Creation Rewards Review: Earn by Taking Surveys and Doing Tasks - Legit or Scam?

What is up, my peoples? Are you up for another survey site review? I’ve got a hot one for you – Creation Rewards. Most survey sites usually look pretty plain, or downright shady. Creation Rewards caught my eye some time ago and I’ve been earning through the site ever since.

If you’ve been wondering whether Creation Rewards is legit, read on and check out my Creation Rewards review!

Creation Rewards: First impressions

Creations Rewards is an OG in the survey site industry - they’ve been around for over 18 years! That’s like forever in internet years. Pretty reassuring to know they’ve been around for this long. See, scam sites don’t hang around for very long. Or if they do, it’s under a succession of monikers designed to mislead the people they’ve scammed. Creations Rewards looks pretty legit.

Many survey sites are operated by larger market research companies. I couldn’t find any info on who owns Creations Rewards, beyond a single person - Christopher Basista, from New Jersey. Well, if you’re reading this, Christopher Basista from New Jersey, please accept this imaginary can of beer.

The Creations Rewards website looks pretty ace. The design is good, and it has extensive information about all its programs and earning methods. This site ain’t shy about telling you how you can earn through it.

My Hot Take: An excellent first impression. When I first came across this site, I couldn’t wait to try it. So what was my actual experience like? Read on!

How to Earn on Creation Rewards

Oh, man. This is the kind of survey site I like. Creation Rewards claim that you’ll always have something to do here, and I’m inclined to believe.

The site has lots of ways to earn - completing surveys is just the tip of the iceberg here. Most of these earning methods are what you would call micro-tasks: that is, they’re simple tasks, most of which you could do online. Here are the major ones:

Completing Surveys - This method is the one that’ll be most familiar to us all. You complete surveys, and earn points in return. You can then redeem these points as cash or as a gift card.

Watching Videos - This is another familiar method. Simply watch whatever video is being promoted and get points as a result.

Exploring Websites - This isn’t as common as the rest, but I’ve encountered this before. When you visit a promoted site, you will also get points in return.

Shopping online for cash back bonuses - Cash back bonuses are basically rebates. Shop in any of Creation Rewards’ partner shops, and get a rebate. (You may have to scan and present your receipt to prove your purchased from the store) Here’s a complete list of the shops:

  • Walmart
  • JCPenney
  • Best Buy
  • Dunkin Donuts Shop
  • Freeze Defense
  • Michaels
  • Office Depot and OfficeMax
  • Payless Shoesource
  • Sam’s Club
  • Staples
  • PETCO Animal Supplies
  • Pier 1 Imports
  • Vitamin Shoppe
  • Walgreens
  • RiteAid
  • Personal Creations
  • HSN
  • Boscov’s Department Store
  • Choice Hotels
  • AutoZone

Referring Friends and Family - They also have a referral program, something all self-respecting survey sites should have. Here, you will earn 10% of their earned “revenue” points for life! There’s no multi-tier earning here, but lifetime earnings from referrals is still a pretty big deal!

Take note, though you will be earning from their regular points - bonus points they earn don’t count.

Get a Sign-Up Bonus - You’ll get a cool $5 bonus when you register on Creation Rewards. There’s some fine print with that, though: you’ll get your bonus after you’ve earned your first 5,000 points, and it has to be within the first 60 days of you registering.

My Hot Take: Man, these are all awesome earning methods! I like their promise that you’ll always have something to do on this site. And it’s true. If you don’t qualify for any surveys, you can try watching videos, visiting sites, or any of the other earning methods they have. The earning program of
Creation Rewards is top-notch.

Earning Potential on Creation Rewards

Surveys pay around 50 to 200 points, depending on the length and complexity of the survey. If you complete three in a single day, you’ll get 125 points bonus points. Videos pay around

Videos pay around 1 to 5 points. Visiting sites also pays 1 to 5 points.

1,000 points is worth five dollars, so keep that in mind when mentally calculating your earnings. Your earnings will depend on the amount of time and effort you put into completing tasks. So don’t slack off!

My Hot Take: Earning potential for surveys is pretty good, especially with the bonus. Videos and visiting sites is just okay. But the great part is that the site doesn’t run out of tasks. No idle time here!

Payout Options on Creation Rewards

There’s a 1,000 point ($5) minimum payout on Creation Rewards. You can redeem your earnings as cash (which is deposited via PayPal) or as a gift card - they’ve got lots of gift card options.

It takes a long time to get your earnings, though. For gift cards, it can take eight to twelve weeks. For PayPal, it takes even longer (but the site claims to be working on speeding-up its turn-around times for that).

My Hot Take: Man, those waiting times are a bit of a letdown. I don’t want to wait up to three months - and more - for my earnings. Especially if other sites offer faster processing times.

How to Join Creation Rewards

Residents of Canada and the United States ages 13 and up can join Creation Rewards. To register, simply visit their site. The registration form is built into their homepage. Here’s the link for ya:


The Verdict: Legit or Scam?

Creation Rewards is legit! They’ve got great money-making methods, and you can earn a decent amount from each one. The only downside is that processing takes way too long. But hey, good things come to those who wait. I still heartily recommend this site!

Creations Rewards Screenshots

Your Turn

So that’s my Creation Rewards review. Now it’s your turn to share! Have you tried the site? How did you find it?

Let’s hear your stories!

