What Free Stock did Robinhood Give You? ($3-$150 Potential)


Apr 16, 2018
United States
Robinhood, the commission-free stock brokerage, has been giving out a free stock when you sign up using a referral code, with no investment purchase necessary!

Referral Link to Get The Robinhood Bonus Here

I got Groupon, currently $3, when I signed up.

Apparently they also will give out big stocks, upwards of $150! For instance, one person on Reddit claimed they got an Apple stock. That is a big one, worth quite a bit of money.

Anyway, let me know what stock you score from Robinhood, and I'll keep a tally here. Be sure to post the stock ticker, company name, and current value of the stock. If you provide a screenshot of your Robinhood stock, I'll totally thumbs up your post.

You also can get a stock for referring a friend, so anybody who refers a friend should also let us know about the stocks they get from that.

  • 1x GRPN - Groupon - $3

In general I do not recommend buying individual stocks. Unless you are extremely confident that a company has done something to warrant a value increase, it's generally a super risky endeavor to buy an individual stock. Generally I buy ETFs, or exchange traded funds, because they track entire stock indexes!

However, everybody can take advantage of getting a free stock, and of course the risk is ZERO given you are not investing any of your own money into that individual stock.

Disclaimer, I am not a certified financial professional. Nothing I say here should be taken as professional advice.

Anyway, leave your remarks about Robinhood and tell everyone about your free stock!
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