LEGIT Work From Home And Be A Home Advisor For Apple (Earn Up To $12 Per Hour!) - Scam or Legit?


Bronze Wordsmith
Apr 16, 2018

It would be a dream come true to work for Apple, the company behind the most successful smartphone in the world. For those who are "techies," the idea of working for Apple is genuinely tempting. With that, if I tell you that it’s possible to work for Apple from the comforts of your home, would you be interested in checking it out? Of course, you would! below, I will tell you everything about being a Home Advisor for Apple which can make you as much as $12 per hour!

What people do not know, is that Apple has thousands of employees who are home-based. These workers provide Apple clients with the needed service and support which can be done over the phone.

What Are The Technical Requirements To Become A Home Advisor For Apple?

You need the following:
  • An iMac computer
  • A fully-functional headset
  • A quiet work area where you can’t be disturbed during work hours, complete with office table and chair
  • A high-speed internet connection (It must provide five megabits per second in downloading and one megabit per second in uploading.)
  • A friendly attitude, pleasing personality and work ethics
  • Necessary Apple training program for Home Advisors
Job Qualifications For Apple’s Home Advisor

As an efficient home Advisor for Apple, you have to possess two things – you need that overwhelming desire to assist customers, and an appetite for technology. Apple is known as a company with excellent customer relations, and support. You must become one of those Apple employees who provide impeccable service.

If you are equipped with technical skills, even if your know-how is not Apple-related, it will still be a plus on your qualifications. Working from home has its advantages, and you must be responsible enough to separate your home life from your work life if you’re keen on working for Apple.

Apple Home Advisor Training

Apple will also train you in its many products. This Home Advisor training program is challenging and can last for up to seven weeks. If you are fast you can finish it in five weeks. This training will include everything you need to know, from troubleshooting to online customer support. You will also get paid for this, and it will be facilitated online.

Don't’ worry! Your 7-week training will not stop there. You will be included in a team which has a group chat available at all times and video conferences when necessary. A manager will take you under his wings, and your team will be composed of Home Advisors like you.

How Does A Home Advisor Work?

Have you tried calling the customer support of a technology company? If not, then, any company for that matter? How do you like to be served by the customer service representative? You want that person to be knowledgeable and skilled so he can solve your problems, right? Well, that’s what you need to do. You have to provide solutions for Apple clients who are users of its hardware and software products.

Eventually, you will become an expert. As a Home Advisor, you will specialize in Apple products like the Apple Watch, the iPhone, the iPad, or the iMac, among others. You’ll also have the advantage of learning about new products from Apple.

Apple Home Advisor Pay

This is the moment we’ve been waiting for – how much do I earn from being an Apple Home Advisor? Interviews with home-based workers for Apple said that they receive at least $9 an hour. Some say they get $12 hourly. Part-time employment is allowed, and for those who are serious about working for the company, they have benefits, paid vacation leave, and great discounts on Apple products.

If the company sees that you are a model worker, then, you can get promoted. You can become a Manager of an Advisor Team or a Home Area Manager for Apple. Home Area Manager means you will handle a team of managers under you. There is also a great opportunity waiting for you at Apple Corporate offices. They do promote workers from within the ranks, even those who are home-based.

How To Become Apple’s Home Advisor

Go to Apple’s Home Advisor page and fill out the application form. Be sure that you fit all the qualifications needed and have the requirements ready for when an Apple representative will contact you for an interview.

OUR VERDICT: Scam or Legit?

This work from home opportunity offered by Apple is 100% LEGIT. No doubt about it. Being a Home Advisor of Apple will give you decent hourly pay and excellent employee benefits. And working for the top technology company in the world is rewarding since it will improve your interpersonal skills and customer support knowledge.


We are looking for Apple Home Advisors who are willing to talk about their experience with the company during the training period and the workflow itself. How long have you been working for Apple as a Home Advisor? How much is the pay? Did you ever get a promotion? What was your best work moment for them? Did you have a worst moment? Have you ever handled a difficult client and how did you go about it? Please let us know about your day to day work as a Apple Home Advisor.