What to Post to Earn Money from Forums - February 2020


Apr 16, 2018
United States
Now that you're acquainted with EarnThatBuck, you've introduced yourself and read the rules, it's time to start making great posts and threads in order to drive up your monthly earnings.

I'll give you a list of topics to write about, please claim them by writing about them or reply to this thread to tell me you claim them. Of course you can write anything else about making money, as long as you have a different angle than anything else posted on these forums.

Remember, great threads have the following characteristics:
  • Great title, contains the main topic and a reason to click. Threads that make people "click" get the most traffic.
  • Formatting, nobody reads a wall of text. But if you write a wall of text and put bulleted lists, headlines, and other text stylings it becomes a completely readable wall of text.
  • Length. Either write 1,000 words, or make sure the relevant replies to your thread will amount to 1,000 words. The more words, the more search engines think you know what you're talking about!
  • Tempt people for replies. The more replies you can garner on your thread, the more content search engines can work with and the more traffic your thread will bring in.
List of topics to write about in February 2020

These are all some of the top searched topics about making money online. Do a ton of research, and write an in-depth thread about 1,000 words long on these topics. The more of these we knock out, the more authority the forums overall will have, and the more traffic your threads will get!
  • How to earn steam wallet gift cards
  • How to earn money with Teespring: 1. Build a Teespring theme store. 2. Acquire designs 3. Market your shirts and store
  • List of Survey Apps/Sites that Take Less than 5 Minutes to Complete a Survey
  • Make Money by Being Fit (review apps that pay you)
  • Make Money Charging Scooters
    • With Bird Scooters
    • With LimeBike Scooters
    • List of other companies like this.
  • Make money editing photos
  • Make money editing videos
  • Make money transcribing audio
  • Make money growing mushrooms
  • Make money with a vending machine route
  • Make money hacking (businesses pay for ethical hackers)
  • Make money hosting game servers (minecraft, etc)
  • Make money texting (receiving texts or sending texts)
  • Make money streaming live video
  • Make money putting together compilation videos for YouTube
  • Make money on TikTok
  • Make money with Uber Eats and other delivery services
  • Make money by voice acting
  • Make money by watching videos