20 Companies That Pay You to Review Products

Are you a writer, blogger, or someone passionate about writing? If you are that confident someone, then, you can put your skills to good use. It means earning as you write and getting free stuff too!

Why not get paid to write reviews for various sites and brands? It’s similar to Amazon reviews, with some bit of differences in payments. The websites mentioned here will send you their products FOR FREE, you get to test it, and you have to write an honest review.

It’s great to get free products, but to earn by testing and reviewing it? The whole thing is like hitting two birds with one stone!

With that, written below are 20+ websites wherein you can get free products like books, films, clothing, music, electronic items, food, software and practically all items in the consumer industry. And the best part of it all, after the free stuff, you are PAID to test and review it.

Vindale Research

Official website: https://www.vindale.com/

When you hear about “get paid to review product” sites, you immediately think of money as payment. As I’ve mentioned earlier, there are some differences and Vindale; you don’t get hard cash. What they offer you is a cashback reward.

Users of Vindale said that you could get up to $75 in cashback rewards just by writing your reviews on the products that you buy. There is also a short survey that you need to fill up before getting your cashback reward. From time to time, Vindale also has promotional offers.

Last time, they had the Discover Card application online promo, and the cashback was worth $30 per approved application. So instead of buying the same card in its official website, if you pass through Vindale, you will get your rewards. You also have to expect short survey questions though before the cashback is credited to your account.

When you need something from a store, just go to Vindale. It’s possible that the thing you need to purchase is in there with a discount or a promotional offer. Yes, you will have to answer surveys and type in your review. But if you earn additional shopping money just by doing that in Vindale, I mean, why not, right? It’s money and savings on your part.

Software Judge

Official website: http://softwarejudge.com/

This website will pay big bucks for excellent reviews of mobile apps and software. One reviewer from Software Judge said that the feedback he made for the client earned him $50. But it’s not always the case. At times, you will get $1 for your review. The site says “you can earn up to $50 for each review.” It doesn’t mean that you WILL earn that much every single time.

You can also send a maximum of 3 reviews each day. It lowers your chances of posting rubbish reviews, and maybe you will find a way to construct your thoughts thoroughly in the hopes of gaining useful money. So if you earn $20 for a review, it’s still money. That was an effortless $20; just by writing your personal opinion on the app or software.

As for payment, you can transfer your earnings from Software Judge thru Western Union. The minimum amount allowable to withdraw is $200.

You can also ask for various games, software or an e-book as payment. It’s also necessary to keep at least $20 in your account, though.


Official website: https://famebit.com/creators

There are two ways to do your reviews using Famebit – written reviews and video reviews. Companies and brands will sponsor you to talk about them and their products, becoming their influencer. It’s a great opportunity since you’ll get freebies and will be paid for using and reviewing it.

How can you collaborate with Famebit?

  1. You must have your own YouTube channel with at least 5,000 followers.
  2. Your social media accounts must be active.
  3. The reviews you write or talk about must be excellent!

Famebit offers at least 650 sponsorship deals, and the brands are massive. Sign up on the site, and find your sponsor. Send an email to the sponsor together with your proposal and competitive terms. You might get a collaboration contract through Famebit with various companies and brands of your choice.

The site will get a 10% fee from your earnings, and you will be paid when the review is verified and approved by the client. Also, your income can be sent through Paypal, bank transfer, deposit, or check.


Official website: http://crowdtap.com/

Earning gift cards and free products in Crowdtap is simple. You can do three things which will make you money through the site.

  1. Photo Missions – Sometimes, you will be asked to take pictures of a particular product (the brand you’re working for) and post it on social media or the required platform.
  2. Text Missions – There are also missions which will require you to provide thorough feedback on a topic, idea, or product of the brand you’re reviewing.
  3. Polls and Survey Missions – This is the most common task that you will have to do in Crowdtap.

Influence Central

Official website: http://influence-central.com/our-community/

The website is like any other site that pays for reviews. Your opinion on products and services are highly valued. They will connect you, the “influencer,” to brands and products that suit your writing style. You get the payment per review through Paypal.

Modern Mom

Official website: ModernMom Influencer Program - ModernMom

Mommy bloggers, this is the site for you! Apply for their Mom Influencer Program to avail of products open for paid reviews. You can check it for more details.


Official website: https://socialix.com/influencers

Socialix functions the same way as Famebit. Here’s a step by step guide on how to go about the profile set-up on this site up to payment:

  1. Register at Socialix and complete your profile page. You can place your blog or social media post fee on your profile so that potential companies/brands will know how much you charge.
  2. Socialix will pair you with a brand which is searching for bloggers and influencers. The offer is messaged to you in private.
  3. When the deal is done, you have to create content for the client according to their requirements.
  4. After posting the content online, the site will verify and confirm your post. You get the payment within 24 hours.
  5. You will be paid through ACH and Paypal.

