How can I make money creating Typeform forms?

Making money by creating Typeform forms can be a smart move if you plan it well. Here’s an easy guide on how to do it, including answers to common questions and where to find more info.

Making Money with Typeform

  1. Pick a Specific Area
    • Understand what specific groups need, like event organizers, researchers, or doctors.
    • Make Typeform solutions that fit exactly what your chosen group needs.
  2. Provide Complete Services
    • Do more than just make forms. Help put them on websites or connect them to customer management systems.
    • Offer extra help by understanding the data from forms and giving useful advice.
  3. Sell Ready-Made Templates
    • Put your templates up for sale online for common needs.
    • Have a subscription offer so users can use many forms for a regular payment.
  4. Teach and Advise
    • Give classes or online lessons on making the most of Typeform for different needs.
    • Offer special training or advice for businesses that want to get better at using Typeform.
  5. Use Affiliate Marketing
    • Earn money by getting new customers to sign up for Typeform through affiliate marketing.


  • Tech Skills Needed?

    • No, anyone can use Typeform. Some knowledge of tech stuff can help you offer better services.
  • What to Charge?

    • Prices change based on how complex the form is and what extra services you provide. Simple ones might be around $50, and more detailed work could be over $500.
  • Finding Clients?

    • Start by sharing your services on social media, freelance sites, and with people you know. Looking in specific online communities or forums can also help.

Where to Learn More

  • Typeform’s Blog and Resource Center: A great spot for tips and stories on using Typeform. It can give you ideas for what services to offer.

By focusing on certain areas, offering full services, selling templates, teaching others, and using affiliate marketing, you can make a good income from creating Typeform forms. Keep up with the latest updates and tips to give your clients the best service.