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i love making some extra money because i want to travel the world someday so i can be very successful on having money for buying things online as well and this website is very awesome because it can help me out
anyone having troubles getting surveys at the moment? i get the feeling there is a survey drought going on.
I'm an artsy kid just trying to make some extra cash to fund my passions. I have a passion for cartoons and dream of becoming a voice actor
Hello friends... My regard to all of you.. Am lual deu from uganda.. Male.. Hope a in the right place.. How do you give guidance on earning???
upset opinion outpost and its counterpart survey spot they both say froze owe me rewards would not answer requests finally i posted on fb they sent me an email saying not to respond to any of their emails what is going on I have been doing surveys for them for over a year
I had the same problem with them! I rarely qualify for surveys, then one day I was just determined to get to that $10 Mark. I reached my goal in about 3 hours. As SOON as I went to redeem my rewards they froze my account and all they would tell me is that I had violated their terms by creating multiple accounts, which wasn’t true. Long story short, after about 3 months they finally unfroze my account.