Webull Free Stocks, Which Ones did You Get?


Apr 16, 2018
United States
Webull is a commission-free brokerage that has all of the bells and whistles of a solid brokerage! They aren't the first brokerage to offer free investing. I personally use M1 Finance a ton, and of course who could forget about Robinhood.

However, those other platforms do not offer a lot of the advanced brokerage features, like options trading, stock shorting, and a ton of other important features for advanced investors.

For long-term investors and beginners M1 Finance is by far the best free platform, but for short-term investors or those wanting to use advanced features, Webull is amazing.

That being said, you don't have to be an advanced investor to claim 2 free stocks.

Claim Your 2 Free Stocks, Then Continue Reading

First Free Stock

You get your first free stock immediately after signing up for Webull . This stock can be anywhere from $2.50-$250.

Here is a screenshot of my first free stock award!
GRPN from Webull Free Stock.jpg

Second Free Stock

The second free stock is available after depositing any amount into your investment account. I deposited $5 for instance, but can of course withdraw it in the future if I need to.

This second stock is valued anywhere from $12-$1200!

Here's my second free stock:
ISBC Free Stock from Webull.jpg

In total, Webull 's free stocks amounted to $15.28. Of course, this is free money so I'm pretty happy about it. However, given the range of stock values they were offering was $15-$1450, I definitely hit the minimum.

I'm willing to be most of the free stocks they hand out are on this bottom tail-end, but in order to advertise those high amounts they definitely send some BIG stocks for some lucky people.

I want to see what kind of free stocks Webull gave you. Go claim your stocks (first stock is immediate, second stock arrives in a few days), then reply to this thread with a screenshot if you can.
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