Inbox 2 Cash Review: Read Emails and Get Paid - [Defunct]

I love Spam on my breakfast plate. But spam in my email inbox? Aw, hell no. I can barely tolerate the flood of emails I sometimes get from signing up to various survey or GPT (“Get Paid To…”) sites, since they’re pretty much a necessity for getting notifications about available surveys and offers.

But to willfully let actual spam into my is a bit of a tall order. Which is why I surprised myself when I found myself registering at Inbox 2 Cash. The site pays you to receive and read emails. Basically, you’re paid to consume spam (and not the delicious edible kind) I guess I was just curious if a site that pays you to get spam could be legit.

Well, I gave it a shot, and here’s my Inbox 2 Cash review. Is Inbox 2 Cash legit or are they a scam? Read the rest of this post to find out!

Inbox 2 Cash: First Impressions

My multitude of readers (all five of you!) will know that I really like it when a company goes the extra mile when it comes to creating a clean and professional-looking website. Design isn’t just skin-deep. Good design tells us that a site wants the users to have a great experience.

Dear readers, Inbox 2 Cash isn’t one of those companies.

Sorry, there’s no other way to put it: their website looks terrible. There’s absolutely nothing memorable about it, except how sucky it looks. The design elements, such as the logo, headers, and buttons look like they were made on an ancient version of PowerPoint. The site basically screams “clipart!” And best (or should I say, worst) of all, they use a free website template.

The site does have some statistics, but they aren’t too encouraging. They claim to have 23,545 - a small, but respectable, user base - but they’ve paid out a total of zero dollars. I was thinking there should be a number at the beginning of those zeroes, but nope. Just zeros.

I wasn’t keen on being one of those people who made zero dollars - not when there are so many other good alternatives out there. But I soldiered on, for the sake of this review. It’s like journalism. Sort of.

How to Earn on Inbox 2 Cash

There are three ways to earn on Inbox 2 Cash. They are:

1. Open emails

This is the primary way to earn money on Inbox 2 Cash. As the name implies, the company sends you emails, and you get paid for each one you open. You don’t even have to log in to the site. Just open the emails you receive in your inbox. The site does the tracking.

I’m pretty wary of opening emails from unfamiliar companies, but that’s what I had to do here. For what it’s worth, I started a new email account solely for this purpose.

Why do you get paid to do this? Inbox 2 Cash more or less follows the same business model as survey sites. Advertisers hire Inbox 2 Cash for its user base. But while survey sites try to gather info for market research purposes, Inbox 2 Cash simply wants to get its members to read emails from their advertisers. The advertisers hope that among all the people reading these emails, a few decide to avail of whatever is being advertised.

With survey sites, I felt like I was influencing a company’s decision, in my own small way. On Inbox 2 Cash, there is no feeling of satisfaction.

2. Refer friends

You can earn 30% of your referrals’ earnings. I honestly never tried referring friends - all those zeros in the home page made me hesitate. I tried the site out for myself, but I didn’t want to subject my friends to it.

3. Get a one-time sign-up bonus

When you register, you will receive an email confirmation. When you click the link, you will get a one-time $1 bonus. Yes, I did get my dollar. So for whatever it’s worth, that $0.00 listed on the home page should be $1.00. Woo-hoo!

These three earning methods are pretty basic. I would have wanted to see a few more options, such as multi-tier referral program and additional ways to earn money. But to be fair, Inbox 2 Cash claims that you can level up to a Premium account to earn more. I honestly never made it that far.

I can’t really fault the site for being basic. What matters is if they pay their members. So do they? Read on.

Earning Potential

The site claims you will get paid between $0.01 to $0.05 per email you read. I was initially afraid of my inbox getting swarmed with emails, but I didn’t always get a whole lot of messages to read.

So your earning potential depends on whether any advertisers hired Inbox 2 Cash to send out emails at a particular moment.

Payout Options

When you’ve accumulated a total of $5 in earnings, you can request a cash-out. They pay via PayPal and Payza. I read somewhere that they were planning on adding Skrill to their payment methods, but that never happened. In fact, I even wonder if there’s anyone manning this site. Which brings us to…

Inbox 2 Cash: Red Flags

A few other members have been waiting months for their payment, with no feedback or advice from Inbox 2 Cash as to when those funds will arrive. I guess that’s the reason why their home page says they’ve paid zero dollars?

