Fronto Review: Earn by Swiping Ads - Scam or Legit?

Most of the time, people have unpleasant experiences with rewards sites and survey panels.

There are a lot of scam sites out there. They promise points, rewards and even cash simply for doing tasks or completing surveys, but when you’re done, you get zero. Nada. Nothing. They’ve cheated you out of 20 minutes of your time and these companies earn from it! Totally annoying - and illegal, even. This is why legit apps are not getting the support they need even make good on their own promises. The bad reputation of scam websites are clouding the good ones.

It’s a good thing that here at EarnThatBuck, we’re always looking for legit websites and apps where you can earn money or rewards. With that, you’ll be sure that you’re not wasting your time and you’ll get some sort of compensation after you do the “work.”

Now, let’s talk about the app Fronto. It’s been around for quite a while and it really pays, but as mentioned earlier, not a lot of people know about it. So for your benefit, here is a Fronto app review.

What Is Fronto App?

Fronto is an app that works with your mobile device’s lock screen. The company will display and advertise content in your phone’s screen and by swiping it, you will get points. Those points can be converted into cash and rewards. It is similar with SlideJoy, and we have a mini review of that as well.

How Fronto App Works

When you install an app on your mobile device or smartphone, it will send you notifications every time there’s an update. With Fronto, they will send you notifications which are advertisements. If you swipe it on any direction, you will get points. For some, you also need to participate on the ads and it won’t take too much time, though. Upon swiping, it might ask you to install another app or redirect you to another website. By doing these easy tasks, you will earn points.

As I’ve said, not all ads require your time. Also, I am sorry to inform international readers of EarnThatBuck. Fronto app is available for US residents only.

Anyway, you will see three kinds of advertisements or notifications from Fronto displayed on your lock screen. They have the sponsored promotions, shopping information and news articles. Sponsored promotions are those that offer freebies, discount coupons, and points for apps installation. Shopping information ads are those prompting consumers about incoming and ongoing sale online. As for news articles, these are not really the serious type of news, but more on the fun and features kind of write-up.

Installing the Fronto App

Official website:


At this time, Fronto is not available for iOS, Windows, and Blackberry devices. And you’ll need to install Fronto on your phone to use it, of course. Once it’s downloaded, you can expect advertisements from Fronto to appear on your screen.

What sets it apart from other swipe task rewards program? For one, Fronto advertises and displays news articles. You can benefit from reading these informative and engaging articles, while at the same time, you’re also earning points.

Other Facts On Fronto

Each content has an equivalent point system. So, after browsing through the content, you will more likely get a display of the points. The controls of the app are also very simple and user-friendly. If you swipe to the left, you will be able to view content and redeem your points. When you swipe to the right, your phone will unlock, which is a regular feature of Android devices. It’s very elementary and straightforward.

Earnings at Fronto

The big question here is how much can I earn at Fronto? If this is a rewards program, does it mean I can only earn gift cards? The answer is NO. You won’t be earning gift cards alone. Fronto also offers cash earnings to their members. Other lock-screen types of apps will allow you to redeem gift cards only. While it is useful for some, money is more important, right? The company managing Fronto understands that need which is why members can redeem their points and send the equivalent to their Paypal account.

How many points do I need to make to redeem my money from Fronto? Regularly, for every dollar, you need 2,500 points from Fronto. Remember, some tasks pay bigger points than others. It is better to try all to increase your chances of racking up your points. Some members say that they earn at least $20 a month. The highest was said to have earned $100 in a month. I mean, where can you get that kind of money just by swiping your phone or installing apps and reading news articles, right?

Redeeming Your Fronto Points

For you to convert your points into money, you need to collect at least 25,000 points. Depending upon the ads, 25,000 points more or less will give you $10. You won’t be able to redeem your points if it is less than that amount.

You can always choose to get your points for cash, avail of Google Play gift cards, Amazon gift cards, or if your heart is feeling it, you can donate your earnings to a charity. You will also get your rewards immediately and without delays. This is why many users love using Fronto.

What People Are Saying About Fronto

Speaking about how users love Fronto, here are some review reports. In Play Store, the app is rated by its users at an average of 4 stars. That is pretty high compared to other rewards apps. Users are also saying that the payout is quick and the ads displayed on the screen is varying and interesting. Some say that they’ve learned of new and nice apps because of Fronto. The fact that it will provide points once you swipe it is easy money, it appeals to the members.

OUR VERDICT: Scam or Legit?

Fronto is 100% LEGIT if you’re looking for an app that pays money and offers gift cards. The only drawback to this is the audience availability. It is only available in the US and for Android users as well. They also don’t have a visible point system page, but as long as the members are earning on their every swipe, I don’t think there will be an issue. This app comes highly recommended and if you fit the qualification (over 18, Android device and US resident), then, you must try it.

