LEGIT Whaff Rewards Review: Get Paid to Install Apps - Scam or Legit?


Bronze Wordsmith
Apr 16, 2018


Install apps and get paid for it? Here’s my Whaff Rewards review

For this review, I’ll be tackling Whaff Rewards. It’s an app that gives you rewards for installing specific apps on your smartphone. Pretty sweet.

I’ve noticed that there’s an increasing number of apps and websites that rewards users for doing what they normally do, such as browsing the internet. Whaff Rewards is particularly interesting because most of are into installing (and uninstalling) apps on our phone anyways.

I personally like to install multiple apps at a given time, to figure out which one works best for me. Whaff Rewards fits in perfectly with my digital habits. Think of yourself as a tester for these apps.

You can ditch the apps after if they’re not something you would normally use. It doesn’t matter, you’ll still get rewarded. I’ve uninstalled a lot of apps later on, but on the flip side, I’ve also discovered lots of apps that I ended up enjoying (and keeping).

Now that I gave you the basics, time to dive into the specifics about Whaff Rewards. I provide some tips and secrets to making the most out of this app, so be sure to read to the very end!

Start installing, start earning

Here’s what it’s like to use Whaff Rewards: they recommend apps for you to try out (many of which are pretty awesome, I might add). You pick which ones you’re interested in, install those on your smartphone, open it… and that’s it, usually. Sometimes, you’ll have to do stuff with the app, like keep it running for a specific amount of time. But it’s still an easy, painless process.

You can uninstall it if you want. It doesn’t matter; you’re already going to get a reward for downloading it.

What’s in it for them?

App developers get exposure and rankings whenever people download their apps. To boost their presence, they turn to companies such as Whaff Rewards, which incentivizes users (such as yourself) to download these apps. This translates to better exposure for the makers, and hopefully, better sales in the long-run.

App Categories

Not all apps are made equal, so it goes without saying that not all apps benefit you equally. Whaff Rewards has categorized its app into the following groups, each with various levels of perks.

Let’s check them out:

Premium Picks

Apps in this category offer a higher reward, but you need to use them first. For example, some apps will require you to keep it on your phone for a few days or reach a specific level in a game.

You need to do more, but you also earn more. So don’t overlook these apps.

Whaff Picks

This is the basic category, and most likely the one you’ll be earning the most from. You download an app, install it, open it, and that’s it. That counts towards your rewards.

Whaff Rewards keeps adding apps to this group. If you don’t find anything you’d like to install, check back shortly. Chances are there would be a new app that you could try.

Pro tip: while you can remove the app right after opening it once, I would suggest keeping it for a few minutes, just to be extra sure it gets counted.

Lucky Picks

Whaff Rewards has a built-in lottery! If you download apps in this category, your account is added to a random draw. When picked, you get an additional reward.

It’s awesome when you win, but I would recommend you focus on the two previous categories since those give you sure rewards.

The Rewards of Whaff Rewards

I think these rewards tip the scale heavily in Whaff Rewards’ favor. I’ve made a killing by installing apps and getting an added boost via the additional rewards. Reward amounts vary, from a low of half a cent up to one cent, so be sure to check before diving in.

Installation Reward

This is basic as it can be. Install the app, get paid. As mentioned earlier, the amounts vary, so keep checking which ones offer the most return for your time and effort.

Daily Play Reward

This is a reward for keeping the app and using it for a set amount of time.

Completion Reward

This rewards you for completing all the required days.

Attendance Rewards

This rewards you for using the app to check in.

Refer a Friend Rewards

This rewards you for successfully inviting friends to try out Whaff Rewards. The reward starts at around 30 cents but is subject to changes. If your friends do sign-up, remind them to use your Whaff Invite Code, so you get credited when they join. Use invite code AV81987 when you sign up and get $0.30 for free!

How to get your rewards

So you put the time in and accumulated all those sweet rewards. It’s now time to redeem them. You can get payouts in the form of gift vouchers, gift cards, or cash (payout within three days).

The last one is, of course, my preferred method. That said, don’t ignore those vouchers. I tried it once and got some sweet deals from video game and coffee shops.

How to get aboard and use Whaff Rewards

You’ll need two things:

1. A Facebook account

This is a strict requirement. If you prefer not to use your personal account (or don’t have one, to begin with), you could always make an account just for the app. That’s what I did, since I like to keep all work-related accounts separate from my personal ones.

