. It’s certainly not for everyone and I must admit there were times when I asked myself if this was really what I wanted to do.

so after reading this post i decided that yes i do want to make money doing adult chat hahaha! Ive done it before when i wasnt a mommy yet and i did have fun and earned a few bucks on my free time so i figgured yeah why not do it again? so i signed up to be a chat agent at lip service and found out it isnt all about flirting and sexy chatting. in fact its kind of more like a consherge (spelling?) job where you help clients figgure out wich is wich and how this works etc. anyhoo i think the company really likes those with nice voices that can be trusted by clients sort of like with call centers and stuff. It was not at all like my flirtbucks experience but i didnt really mind because the site is very pro and i like the idea of being able to help and get paid for it at the same time! so for those saying they wont try these sites out because it isnt for them well im here to tell you that sometimes names can be desieving and most of the time flirting isnt even on the menu! It wont hurt to try right?

I tried to apply at Lip Service but it isn’t available to the UK. This kind of work is better paid than most other online work though. The only thing is it does get boring sometimes and you have to be very explicit in your chat which some people don’t like.

How to Make Money as a Phone Sex Operator

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Before we get to the article, be warned that the following topic might be NSFW for some people.

A common misconception about phone sex operators is that they are either down on their luck or can’t find employment anywhere else. Well, I’m here to change that perception. Being a phone sex operator can actually be both a fulfilling and well-paying career.

I should know because I am phone sex operator! I’ve been doing this for a couple of years now and I never thought I’d be writing about it as a career or money-making endeavor. But my boyfriend (yep, I’m in a loving, stable relationship) suggested I write about it on this forum.

Since I’ve been doing this for a while, I can share some tips on how to get started, how to make good money out of it, and how to avoid common industry scams. Now, I won’t pretend that this is a job for everyone. You gotta be a bit more open-minded and have a positive attitude towards sex. But if you fit that description, there might be a career for you in this field. I hope you find some useful information in this article!

Clearing up the Misconceptions

Before we get into the (ahem) meat of the matter, I’d like to discuss a few myths about being phone sex worker.

Myth #1: You Gotta be Desperate for a Job

A few women (and men) get into this because they can’t find work anywhere else… but the same can be said for other professions, right? Who are we to judge?

Personally, I’ve always been fascinated by sex and the different ways people satisfy their desires. I saw an opening for a phone sex operator online, and thought it would be a fun experiment. Well, that little experiment turned out to be a well-paying one. So I stuck with it.

Myth #2: You Gotta be Promiscuous in Real Life

I know a few phone sex operators who are promiscuous, but no more than my friends in other industries. As for me, I answered that phone sex ad because I didn’t actually want to have sex with strangers. I was (and still am) happy to be with my boyfriend. So this job lets me explore sexuality while staying happily committed.

Myth #3: You’ll be Dealing with Lots of Creeps

This is partly true. Most of my callers are harmless, but I’ve had a few that crossed the line. I’m fairly open-minded, but certain fetishes are off-limits. The good thing is, because we’re on the phone. I can easily drop the call. No harm done, aside from a few lost minutes.

How Much Do Phone Sex Operators Make?

That’s the most important question, isn’t it? Your pay will rely on the number of calls you get. The common going-rate is $1 per minute.

On average days, I make about $60. (Yep, I said day. Surprisingly, I get more calls during the day. Maybe guys like to call when their wives are out doing the groceries?) On a slow day, I’ll usually make half that amount.

Some companies will promise you the moon. Like this one company said I could earn $50 an hour working for them. While it’s technically possible, it’s very unlikely that you’ll actually have 50 minutes worth of calls every hour.

The amount of calls varies, but peg it at $60 on average, and $30 on the low side.

How to Get Work in this Field

Okay, if you want to give this type of job a shot, here’s how to get started.

Job Qualifications

For starters, you need to be okay with engaging in sexually explicit talk with strangers. But having a great voice and being able to communicate well are also important requirements. Girls who can “read” what their caller wants and adjust accordingly tend to make it farther in this industry.

Requirements and Schedule

Most phone sex operators work from home. You need to have a phone line you can dedicate to taking calls. I can’t stress getting a dedicated line for this. You do not want to get calls from horny guys when your aunt is visiting.