Get Reviewed

Official website: https://getreviewed.org/

Get Reviewed is for bloggers on their site. You partner up with brands and companies through Get Reviewed, and you will have to create content for their products and services. It has to be done using a blog format and once approved by your client, the payment will reflect in your account within two weeks. You can withdraw the money through Paypal.


Official website: https://valuedvoice.com/

Earning through ValuedVoice is genuinely gratifying. All you need is a well-maintained blog or a social media profile with readers and followers, respectively. ValuedVoice will send you potential sponsorship prospects from different companies and brands. If you don’t like the offer, you can politely decline it.

You also have the freedom to set your “professional fee,” and they will pay for your service every 1st day of the month, withdrawable in Paypal.

What is the service, exactly? You can write blogs, articles, and post reviews on the brand’s product or service using your blog site, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram. Before the deal commences, you will have to talk with executives from the brand that you are endorsing to get all the necessary details.


Official website: https://slicethepie.com/

If you are into music, then, Slicethepie is your kind of paid review website. You will write your opinion on new music and hopeful musicians about their creation. Aside from music, Slicethepie also offers paid review opportunities on ads and clothing.

Payment will be sent through Paypal, and you can get up to 14 cents for a simple review.

Blogger Network from Best Buy

Official website: https://bloggernetwork.bestbuy.com/

This program is insane. The site has thousands of bloggers under their “belt,” and it’s a great way to find partner companies who will pay for your opinion online. Sign up now to know more about which products from Best Buy are in need of your reviews.


Official website: For Bloggers & Influencers - BrandBacker

Brandbacker is not just a paid review website. It is a community of bloggers who collaborate with different companies and brands. To date, BrandBacker has around 10,000 bloggers looking for opportunities. Become a member today so you can view which brands are in need of reviewers, bloggers, or influencers.

After registering, you can seek for campaigns that you’d like to join. Once approved, you will be given a set of rules on how to make the content. When done, the material will have to be approved and verified, before it is uploaded. Payment is in the form of products, cash, or discounts.


Official website: Get Paid For Writing About Brands You Love • Cooperatize

Cooperatize is one of those sites which offer influencers a big payout when they partner up with brands. Users of the site revealed that the highest payment for a review/article/task was $800. It is huge money.

So, like any other paid review website, Cooperatize is searching for bloggers who will write for companies and brands about their products and offers. If the content is well-written as posted on your blog site or social media network page, you will get triple digit payments.

IZEA Creators

Official website: https://izea.com/creators/

If you are a great writer and a content creator, then, use IZEA Creators to unleash your “magic.” You will be partnered up with brands looking for exposure, and with that, you have to create moving reviews and inspired blogs. The content is sponsored; therefore, there will be rules on how to write it.

The payments are sent to your Paypal account after 30 days of posting the content.

User Testing

Official website: http://www.usertesting.com/be-a-user-tester

With other paid review sites, you get to test the client’s product and write your review. In User Testing, you get to check a website. You have to browse on the client’s site, try to navigate it, and provide your honest feedback. Payment is $10 per website that you review, and your visit to the site will be screen recorded.

Review Stream

Official website: Monetize your experience

Review Stream offers a wide selection of brands and companies, from baby stuff to airlines, home products, and many more. Each review is paid differently regarding rate and brand budget. If you can do review posts in bulk, Review Stream is the place to do just that. Moreover, if another member likes and votes for your review, you get an extra 10 cents.

All earnings are directed to Paypal.


Official website: https://payperpost.com/

PayPerPost is for bloggers on their blog. The site will link you with brands who need your content creating skills. You will write for them, and if the advertisers like what you post, they will pay you through Paypal for the service rendered.

Sponsored Reviews

Official website: http://www.sponsoredreviews.com/

Sponsored Reviews is basically what it says – advertisers will sponsor your feedback and posts! It’s like PayPerPost, and you can charge the brands through the site. Now, if your blog has thousands of followers, each post you make will also be highly paid. The site revealed that some of their bloggers earn as little as $5 up to a maximum of $1,000 per post.


Official website: http://linkfromblog.com/

Even if your blog is from blogger.com or wordpress.com (free), you can still earn big using LinkFromBlog. Upon finding the right advertiser, brand, and product for you to write about, you can make anywhere from $5 to $200 each review. It is a great way to monetize your site since other paid review websites don’t accept the free platform.