As for me, I’ll be honest… I stepped away and didn’t even bother. I almost hit the $5, but the site stopped sending me emails. Apparently, that is a common MO from this site. They stop sending me emails so they wouldn’t have to pay me when I’ve earned $5. I didn’t bother trying to contact the owner of the company. I think I had learned enough.

The Verdict: Legit or Scam?

Inbox 2 Cash is a scam! They deliberately prevent you from hitting the minimum required to get a payout. On top of that, I’ve heard news about people being stiffed when they do reach the minimum needed. Avoid at all costs!

Inbox 2 Cash Screenshots

Your Turn

This review is based on my own experiences using Inbox 2 Cash Now it’s your turn to share! Have you tried the site? Am I the only one here with a bad experience?

Let’s hear your stories!

EXACTLY same thing about other website. I normally did go through few check ups you can run on your competitors to know their official name they registered by to run it’s site, how many of what each when etc… statistics normally available to public starting this year, before was too BUT no one needed to know so like let’s say for sake of better explanation: a game being made(any computer) you can play it using cheat codes, they are there, preprogrammed but unless your from the makers team , you’ll only find out if they are intentionally or accidentally given to you.
But now w/o extra knowledge informational statistics available to you. I used it for having an advantage over whoever in similar field. But why I remembered of it today is reading this article. And realizing how EXACTLY mirroring it the other site is doing(not by thematics but by administrative methods). But no, it’s just another poor attempt of different people, I checked[image] The other website I also found out from some well wishers, and as of one of my hobbies checked myself just for sake of knowing . Website is, what they do is: they pay you FIRST 10$ ONLY if you register through them with 13 other survey websites!! And ONLY after that the surveys available to you on their website. Are you seeing what I’m seeing!!! A refferal system in business…if for every friend your survey website pays you from 1$ to 3$(depends which), then on cashbackresearch …they make you make them 29$(13websites calculated by 1referral pay from each) just to put 10$ on your(on their website) account. But the things doesn’t end there…min payout 25$, want to know why?? Because reffering you to other website not enough, from then they start sending you THOSE websites surveys but for their price…this way technically they make you work, sit on your shoulders and start chewing gum. A refferal system at it’s best. Because out of so many people very few would actually check or find out about anything. Just think about yourself, do you always check who and from where surveys come? I bet you just see survey and do it in a hope you’ll be a good fit. I’m not even asking you if you EVER tried to find out about EACH personal survey COST per SURVEYer priced by the ORDERer…simply talking…a more fair website about it is neilson(incl. Pinecone) to Einstein panel. Because avr.survey is 15$ per 30min spent by client(aka brand customer) that is NOT including cost for survey sites advertise it… because for that ORDERers pay additionally.
In some of my older post I said that I’ll be able to write an exclusive articles including not braking your neck having 50+ surveys sites in a hope of making bits but having heafty amount of tea Money doing way less? Well I’m still not motivated but you can put two and two together and at least have a knowledge of some facts next time you log in 50+ some sites daily doing 50times more surveys. At least if you braking you neck and fingers doing so much for so less at least don’t let ride more people on you than you already do.
And insert cashback as worthless lazy pity website too… unfortunately legit…but a legit fraudsters on my opinion, who uses unknowledgeable of people in certain areas to their advantage knowledgeably. Hard to even call it a “service”.
And extra laugh is when you look it up WHO owns it and how much they got paid due day.
FYI: inbox2cash had this year over half a million of unique users on their website and a very close to same numbers- income that had been issued to: (as I mentioned above, is an extra fun fact to find out about), as of this year it’s open for public to know,. I’ll just say it’s been made out to the private name. Rest I’ll make it interesting to try and find out yourselves. As I say some times it’s not that you don’t know how or what or when but it’s that you don’t WANT to know. Or not motivated enough[image]
And don’t let extra riders ride on your shoulders w/o paying extra fare [image]

Their “geo-targeting available if needed” info for customers probably won’t make me sleep tonight. Same if I’ll post or public a book and say “available in reading” if needed. Otherwise I’m guessing it’s only available in frame to put on a wall.