Since it’s work from home, you can also set your own schedule. But I would recommend you make yourself available for a set amount of time each day. Treat it like regular work (which it is, actually).

Apply in Legit Companies

That ad I answered when I first started was in Craigslist. It was placed by a legit company, but it went bankrupt after a few months. Most of the companies on Craigslist tend to be smaller, and not as stable as their larger counterparts. Yes, in this industry size does matter.

I learned my lesson that one time and decided to go for the big players. I found great companies to work for on these sites:

AdultStaffing (Link:

SexyJobs (Link:

I added the complete URLs above to assure you they don’t link to malware sites.

Both these sites are job boards. And since they are industry-specific, most of the larger companies tend to post there instead of on generic boards like Craigslist.

If you find a promising company, make sure you do research into them. I’ve found Reddit and the Better Business Bureau to be great resources.

A Few More Tips

Have a “Screen” Name

Never use your real name for this. Having a fake name also has a few benefits in addition to privacy. It helps me get in work mode. And it’s fun and creative to make this persona I can assume when I take calls.

Assert Your Boundaries

Consent is extremely important, even in the phone sex industry. Before you start taking calls, you should discuss with your employer which topics are off-limits. A legit company will respect your boundaries and be willing to work within them.

Have a Good Audition

Most companies will require an audition. It’s slightly awkward to have to engage in phone sex with the person hiring you, but it’s part of the job. And most of the people I’ve auditioned for were pretty desensitized already. It was just work for them.

Two Signs that the Company is a Scam

I’ve had the misfortune of working for two scam companies. It sucks to have wasted my time (and money) on those two, but I’ve since gotten smarter. So learn from my experience. Here are a few things to watch out for:

They Ask for Money Upfront

This is the most common scam around (probably in other industries as well). They ask you for a “placement fee” then bounce when it’s time for you to start work. Often, these scummy individuals will resurface under a new company name, and the cycle repeats itself.

They’re Evasive, Especially When it Comes to Money

A legit company has nothing to hide. They’re willing to talk about money from the get-go. Scam companies, on the other hand, will try to divert the conversation and avoid answering important questions about the job.

The Verdict: Legit or Scam?

Working as a phone sex operator is a legit way to make money! It’s fun, interesting, and I can set my own schedule.

Your Turn

This article is based on my own experiences working as a phone sex operator. Now it’s your turn to share! Have you worked in this industry?

Let’s hear your stories!

I’ve moonlighted as a phone sex operator before or should I say “call girl”, get it [image]

Anyway, my experience lasted for two years and in those two years I took a lot of weird calls but overall the experience was pleasant and honestly its mostly you talking with yourself while the guy on the other end satisfies himself, so you’ll hear a lot of moaning while you describe whatever their fantasy is and sometimes you’ll be asked to moan yourself, at first this is a bit odd but as you get used to it it becomes second nature and no different than you humming along to a song.

Also, if you are thinking about taking this up as your profession I recommend you do it while you are single. It’s odd and brings tension in your relationship if you tell your boyfriend or husband you are talking to guys all day while moaning on the phone. Also, you want to be sure that you can take these calls in a private space uninterrupted and with a family around that becomes increasingly harder.

Overall though being a phone sex operator has been a pleasant experience for me, it was fun though a tad weird, but the money were good and I would totally do it again if I needed to make some quick bucks.

I am so glad to see other gals who’ve done this type of work! Not because the job is weird or icky, but because it’s nice to find other people who found the job pleasant. Well, pleasant may not be the word I would use to describe it. But it definitely wasn’t bad.

One of the things that made the job relatively easy to do was that, like Alexa mentioned, the callers are usually quiet. You get a lot of deep breathing and moaning, but that was about it. Callers are sometimes pretty embarrassed too, which is why they let you do the talking.

I’ve had a few pretty weird callers – callers who would request weird stuff. But more often than not, those weird callers are trolls. When you notice that they’re getting weird, you can cancel the call. Because you don’t get paid for those calls (at least I didn’t), you’ll develop a sharp sense for nonsense callers, and be able to cut them off relatively quickly.

As for actually freaks, there are fetish lines for those. If all you want to do is vanilla phone sex (it’s funny to have to qualify phone sex that way), nothing is forcing you to go over to the fetish side of things.

So, yeah. I really recommend this job. It pays decent, and at the very least you come up with some pretty cool stories to tell!