Legit or Scam?

ClickFight <<>>
Earn Satoshi by Playing.
Upgrade your skills for credits and defeat your enemies easier
Fight real enemies in the arena and win Credits, XP and Satoshi.
Daily Challenge: everyday complete the daily challenge; earn free Satoshi, Ammo and Medipacks;
The main part is the arena! Join it by clicking the button “Join the arena” at the top of the page. There you can find up to 20 players/Npcs.
Fight the enemies by clicking on their target. Their border-color should now change to orange. To attack them, press “start attack” at the bottom, or use the Hotkey “Q”. As soon as their life hits 0 you will get some reward!
Use the functions on this main page to make your account even stronger!
To get further weapons go to shop and then weapons. Each weapon has a different accuracy and reload time.
After you bought your weapon, go to character and then equipment. Firstly don’t forget that! They won’t have any effect if you don’t equip them. Secondly you can only do that while you are not in the arena.
But keep in mind, that each further weapon will use more ammo, so keep an eye on your ammo stock so you don’t run out of ammo during a fight!
This brings more diversity into your game! Credits are fairly easy to get, therefore the currency for the start. Cryptos are harder to get, so you’ll get much better items with Cryptos. So save those up and become the strongest!
And to be honest: It gives us great oportunities in designing the game even further! The satoshi you earn are only for your payout.
In a competition you can fight against other players to win the rewards of a competition. In every competition there is a goal set (e. g. earn most XP). Try to collect the most points towards this goal to win the competition! If you get killed during the competition, you may loose earned points (the death penalty).
The competition is a time restricted event where you only have some hours to compete in it.
Each ammo deals a different base damage, for example the DoS attack has a base damage of 6, Cloud Attack has a base damage of 30. Some ammo is bought with Credits, other is bought with Cryptos.
You will use 1 ammo per shot per weapon. For example if you have 20 weapons equipped, you will use 20 Ammo.
Use a Medipack to regenerate 1000 Hitpoints. But you can only use a Medipack every 25 seconds! Use the Medipack to live longer and get the edge in an hard fight. They are especially useful in Competitions, where every lost life counts!
Damage: (Base Damage of Ammo) * (Amount of Weapons equipped) * (Average Accuracy of equipped Weapons) * (1 + Damage Skill Bonus) * (1 - Defence Skill Bonus of Victim).
If your Hit is a critical hit, the damage result is multiplied by (1.2 + Critical Hit Skill Bonus).
The Chance for a critical hit only determined by your Critical Hit Skill.
Hitpoints: (2000 + Hitpoints from Firewalls) * Hitpoints Skill Bonus
You can now jump between every arenalevel you want, untill you reach your max arenalevel. Your max arenalevel is your current level, which you can see on the main page. The maximum arenalevel you can go is 20. But arenalevel 20 is a special arena designated for PvP. The only NPCs you can find there are Medi NPCs, that heal you, and Relaystations, that give your association a bonus if captured.
To get you going, they deactivated pvp in arenalevel 1 in every arenalevel above, pvp is activated. So if you just have started, arenalevel 1 might be your choice. But if you risk more you’ll get higher rewards. So get your weapons going, to survive!
<<<Arena Level 20>>>
Arenalevel 20 is a special PvP focused arenalevel where you will not find normal NPCs.
To make the fights in 20 more interesting, the victim protection is removed, so every kill is worth it! In addition, your victim will respawn in arenalevel 19.
Your Prestigerank shows how dominant you are in the arena.
Referral Program:
==> Invite other players to ClickFight and earn 10% commission from your downline earnings.

Withdrawal Options:

  1. Minimum 10 Satoshi to FaucetHub.
  2. Minimum 40,000 Satoshi to your bitcoin wallet.

ClickFight Update August 24, 2019
==>New items are available!
There a now three new Equipment items that can be bought in the shop:
==>The Weaponslot Expander will increase your maximum of weapons by 1.
==>The Firewallslot Expander will increase your maximum of firewalls by 1.
==>The third equipment item “Critical Hit Chance Improver” will increase your chance of a critical hit by 3%. This item can only be equipped once!
Currently you have two slots for these new items!
Note: These three new items are just the beginning.

Having more than one account is allowed. But only as long as you don’t break any of the following rules:
==> You may never have more than one account in the arena at the same time.
In addition to that you also are only allowed to request any payouts through your main account.
Any breach of these rules will result in a permanent ban of all accounts owned by you.
Stay tuned for more updates!
Thank you.

ClickFight Update | September 09, 2019
==>added two new items in the shop: Defence Improve and Equipmentslot Expander. Get them to get even stronger!
Equipmentslot Expander: if you need more equipment slots.
Defence Improve: This item will increse your defence by 3%.
Note: you can only equip this item once.

All of the available equipment can now be upgraded!
If you have 3 of the same kind and the same level you can upgrade them to the next level.
These items will then have a better bonus:
==>Expanders will give you more slots.
==>Improvers will have their bonus increased.
Use your chance now and upgrade your equipment to a higher level to be even stronger!
Remember: Equipment of the same kind even though they are different levels can’t be equipt at the same time!

Small changes added to ClickFight :
==> The jump timer is now reseted everytime you join a darknet;
==> The notification text after you bought a weapon is fixed;
==> Added notification: That removing an item from the shopping cart during a payment will result in the loss of that item;
==> The description of the Equipmentslot Expander has been fixed;
==> The Association war ranking page is fixed.
Stay tuned for more updates.
Thank you.

Click Fight Update | November 15, 2019

==>the protection of the new players will be capped at arenalevel 12! There will be no protection above that arenalevel;
==>you can only attack players in arenalevels that are greater or equal to your level - 10;
==>you now have the ability to jump from arenalevel 1 straight to arenalevel 13!
==>adjustements of the jump buttons for the mobile design.
==>fixed the Displaying of the Darknet Gamma on the Association Members Page.
Stay tuned for more updates.
Thank you.

Click Fight Update | November 23, 2019
Clickfight is turning three years old and they are going to have an anniversary event!
<<<5 event NPCs throughout the whole arena of Clickfight>>>
==>Great rewards and useful equipment helping you to get either stronger at the beginning or helping you to stay at the top and be one of the strongest players ever!
Don’t forget to use the Eventcoins that you receive through killing those event NPCs. Those Eventcoins can be used in our black market to buy the best equipment out there.
==>Special packages in the black market for those days!
Therefore, keep an eye out on those days if there are any changes or new packages in the black market.
Don’t wait too long with using your Eventcoins - the black market usually closes shortly after the event ends.
Stay tuned for more updates.
Thank you.

Click Fight Update | December 04, 2019
<<<Replacement for FaucetHub has been found!>>>
As we all know, Faucethub will discontinue its work as a microwallet on the 10.12. They, therefore, looked for a replacement to give you the ability to payout your satoshi.
After looking through all the alternatives trying to figure out which one would fit best for all of us, they decided to use Expresscrypto.

Click Fight | April 16, 2021
I received my payment in my FaucetPay account | $24.60 (39 638 satoshi)

Click Fight | November 30, 2021
I received my payment in my FaucetPay account | $3.86 (6 664 satoshi)