Websites Who Pay In Kind, Not In Cash

If you’re ok with receiving freebies from different brands and companies in exchange for your post, then, consider these websites:

Moms Meet

Official website: https://momsmeet.com/

Moms Meet is a community of mommy bloggers who are passionate about leading healthier lives. And so, companies who have new products which are healthy, eco-friendly, natural, and organic, they go to Moms Meet for assistance.

Upon connecting with the companies, they will send you tons of free items to test. After testing, you will have to write your honest opinion. When your post is approved, Moms Meet will give you points. These points can turn into rewards which you can use as gift cards and more free items.

Tastemaker Mom

Official website: http://tastemakermom.com/

Tastemaker Mom is like Moms Meet. They give out free product to sample by bloggers. You have to give your opinion of the product, answer some fundamental questions about it, and post about the products that you like to use, and why. Compensation is not money, but free items yet again.


Official website: https://www.pinchme.com/

If you want to try PINCHme, here is the step by step process to do it.

  1. Answer the shopper survey completely.
  2. Say something about yourself.
  3. PINCHme will link you with samples that you can review.
  4. When Sample Day arrives, you can choose which items you want to try out. You can add them to your PINCHme box.
  5. After testing the samples, you need to write your honest view about it.


Official website: https://www.tryazon.com/

It’s exciting to be involved with Tryazon. Why? You can sample their free products in two ways:

  1. Brand-Sponsored Party – You can organize a party with friends, and the party bags are filled with the brand that you are endorsing.
  2. TryABox – A box will be sent to you by Tryazon, and there are product sets inside it for you to test.

Your feedback is valued by the brand, and if you continue to show professionalism and timely reviews, other brands will send you their trial packs as well. It means more opportunities for you to earn free items.

Smiley 360

Official site: https://smiley.socialmedialink.com/

Similar to Tryazon, Smiley 360 offers free stuff for honest feedback. But there’s more. You will also get points by providing your reviews. With your points, you can redeem more free stuff and gift cards. So basically, in Smiley 360, you get paired with brands. The brands will send you stuff. You try the thing and write about it. After writing and posting, you will earn points. The points will give you more freebies.

OUR VERDICT: Scam or Legit?

There are many paid review websites out there, but all of the sites listed here, I assure you, are 100% LEGIT . I have personally checked all these websites, put up my profile, and waited for my inbox to blow up. While I didn’t get offers from all the 20+ sites listed here quickly, I still got some pretty good opportunities.

If you make this your career and learn the ropes of earning big money through paid review websites by becoming a blogger and influencer, it might be a successful venture for you. Now, if you want extra cash or free stuff from different brands, you can get all that from connecting with these sites.


Have you tried any of the websites mentioned above? How was your overall experience with it? Was it difficult to partner up with various companies and brands? Any tips on making it big as a reviewer? We’d like to know more. Help us with your comments!

So my review is about Slicethepie, its such a simple site and so easy to use it was launched in 2007, all you do is click on which category you’d like to review so, Music, Branding, Concept or you can click lucky dip, I choose Branding & they want me to write a small paragraph about the product, the orange bar has to be full to continue, then your asked a few questions about the product, it took me 30 seconds & I was rewarded with $0.06, it wasn’t much but I’ve had up to $0.27 for a 30 second review & £1 for completing an e-mail survey, I’ve included screenshots of how I did it with the Radox review & a page of my earning so you can see that the payments vary.

Then when you have reached $10 you can cash out via Paypal that’s all they pay out with.

You can refer friends you will receive 10% of their earnings.

Crowdtap is a great site. I like it as usual because its a little different than other reward sites. Different as in they have categories like comments, polls, media, etc. in order to gain points. They keep a clean a site and do offer great products from loyal brands and companies. The website is very straight forward and easy to use. The only payment you can receive is a $5 amazon gift card which i love, but once you’ve been a member for years, it would be nice to see an alternative payment. They use your FB account after you sign up to verify account and thats the only way you will receive payment. This is one of my top 3 reward sites.

Crowdtap is great, but I have found a few issues. The main problem with Crowdtap, is that if you have any issue where they deem your facebook as inaccurate, you have a late review, or some other flag they will shut down your activity and will not let you log on again. They will say it is a 6 month ban but never lift the ban. After having someone create a fake facebook page for mem I was banned for false activity. Even with a copy of the facebook email of duplicitous false accounts being sent to Crowdtap. They have also not sent me a few of my giftcards and after asking about them they flagged me. So it works great, but if any issue pops up, you should definitely go ahead and find a new reviewing site. They are not going to fix it.

You can do more than just surveys on Vindale Research. However, it may take some time to get more money. You’ll probably also get a lot of emails from their partners.

Earned some dollars from Slicethepie but honestly, I’m looking more into other sites. Hmm, try and make your reviews more informative to get more buck.