LEGIT Volutic Get Paid to Read Emails SCAM or LEGIT?

Mar 4, 2019
Volutic pays you to Emails

How to earn with Volutic?
Sign up on volutic using this link: http://volutic.com/default.aspx?u=30268
it will send emails to your specified email address
When you receive these emails open them and earn money for it.

Your Account Will be marked inactive if:

Account Marked inactive if you don't read or visit emails for 15 days, to activate it just long and read emails

Account Marked Permanently inactive after 90 days of inactivity;
Your account will be marked as permanently inactive If you do not log in to your account within 90 days.

6 levels Referral Program:

1. 100% from level 1 Referrals
2. 90% from level 2 Referrals
3. 80% from level 3 Referrals
4. 70% from level 4 Referrals
5. 60% from level 5 Referrals
6. 50%from level 6 Referrals

A lot of payment proofs are posted on the internet. I will also post payment proof in a few days.