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Bronze Wordsmith
May 17, 2018
I’m a firm believer in juggling survey companies that produce good results. I mean, it only makes sense to not give up on those that work, and to try out ones that have potential, right? In this sense, I have a sort of loyalty for the survey and GPT sites that allow me to earn on the side.

As a form of gratitude, I make sure to write about them and recommend them to friends (especially those that have a referral system in place – hey, why waste the opportunity to earn even more?). I also intend to feature the sites I always use. I’ve written about them extensively in my personal blog. For some that I have issues with, I don’t hesitate to either put them the back burner or give up on them altogether. I don’t want to waste my time on sites that still have to iron out some kinks when there are survey companies that pay and actually pay well.

I have a routine in place for several years now, and so far it’s been working out great for me. But for today, I want to share with you my top five reasons why I choose to juggle what I consider to be the best online survey companies and GPT sites today. I hope these reasons will serve as a guide for you, should you choose to go on the multiple-survey and rewards site route, as well.

They offer various creative ways to earn

Let’s admit it: answering surveys day in and day out can get pretty boring fast. Even the act of waiting for an email or mobile notification that a survey is available for me to complete can prove quite vexing over time. To address this, I usually do a schedule of which sites to work on first. For instance, there are some apps and software that can earn me money just by running them in the background. I also play videos and let them run while I look up offers to take on in other sites, and even complete short surveys. I also make sure to complete daily streaks which earn me weekly or monthly bonuses as long as I stay active.

If you’ve been a member of some survey or GPT sites for some time now, you will likely get an idea of which days are best for answering surveys, taking up offers, watching videos, or playing games and downloading apps. Create a timeline on these sites’ activities, and you will soon be reaping substantial rewards without wasting too much time and effort.


I hardly run out of tasks to do for rewards

One of the biggest pet peeves I have when it comes to online rewards sites is actually running out of things to do. Before I decided to take on and schedule several survey and GPT sites, there were long stretches in-between surveys I answer. Notifications were scarce, and I was left fretting about how to earn some extra cash during those gaps.

Now that I’ve learned more or less how things work, I know how to juggle tasks so that I don’t get bored being stuck in one particular one, or wait too long between new tasks to accomplish. As I mentioned in the first tip above, knowing when tasks usually are scheduled across different survey and GPT sites is key. This makes me manage my time better and ensures that I am doing things that will actually earn me money. There’s also less of the frustrating twiddling of thumbs, wondering if there’s something for me to do to earn some cash in the next couple of days.


Multiple top survey companies add up extra earnings

I make sure to share the survey sites I find to be effective because I want other people to benefit from them, as well. In this regard, I only have the most efficient and profitable survey and rewards site on rotation. Having several of these sites means more money or rewards weekly and monthly for me to redeem. It’s just a simple matter of recognizing which sites are truly rewarding and are keepers.

I especially like those that have a reasonable minimum withdrawal amount because I can easily work towards a cash payment without waiting too long. Also, most of the survey sites on my list have PayPal as a payment gateway, because it’s still one of the most convenient and trustworthy ways for me to get my money. I’ve scheduled my money transfers on my PayPal account weekly as well so that it acts as a sort of virtual piggy bank for me. Lastly, I only stick to the sites that process my payment in a decent amount of time, such as anywhere between 24 hours to a couple of weeks. Anything beyond that is suspect (and honestly a waste of time).


The pros help balance out the cons

No single survey site is perfect, unfortunately. I honestly don’t think I can call any one of the survey sites in my preferred list flawless, at any rate. But the beauty of having several survey and GPT sites in my roster is that the benefits of one somehow make up for the disadvantages of another.

I know that it could still be a frustrating experience when you get screened out all of a sudden on a survey (I’ve been doing surveys for nearly a decade and I still hate it when this happens!). However, moving on to the next survey site on the list can quickly appease me and make me forget the vexing experience of being disqualified.

As well, one site might have more rewarding tasks compared to another. Rotating these tasks keeps my interest up, aside from allowing me to earn even more rewards along the way.


They help me earn a passive income

By “passive”, I mean I literally don’t have to do anything to earn! My favorite method for doing this with some of my favorite survey and GPT sites include referring friends and earning bonus points for every successful referral, as well as a percentage of their future earnings! So far, I’ve received around a hundred dollars just for doing that – I literally sit back, relax, and let the money come in!

Another passive income I like is just checking in daily and getting points for doing so. I don’t necessarily have to answer surveys or complete offers – but I like that some survey sites reward their members’ loyalty just by remaining active. Some sites also reward you for using their software or search engines, shop at affiliated e-commerce stores, and participate in their forums. These make me forget that I am hustling for some extra income, because most of these tasks are stuff I do online on a regular day, anyway.


The verdict?

You and I may have different ideas of which biggest survey companies actually work for us. However, I am sure that I’m not alone when it comes to signing up for several of them and juggling them to make some extra cash. I love that many survey companies offer the kind of earning opportunities available to us nowadays without us having to deal with traffic and crowds. By knowing how to combine the tasks and potential earnings from several trusted ones, I can definitely see how advantageous it is to be a member of multiple survey and GPT sites.
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