Earthmiles: This App Will Reward You To Get Fit!

We exercise and eat healthy foods for a variety of reasons. People want to lose weight, want to gain weight, want to trim fats, want to build muscles, want to look good, want to be fit, and want to be healthy. The reasons go on and on as to why we want to eat right and exercise.

People do this because there is a positive result after a month or so of continuous effort. Now, you do this out of determination and discipline, right? But what if you get paid to run and jog? What if you get paid to eat veggies, fruits, and lean meat instead of fast food? Are you willing to get fit in exchange for some rewards?

Well, you can achieve all that with the help of Earthmiles. Earthmiles is a company and a mobile app of the same name based in the United Kingdom. They need regular people like you and me to participate in their program. All you have to do is embrace a healthy lifestyle, eat right, and exercise! If you are up for the challenge, then, try Earthmiles!

How Does Earthmiles Work?

Your other fitness apps like FitBit, Google Fit, RunKeeper, Nike+, Runtastic, and MapMyFitness, among many others, are in sync with Earthmiles. In this way, Earthmiles can track your fitness activities.

2-Step Process On How To Connect With Earthmiles

  1. Install the Earthmiles app on your phone or any mobile device. It won’t cost you anything since it’s free.
  2. Connect all your fitness apps with Earthmiles. This will keep track of your activities.

Whatever activity you do, as long as it’s for fitness, will earn you EM’s or what the app calls “Earth Miles.” These Earth Miles are redeemable and you can exchange it for rewards like free yoga class at Hot Pod Yoga, or a 20% discount in ASICS, 40% off from Illumiseen, and more.

Where Will I Find Earthmiles

The links are shown below.

Official Website:

Don’t forget to use the below code when you join:


The only setback that users say about Earthmiles is that they don’t earn money or gift cards for doing a fitness activity. They do however earn rewards like coupons, discounts, freebies, and deals. At times, free classes are available or free trials on new products and services are being offered. These rewards are also related to health and fitness.

Earthmiles is known to collaborate with Nakd Wholefoods and other health and fitness brands. So, if you want to get free items or super discounted products, then, connect with Earthmiles. The company is new and a bit over two years old, but the brands collaborating with the app are growing each day. This company is expanding really fast.

OUR VERDICT: Scam or Legit?

Earthmiles is an app which can be installed on your Apple or Android smartphone. The app is 100% LEGIT and it will earn you some rewards called “Earth Miles” in exchange for doing fitness activities like jogging, running, walking, eating veggies, and more. If you are a fitness enthusiast, then, Earthmiles would be a great app for you to use. But if you are a beginner and would like to try the healthy lifestyle, then, Earthmiles is a great helper for newbies. You can even get cool deals by doing the activities. It’s worth it since you’re being rewarded for getting fit! Win-win situation!

Earthmiles Screenshots


Have you tried Earthmiles? Are you willing to try Earthmiles? Any suggestions, comments, or feedback? We would love to hear from you!

I was just about to sign up to Earthmiles but read some of the user reviews on Google Playstore and several Americans who signed up and earned rewards are being told they need a UK address in order to redeem their gift cards. So ended up not installing the app and will see if there is a US alternative to Earthmiles. Either way I’m very happy with my Apple Watch activity app which motives me to close my rings everyday, but of course getting paid with free giftcards like how Earthmiles do it would have been awesome. Oh well…

Great review. You are right this app is 100% legit! I’ve been using this for 1 and a half year already.

I’m a big fan of the idea of this app. They are promoting fitness by motivating people to walk because of the rewards they are offering. Earthmiles is perfect for those who love to walk (like me) or for those who are walking every day to go to school, work, and so on.

This app encouraged me to do more walking. On my way to and from work, I am making a detour from the park, which meant instead of 4-5 minutes to get to the office I was walking about 18 minutes each way.

Though I am not making money from this app, I’m still satisfied with their rewards. Thank you Earthmiles for encouraging me to do more and to be more healthy!

An excellent and fun app. I’ve been using it for a month or so, and I’m a big fan of the concept.
I always love to stay fit and healthy, so this app is perfect for me. Just by doing something I usually do I can get some cool incentives, thus it makes me feel like getting a free reward [image]
The rewards they offer are good, and it’s a great way to discover healthy products and save some money buying them.
I referred this app to all my friends, families, and even to my social media friends.
I am saving all my points or em as of the moment, but I’ll soon look forward to getting my first payout. However, it would be much cooler if they have a cashout option like PayPal or Payza as some people prefer cash than gift cards or any other rewards.

Love the new look of this app. The concept is great as well.

I love getting rewards for my daily walk and occasional runs using Fitbit and Strava. Feels like getting a free reward for doing what I do every day plus it motivates me to do more walking which is great cause it’s a form of exercise.

Even if you think you don’t walk a lot, it still counts the steps you made, and you will be amazed how easy can be to earn rewards!

The only problem is their support staffs. They aren’t too active nor helpful. Still, I love this app itself. I will continue to recommend this to all the people I know.

I wrote a lengthy article about earning while using your FitBit some months back, but I seemed to have missed this Earthmiles post! Now, I like what most of the apps I reviewed have to offer, but this one seems to have really good reviews and feedback from users. Had I known about it prior, I would have included it in my list as well.

I like the premise that you don’t have to be the kind of athletic person that has a Fitbit or other fitness app gadget strapped to your wrist at all times. Heaven knows I’m not that kind of person! The most athletic thing I can do is walk to the grocery store and back. So I’m glad that I can at least earn a couple of “earth miles” from this app just for buying some eggs and milk for my family.

Though I have yet to redeem my earth miles for health and fitness products, I’m glad I downloaded this app. I’ve become more conscious of how many steps I take in a day, and be able to closely monitor if I’ve become too sedentary even for my own liking. At the very least, it kicks a** on the road to becoming more active and healthy!

Thanks for the Earthmiles review, Kanvi! Don’t mean to necro this thread, but I thought I’d use the app for a bit before commenting. I like it a lot. It reminds me of Sweat Coin, which I’ve also used a lot in the past. Generally, I like rewards sites and apps that offer you an incentive for getting fit… I think a lot of us spend way too much time glued to our computer chairs answering surveys (I know I am!). So an app that rewards me for trying to be more fit and active? Yes please - sign me up for that, stat!

The way I understand it, Earthmiles doesn’t actually track your activity – you link your other apps, such as the FitBit, Google Fit, Runtastic, and the other apps listed by the OP. I think the app sells our data to advertisers. I don’t mind – it’s really no different from surveys sites, or those apps that reward us for letting it monitor our internet usage.

The only downside for me is that you can’t withdraw your earnings as cash. I’ve always been a fan of cash, since it offers the most flexibility. But I went with it anyways, since I needed the extra motivation to get fit. Highly recommended!