Hideout.tv - Get Paid to Watch Videos - Legit or Scam?

Most GPT sites have the site in their videos section as an option. So if your on a GPT site, and you click Hideout.tv, it will open the window and play videos like all others do, except this you dont have to click anything it just earns, Ive let it run for 8 hours. You get 3 points per advertisement, and you can click forward through the videos, as they dont pay you for the videos, just the advertisements.

It keeps track of your points on the Hideout.tv site. But then, you can cash out your points on any GPT site that offers Hideout.tv
So even if you watched them on say InstaGC , you could cash them out on KeepRewarding, or if you earned them at KeepRewarding, you could cash them out at EarningStation , which I just did today and got 41c

You have to sign up at Hideout.tv. Then you can link up all GPT sites your a member of that run Hideout.tv
All you have to do is go to those GPT sites, click a Hideout.tv link, and it will link you up.

So it wont show you earning on say if you were at EarningStation, it will show you what your points are at Hideout.tv. Once you redeem your points, it automatically goes to which GPT site you chose to send it to.

Also if you have multiple GPT sites linked, you can look though your links, and it will show you how much points or cash you will get. Some can be a 10c difference. I hope all that makes sense

If you would like to sign up here is my ref link [image]


Im including two screenshots, I requested my funds be sent to two different sites, I had no problems either time, and both were instantly sent to the sites

Received another payment from Hideout this morning [image] Sent to Earningstation today

If you havent yet signed up for this, DO IT! Today I redeemed two times and had them sent to ES, so 82c today for letting videos run [image] I really should try redeeming to a few other sites, but sending to ES helps me with my daily earning streak [image]

I use Hideout.TV on a daily basis. I LOVE IT! But you must understand how to use it. It does not work like Smores.TV because it does not add your points after each credited video. I love that it will work for many different sites. You must sign up with hideout.tv itself and then run the videos then you cash out your earnings. You can link different accounts to it such as Grabpoints , earncrypto, etc. and then you can choose the one you want to cashout the points to. It is super easy. All you have to do is open the window and the videos will auto load, but follow the rules or they will Ban you. It is one video running per device, 3 devices maximum, that is the last time I checked anyway, please double check me on that one, but YES you can earn a lot from running he Hideout.TV videos.

Only thing I cant quite figure out, is when redeeming points, so say for instance I have on hideout.tv 40 points, I choose to redeem to EarningStation so then it tells me I will get 7c…but when I redeem I actually get 41c…now if I did the same 40 points, and choose say InstaGC , I will only get that 7c.

In my mind, this is not really a GPT site so shouldn’t be here but rather an offer within GPT sites. Like you can’t cash out directly with the site but through partner sites.

It’s official - Smores.TV is now officially HideOut.tv. This was bound to happen as there was no sense in having two platforms. It’s likely that they kept Smores until all the kinks were worked out of HideOut. Were you previously earning with Hideout and Smores - resulting in a decrease in points after the switchover?

Yes, so now doesnt matter if you watch smores or hideout, the points all go to the same account, so why not just do away with Smores videos too, since they are the same as Hideout videos

No idea why they’re holding on to the domain. Ideally, you shut it down and redirect all the traffic.

I just got this notice on FB from Hideout, Im curious by what they mean by other monetization partners

Hi Loyal Hideout Viewers!
As you know, our transition from Smores.tv to Hideout.tv is finally complete! However, some (not all) users may notice there are fewer rewards on Hideout.tv for them. This will improve over the coming weeks as we are still moving all of our monetization partners to the new site, and it is taking longer than expected.
In the meanwhile, you can still go directly to Smores.tv and watch and earn rewards with all of our monetization partners. Even though the site looks like Hideout.tv, you will still have access to all of our monetization partners on Smores.tv if you are having issues earning rewards on Hideout.
Thank you all for your patience as we complete this transition as smoothly as possible!

This means that advertisers are in the process of being transitioned to their new site. To be more specific, this can mean two things:

  1. Advertisers whitelist certain domains for their ads and some may still may not be whitelisted on HideOut.TV. For this reason, ads may not be served on HideOut but are being still served on Smores.

  2. Advertisers haven’t setup serving to Hideout.

Oh I see, thank you! I was thinking something completely off, like new offer walls that paid to hideout hehe, thats what I get for thinking [image]

So since all points go to Hideout now, then we couldnt watch Smores in one screen and hideout in another I would assume

That’s correct. Watching on both would mean that it simply redirects all funds to the same Hideout account, so I don’t believe that will work.

Havent update lately, this is a screenshot from my dashboard today showing my latest withdraw of hideout points

getting rid of smores dropped my earning, with smores i could earn in real time but with hideout tv i have to log in and only once a day and one site

Anybody else have all their hideout.tv points that were converted to another network (Grabpoints etc) reversed last week? Mine were, no explanation, and I can’t log in to my account or reset my password.

No I havent, but its been happening alot on InstaGC and KeepRewarding

Hi , I have hideout , been running it for about 5 hours and only got the 7 points. What am I doing wrong ??

Thats weird. Your just letting it run on its own? You get paid for the commercials, so the smaller the videos the more commercials you get, I let tuckerbudzyn run, as they have more short videos

Have you tried another browser? Im getting hundreds of points, and using Chrome on my desktop

Like msmoneybags said, must be no ads. Also, countries like the US, Canada and UK have higher ad inventory.