LiveOps Review: Answer Calls And Earn $25 Per Hour - Scam or Legit

LiveOps need people like you every single day to help them with their phone calls concerning their company and brand clients. It’s not just about customer service. In LiveOps, you will answer phone calls, set up meetings, and recommend some products, as well. The great thing about this company is that they hire people for part-time or full-time work, and the income is $25 per hour. If you want to know more about LiveOps, here’s an in-depth review for you.

What Is LiveOps?

The term LiveOps as a “cloud call center” firm. It also the nickname – the “Uber of call centers.” And why is that? There are companies all around the world who wants to provide 24-hour service for their clients. With that, they need operators to answer their calls for them should their clients call at odd hours. This is where LiveOps come in.

LiveOps agents (that’s you if you want to become one) will answer the calls on the client’s behalf, and they will set appointments if the customer is, let’s say, a physician, a therapist, or a lawyer, etc. The agents will talk about insurance plans, among other things, even after work hours. Basically, whatever service it is that the clients of LiveOps need assistance with when they can’t answer the phone for themselves, that’s the work of the agents.

Requirements For LiveOps Agents

LiveOps is not very strict, but they do require their agents to possess pleasing personalities. They want agents who know how to talk to the clients, even those who are irate and annoying. Agents need to be friendly and understanding to the needs of the customers. They must have that willingness to help people and to satisfy their needs.

Generally, LiveOps Agents Must Be:

  • At least 18 years old to be able to work as an agent
  • A citizen or resident of the US who speaks fluent American English

LiveOps Agents must possess critical thinking and know how to solve issues instantly while speaking with a client. There will come a time wherein a LiveOps agent will have to deal with an unusual client or request. With that, the agent must know how to handle such customers and situations without a bad vibe.

As for the technical requirements, you need these things at home:

  • A full operation phone with a plugin. It can be a landline phone or a digital service.
  • A headset which connects to the phone without interruption
  • A personal computer
  • A high-speed internet connection
  • A virus protection software on your computer for protection
  • A printer
  • An office space in your home where there is peace with no distractions

Applying As A LiveOps Agent

  1. Check the LiveOps website to get a feel of the work.
  2. If you’re sure that you want to work for the company, then, click the APPLY NOW button.
  3. Complete the application form.

Expect that you will be subject to background check and your credit report will also be reviewed. Wait for two weeks before LiveOps will get back to you since it will take time to process your application. Now, LiveOps charge $60 as an application fee. Why?

Typically, paying for an application fee is a red flag. It doesn’t mean though that LiveOps is a scam website. No, LiveOps is not a sham. The company is focused on finding people as their call agents, and they like people who work from home.

LiveOps Agent Application Fee

LiveOps charge an application fee of $60 because many applicants are not serious about the work. They also have a high applicant rate and half of those interviewees are just wasting precious time. And so, to limit those bogus applicants and retain aspirants who are serious about being a LiveOps agent, they impose a fee. It will filter the candidates and eliminate those who do not pass the requirements. Make sure that you are qualified before applying and paying the fee. Otherwise, your $60 would go down the drain.

If You Qualify At LiveOps

If LiveOps hires you as a worker, then, you need to undergo a training program for agents. It will be facilitated online, and it involves a new design. You can also check the Skill Builder Training Program.

Everything you need to learn about being a LiveOps Agent is discussed in the program. The first part of the training involves a script reading session. They will also teach you how to respond to issues quickly and to solve the problems of the clients so you can assist them better.

Your training will be managed by a LiveOps facilitator every single time. This facilitator is in charge of your account and will provide your training module. As for your training, you will be watching relevant videos, will do one-on-one session and feedback, and familiarization with an app which can help you retain the needed information on interacting with a client.

Working From Home With LiveOps

You also get to decide what kind of calls you want to take. With this, LiveOps will match you with a company to fit your choice, and they will provide additional training, if necessary.

You can choose from these calls:

Inbound Sales: The agent will assist the client in a sale process for a particular company from beginning to end.

Customer Service: The agent will assist a client of the company (LiveOps customer) involving retail, banking concerns, and other firms with specific queries.

Insurance Sales: The agent has to be an authorized insurance agent with necessary certification.

Insurance Claims: The agent will accept calls on behalf of an insurance company to speak with clients who are asking for claims.

Technical support: The agent will assist the client in setting up the computer or the software, and other simple tasks like password reset and more.

Roadside Assistance: The agent will have to attend to the emergency and contact the appropriate service workers for immediate action.