This is the best gtp website I have ever used. I started using this months ago. What I really like about creation rewards is the reasonable points I get by completing offers, watching videos, trivia points, visiting websites, referring friends (you will earn 10% of their earned points) and more. The thing I like the most is I was often qualified for surveys unlike other gtp sites that will disqualify you in the middle of the survey. After taking surveys, watching videos and etc., you can then convert your points to cash via PayPal redemption, amazon gift certificates, walmart gift certificates and more (totally depends on you). Me, I prefer redeeming my points to cash via PayPal. Redeeming the rewards takes up to 2 weeks like most gtp websites but sometimes it takes more days to receive the reward. Their customer service is great, the representatives are helpful and courteous, they solved the issues I had.

I heard about a lot of issues with this get paid to site so I never really got around to trying it myself. For me every time I read about some negative reviews I just want to skip the site and go with the ones I trust.

Not saying that they’re a scam but online you can read a lot about people not getting paid in a timely manner + that they make it hard for people to earn cash. For me thats always a huge red flag. From what I saw online is that some people waited even 2-3 MONTHS to get paid. Thats simply too much and I don’t want to waste time and energy on something that might not pay off.

In the end our time is valuable. If we do a survey or other tasks then we expect to get paid and that without any delay or nonsense. Every time I hear that some survey site is delaying their payments I simply stay far away. Use them at your own risk.

This website is getting better because they now process rewards in less than two weeks.

I signed up from this website back in 2015, back when Creation Rewards is doing great. However, I stopped using their website months after I signed up because the process of rewards took so long. This happens multiple times; consistently.

The last reward I got before I left this website took a month and a half before I received it.

Recently, I saw good reviews about this website while I was looking for some GTP sites to work on, and it has encouraged me to try this again.

I noticed some changes they have made and these changes made them better. There are more surveys available now, and the points for every task have increased a little.

It’s easier to make money now, plus, as I mentioned above, the processing of rewards got faster. Using this website for the second time is worth it.

Creations Rewards is certainly not a scam, despite the few complaints that I read through some blog post.
I am a user of this website, and I am earning money by doing several tasks on this platform such as taking surveys, watching videos, and completing offers.
They also give a $5 sign up bonus. However, you must complete tasks worth 5,000 points within the first 60 days to claim the bonus.
Just so you know, you should not expect this site to make you rich.
I already cashed out 7 times through Paypal, and the payment is fast in my experience.
So far, my experience is good, and I didn’t have any problem, but if there’s one thing I want them to improve, it’s definitely their slow customer service.
In conclusion, I will still recommend this website, so to anyone who wants to make some extra cash, joining Creation Rewards is a legitimate option.

Been using this site for quite some time now, and I made more than $60 in total. Earning is not so high compared to some survey sites I also use. However, It’s true that they now process rewards in less than two weeks. I have used my points to cash out through Paypal last week, and I received it yesterday.

It’s hard to qualify for surveys, and another bad thing is if you don’t get qualified for a survey you get no points at all. However, this site really pays, you just need to stick with it.

Even though it really takes a long time to receive the rewards, Creation Rewards do pay its members. Yes, it might be a pain in the butt, waiting weeks to receive the rewards, but they are honest about the time frame. So technically Creations Rewards is legit from that perspective.
It’s true that months ago, they updated the processing of rewards to 2 weeks only, but the most recent redemption I made, took me 27 days to receive it.
However, as I said, this Creation Rewards is legit. So if you really want to earn from this site, you just need to be patient and willing to work hard. It works for me, so I’m confident that it’ll work for others too.

Sounds ok but I am not sure about having to wait so long to get paid

There are tons of tasks and surveys available in Creations Rewards. You may only receive a few cents for visiting a website or watching a video, but it only takes a few seconds, and it adds up quickly.
Surveys pay up to $2 depending upon length and complexity. Members can also take advantage of the referral program, which pays 10% of referrals lifetime earnings.
Another major thing I like about this site is that their customer service agents are always there to help out. Couldn’t ask for more especially since I have been able to cash out all these whiles.
It could be time-consuming to complete tasks, but it’s worth it.

I have been an active member of Creations Rewards since 2014. In all these years I’ve cashed out numerous times and received my payment every single time without fail even though it can be a little late sometimes.

Another thing I love about this site is it doesn’t have a rule whereby your points expire after a certain period. However, the site requires users to have earned at least a single point within a year for the account to remain active. So if an account is deemed inactive, its points balance is rendered wasted.

All I can say is this site is indeed legit, you just need to put in extra effort to earn a decent amount of money. However, I’m not sure if it works well for some countries.

This site is one of the good things that happened to me as far as taking an online survey is concerned.
I have been with them for almost three years now, and I have been continuously able to withdraw my earnings without much issue.
One of the major things I like about the site is that their customer service agents are always ready to listen to me and help me out whenever I need assistance. Couldn’t ask for more. This is simply a site with a wonderful reward program.
The only downside I see from this site is they don’t offer sign up bonuses like other reward sites. It could be another way to earn more income.

I have been an active member of Creations Rewards since 2016. In all these years, frankly speaking, I’ve cashed out numerous times and received my payment every single time without fail even though it can be a touch late at times.

They have been around for so many years, and they have a lot of offers to complete. So yes, the site is indeed legit but I am not sure if you can earn much by way of completing surveys and free offers cause it totally depends on your location.

But still, if you like this site and want to try it out, feel free to try it. It’s a reliable site after all so there’s no real danger of you being duped anyways.