Answeree Review: Q&A Rewards Site - Legit or Scam?

When my kids were toddlers up until they were pre-teens, they can’t seem to stop asking their mom and dad existential questions such as “why can’t the cookie jar refill itself?” or “when I grow up, will I get your car?”. I can’t count the times my wife and I said “if we had a dollar for every question these two ask…”, but once they reached adolescence, the questions abruptly stopped. I would like to think that they now have more reliable resources for all the queries they have, or they may have just gotten suspicious of the flippant answers we gave them?

At any rate, I just discovered that you can get paid for asking and answering questions! Question-and-answer websites aren’t new, in fact, I remember being hooked as a college kid to one of the more popular “community” Q&A sites where users’ questions can get answered by other users (clue: the site name starts with a “Y” and ends with an exclamation point). Today, I’m going to explore the Answeree site, which is another community-type Q&A platform, but one that actually has an earning system in place.

Sounds good and legit? Or something that could be a scam? Read on!

First things first - what is Answeree?

As previously mentioned, it’s a Q&A website that aims to drive relevant traffic to blogs or websites by putting their Ask Box widget in their site. Basically, Answeree is a website that answers your questions, and it can help your blog topics by way of main categories and subcategories that match your niche.

How long has it been around?

Answeree looks to be just a couple of years old (their Facebook page was put up back in 2015). It still hasn’t quite gotten the transaction of other similar sites, though.

Is registration free?

Yes, it is free, with no maintenance fees required. All you will need to give is your email address, a username, and a password.

How do I start earning extra income from Answeree?

First, create an account, verify your email, then fill out your profile and add an avatar. There will be a short pre-test to see if you qualify to answer questions (grammatically correct and concise replies are a must) on Answeree, and subsequently to become part of their rewards program. You will be asked to post five questions on your preferred topic, and then, in turn, answer five questions posted on the site. After accomplishing this, you can send a message to the Answeree admin to request admission to the rewards program.

Since it is a Q&A site, you can help make it continuously active by asking relevant questions, and also answering the question you think can actually help people. There are rules in posting, however. Your answers have to be original and not copy-pasted from another source. You have to do your own research about whether or not your question has been asked before by another member. You will also need to create tags which can make your questions easy to search by other users. No ads, racist, argumentative, sexual, religious, or any hateful information is allowed. All questions and answers being posted on Answeree will be moderated.

There are tiers or “reputation titles” with corresponding points on the site to help determine if you’re coming up with quality Q&As, as well as encourage users to step it up:

TOP GURU - 20,000 points
Enlightened - 12,000 points
Visionary - 8,000 points
Legend - 5,000 points
Elite - 3,000 points
Patron - 1500 points

So basically, you have to come up with interesting and relevant answers and questions to get upvoted (for rewards) and not ignored, or worse, downvoted (subtracted points).

Does it pay well?

You can earn both by giving legit answers to questions, and if other users “like” your answers. You earn 10 cents per answer that meets the requirements (detailed, with a minimum of 300 characters, and relevant to the question being asked). Questions do not earn you anything, unfortunately. Each “thank you” from a member whose question you answered will earn you 4 cents. Every upvote will earn you an additional 4 cents.

Now here’s the clincher - you will need $30 in your account before asking for a cashout (through a private message) via PayPal [image]

The verdict

Answeree is a legit site that isn’t dull or rote, which many GPTs and paid survey sites end up being, most of the time. I like that you’re paid to think and to contribute the kind of knowledge and information that could really help people learn something new, as well as drive relevant traffic to blogs and sites that need them.

The $30 “trigger” payout, however, is too steep for me, as potentially enjoyable as this Q&A site might be.

Answeree Screenshots

Your turn

Are you currently signed up with Answeree? Have you gotten paid by them (please present a proof of payment)? How do you find the experience, and is it something you would recommend to others here?