Fronto Screenshots


For readers who have tried Fronto, what’s your comment about it? Any suggestions? Opinions? For those who haven’t tried it, are you intending to do so? What are your reservations, if any? We’d like to know! Keep us posted or share this review!

Great review of Fronto, I’ve yet to install it, not because I don’t want to but because it means I have to uninstall SlideJoy which is currently taking up my screen and I’m not really sure I there is a way to have both installed but I don’t think so.

Long story short : I love the fronto app. For me as a single mom it’s one of the best ways to earn some extra points & cash. Basically all you need to do to get some points is to download the app , install it and then start using it. They will show you some interesting articles and products and I wouldn’t be surprised if you end up seeing a lot of things that you like. They have a lot of fashion related ads and I don’t mind those at all as they’re very pleasant to look at. To unlock your points you simply swipe right or left depending on if you like it ( Kinda like tinder but for products) . One negative thing is that you don’t earn as much as for example on survey sites but then the task itself is also effortless. All in all a great way to earn a few extra bucks. If you’re looking for a cool lockscreen app that pays you then get the fronto app!

Fronto is a legitimate app! I love this app cause it pays me just by unlocking my phone screen. I downloaded this app a month ago, and I already had three payouts (minimum payout is only $1).
The cashouts I made was sent to my PayPal account. They also have other redeeming options such as Amazon gift cards, steam points, and more.
However, this app won’t make you rich and only pays a little. But for me, it’s not that bad cause there’s nothing I need to do aside from unlocking my phone (which I, or all people who own a phone do).
The other way to earn, or should I say the most effective method to earn from this app is through referral. I only got 2 referrals so far cause I haven’t focused on it, but I will soon.

I’m happy with this app and I will continue to use this!

Yeah I’m a big fan of the Fronto app! This is a great review, and I’m also glad people are digging Fronto. For a while there, I thought I was all alone on the Fronto bandwagon.

Fronto is a great way to earn almost-passive income - and that’s why I like it so much. Granted, you actually have to do something - swipe on your phone - to earn, but it’s not like you’re doing something super-complex (and that’s why I refer to this as “almost passive income”) You simply swipe, and when you swipe, you earn. Pretty sweet setup, if you ask me.

A few more random takes on Fronto app:

  1. The minimum withdrawal threshold is pretty manageable. I would expect sites with “easy” earning methods will require a hard or difficult minimum withdrawal threshold. But Fronto’s is pretty manageable.

  2. It’s no brainer work. Like I mentioned in the original Front app review above, all you need to do is swipe away to earn. Sometimes, you’ll have to do other stuff like participating in the ads, but it’s still really easy to do.

  3. They’re a legit company! I used to worry that sites like these were scams. I mean, when you do no-brainer work, chances are the company can’t be legit, right? But don’t worry, Fronto is absolutely, totally legit! Highly recommended!

Another happy fronto app user here. Been using them for a while and never had any issues. Received a few payments as well and can only say good things about them and their company. I don’t think there are any easier ways to earn some extra cash than with fronto. All you have to do is swipe and thats it. You don’t have to fill out anything. No need to buy. Just go through some pages and either swipe left or right depending if you like it. I use it all the time during breaks or when I commute to work by train and it takes no effort. As I said there aren’t many ways where you make cash easier than this. With a lot of the other providers you have to fill out surveys ( and sometimes even get disqualified which always sucks) but here you just swipe [image]

Just make sure you don’t try to use any fronto app tricks they might ban you for it. But thats ok if you ask me. If you try to cheat them then thats the risk. Have a nice day guys. I will be swiping some more today [image]

This app is legit, and I can say that I’m not wasting much time at all. It takes less than a second to unlock my phone, and I get rewarded. It’s purposely not meant to be a sole source of income or even a side paying job at that. If it were, then people would have been mindlessly using this app to support themselves which they don’t financially.
All in all, I love this app. It’s like getting rewarded by just doing what you always do with your phone. Last thing, if you want to boost your income, work on your referrals, it’s another way to earn more.

I’ve been using this app for a while now. I want to share some tips to increase earnings.

Twice every hour you will be offered a 20 points swipe in the other directions. Also, 1-3 times an hour you can watch a short video ad for 10 points so you can get 50-70 points an hour for just regular unlock screen interaction. If you are willing and able to use them as a download portal for their offerwall, you can earn decently for the first month.

I’m earning around $1.30+ per day for the first month or about $40 per month. After the first month, I had downloaded everything they had available on the offerwall and was down to unlocks and the newest offers on the offerwalls for earning points. After the first month, I still earn about $10-$15 dollars a month depending on the point value of the new offers.