Healthcare: The agent will have to interview, ask for feedback and other issues about medicine, prescriptions and other medical services.

Payroll Support: The agent will assist the employees of a client company with their timecard and payroll concerns.

Food Order Taking: The agent will take the orders of the clients for food, and this is a very taxing job. Agents here will be very busy.

As an agent, you have the freedom to choose your work hours, which is a job perk. You just need to schedule your time availability and make sure that you work during those hours. It’s possible to plan your work for hours straight or even as short as 30 minutes as long as you fill the necessary time.

LiveOps will adjust with your schedule, and the agent is not tasked to do marketing since staffs of the LiveOps client will attend to that. If you work more hours, you will also receive more income, and the company will make you handle better accounts. With that, your pay will also increase.

It is also essential to provide your Tax ID number and have your computer equipment for this job since you’re an independent contractor. If you need time off or if you’re going on vacation, just inform the company of your schedule.

Don’t worry about further training on how to efficiently do your job. Agents are privy to various training tools and resources to make you a well-rounded LiveOps Agent.

LiveOps Agent Earnings

LiveOps Agents reported in Indeed and Glassdoor that they’ve been earning somewhere from $10 to $25 hourly. Part-time agents for LiveOps get a maximum of $15 per hour. Reviews on Reddit from those who worked or are still working for LiveOps confirmed the same amounts. They also said that LiveOps has many benefits for their agents such as medical, dental, vision insurance, life plans, disability insurance, 401k program, tuition insurance and others. Reddit reviews also revealed that if you want to make more money at LiveOps, you have to choose overnight shifts. Not so many agents pick up that schedule and thus the company provides a better pay.

Getting Paid At LiveOps

When you get approved as an agent, they will set you up for training. The training will not be paid, but it is an opportunity for you to increase your skills which will be beneficial for you in the future. It will be stock knowledge on your part. The application fee will be worth it if you’re serious about working for LiveOps.

When you complete a period working as an agent for LiveOps, you have to send your invoice. A salary schedule for that will be posted to you by the company, and you will have to email them of your invoice twice a month.

As for your pay, you can receive a flat rate for each call or bill them on the minutes you spend while in a call. It is also possible to get paid by a sales commission. Some agents choose a combination flat rate and commission earnings depending on the job. Performance-based incentives also are available if you’re not getting that many calls.

OUR VERDICT: Scam or Legit?

LiveOps is a great way to earn while working from home. There is only one tiny issue with the company, and that is their $60 application fee. If you study the site, complete all the requirements, and you want to work as their agent, then, the $60 is a good spend. As they say – you have to spend it to earn it! (You can make as much as $25 per hour, take note!)

With that, LiveOps is a LEGIT work-from-home website. You can do the work part-time or full time. The schedule is flexible, and you can choose whatever time you want to work. You can also select your earning method from a flat rate to commission or both. Agents also have numerous benefits so even if you’re an independent contractor, you still have privileges.

The best part of working for LiveOps is that you can work from home. There are no cubicles, no nosy colleagues or supervisors breathing down your neck, and the pay is relatively decent. You will also improve your customer service etiquette, sales skills, and hospitality service abilities. These can be termed as your “expertise,” and you can include that in your future resume. In total, working for LiveOps will only provide positive results for you.

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Are you working or have worked for LiveOps as their agent? How are you handling the job? Is LiveOps an excellent company to work for and why? What are your comments, opinion, and feedback? Please let us know of your experience with LiveOps to help our valued readers.

Adding a bit more feedback to this LiveOps review of yours, Kanvi! It’s not based on personal experience though, because I’ve never tried it (at least not yet). But when I convinced my kid brother to start working from home instead of trying to earn in tips, LiveOps was one of the first gigs he tried. Since he had some customer service representative experience back in college, this one was a cinch. You already helpfully listed down the technical requirements in your awesome post, but here are some other “facts” based on his feedback from the time he was immersed in call center work:

  • You will need to be certified and have a background check first before you can start earning. That means undergoing a non-paid training session.
  • It initially started as a six month contract for kid bro. So nope, there were no benefits for him to expect, but he did have the benefit of a flexible schedule (which suited him just fine)
  • The staff and specialists of LiveOps were pretty hands on, and were willing to answer all work-related questions. There were also lots of free training and resources on hand.
  • He had to be diligent about invoicing clients. It was up to him to make sure he got paid, in other words. Unfortunately, being a bit of a scatterbrain, he managed to forget to invoice on several occasions.

All in all, it was a good “stepping stone” kind of income for him before he moved on to working for a bigger firm.