2. A smartphone

Pretty self-explanatory. Your phone must be capable of running the latest version of Whaff Rewards, which brings us to the last item you’ll need.

3. The Whaff Rewards app

The app used to be exclusive to Android users (boo), but it’s now available for both Android and iOS (yay!). After installing the app, you’ll need to sign in using your Facebook account. Once you’re done, you can start using Whaff Rewards and earning those sweet rewards.

Use the following links, depending on your phone’s operating system (also don't forget to use code AV81987 to get $0.30 when you join):

Link: http://whaff.com/
iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/stick-whaff/id1278244588?l=ko&ls=1&mt=8
Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.whaff.whaffapp

Important reminder about the Whaff Rewards app

Downloading the Whaff Rewards app itself doesn’t reward you. You need to download the apps it recommends to earn the rewards. Also, while you can uninstall the apps you’ve downloaded, DO NOT uninstall Whaff Rewards.

More important reminders

Whaff Rewards is pretty strict about fraudulent behavior. I appreciated their heavy-handed approach to scammers because that tells me the company is reliable. So to avoid getting booted out, remember the following:

1. You’re not allowed to use a Virtual Private Network to anonymously use the app.

2. It’s tempting to spam your entire network because of the rewards, but don’t do that. Only invite friends you know will be interested in Whaff Rewards.

3. One account per device. Whaff Rewards is pretty strict about this. Doing anything shady might mean having your rewards taken away, so don’t do it.

The Verdict: Legit or Scam?


Whaff Rewards has a simple, straightforward system for rewarding you. The interface is easy to follow, and most importantly, it’s easy to understand the reward tiers. Also, it rewards you for installing apps… something most of us smartphone users already do.

The number of rewards tends to fluctuate, so some timing and research are needed to make the most out of the app. Other than that, I can’t recommend this app enough.

Whaff Rewards Screenshots

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Your Turn

This is my review based on my own experiences. Now it’s your turn to share. Have you tried out Whaff Rewards? Have you discovered any cool apps using it?

Let’s hear your stories!

Non-ref link: http://www.whaff.com - Use invite code AV81987 when you sign up to get $0.30 free.

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May 4, 2018
I used my points for Paypal $. But there are several other reward options you can choose from. Depending on your location, earning may be a bit slower than the other members.

whaff 1 payment proof 2.jpg


May 4, 2018
whaff 1 payment proof 1.jpg

WHAFF Rewards is a legit program. Support was responsive. I wasn't able to get my reward on time but a single support message did the trick. The app is simple to use and has a good interface.


May 15, 2018
I love Whaff Rewards and they are most definitely a legit rewards app. Their rates are decent and they pay on time. One of my top money makers. Attached is my payment proof.



May 25, 2018
I lodged a $12 Ethereum Payment through WHAFF Last year, no good. never received.

Took 2 years to get $12 I would avoid this app just for the fact it hasn't changed since release.

My 2cents.


May 19, 2018
I earned more than 18$ with Whaff Rewards. I would say from my experience that this app is not a scam.
I asked 2 redemptions and got paid.
The first time i got paid in 1 week then the second time in 1 month.
This is definitely too long and i consider that it isn't the most remunerative application.
I prefer to use Grabpoints and slidejoy which are effortless and more attractive.



May 9, 2018
Whaff is a cool app. It's a little different than your normal survey type sites. I've been a member for years. I just went back into my account after reading this review. It looks like they have more options! Before, you'd simply install a game for money. Play it for a certain amount of days and get more money. Leave it on your phone and get another payout. Now they have a phone locker which gives you points each time you unlock your phone. Also added a survey router page. This used to be one of my every day go to apps. I went to my payout history and I haven't redeemed any since 2016 but I guess that goes to show you that it's legit! It's been around a long while and even after 2 years still going strong! I had cashed out 5 different Amazon gift cards for $10.50 each! So $52.50! I'm on track to get another $10.50 soon! I'm not sure if they have changed their rewards as far as options but looks like I'm going to be using this app again that I forget about! Thanks!


Bronze Wordsmith
Apr 16, 2018
Seems like WHAFF has gone south, lots of negative reviews on the appstores and reports of non-payments. I have not used Whaff pretty much since my review last year so can't comment as I have no balance left with them but can anyone confirm these reports?