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Hello friends... My regard to all of you.. Am lual deu from uganda.. Male.. Hope a in the right place.. How do you give guidance on earning???
upset opinion outpost and its counterpart survey spot they both say froze owe me rewards would not answer requests finally i posted on fb they sent me an email saying not to respond to any of their emails what is going on I have been doing surveys for them for over a year
I had the same problem with them! I rarely qualify for surveys, then one day I was just determined to get to that $10 Mark. I reached my goal in about 3 hours. As SOON as I went to redeem my rewards they froze my account and all they would tell me is that I had violated their terms by creating multiple accounts, which wasn’t true. Long story short, after about 3 months they finally unfroze my account.
Hi all I am a newbie. I am 60 years old not in the best of health. I love to sew and I have a site to that at Denise's Sewing room @ simple site.com I can sew about anything If I just look at it. I used to Work at THe Perry Hospital in nursing. Loved IT until I got sick And had to leave.
I was hooked on affiliate marketing as well, but after spending a whole lot of money trying to sell them but according to many programs "no selling required" I got hooked on the survey and *** sites as well. I am a member of 22 sites and I thought that was a lot! I would love to know which ones work best for you... I have had payment from clixsense, inboxdollars, surveyjunkie, grabpoints, and survey rewardz.
I had someone try to teach me about that affiliate marketing I hated it, it didnt make any sense why I was trying to sell an ebook about teaching dogs to people who wanted to earn money online, she the lady trying to teach me was a bit of a strange duck to begin with
I do surveys alot too. About 22 to 25 have them organized into the quickest paying to the slowest.Some I am just plain loyal to. Although loyalty doesn't always pay when you are trying to get your money from them.I have had to delete a few that jerked me around Swagbucks,Reward Shopping,Vindale Research,Cash Crate.to name a few.