LEGIT Virily Review: Revenue-Sharing Site - Legit or Scam?


Jun 14, 2018
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Are you a blogger who wants to start monetizing your content - preferably ASAP? You can always start your own blog and do affiliate blogging, but that admittedly takes some time to accomplish. You can also do guest blogging first to get some presence and eventually have people visit your own blog to check out your content - but again, that requires both time and patience ( though when it does click, you will definitely reap the rewards).

A better solution might be to submit original content to revenue sharing sites who don’t depend on the kind of self-generated traffic most blogs aim for. Virily is one of those sites where members share content and get paid for it. Sounds too simple and easy? Well, join me in my investigation of this social site and let’s see if it’s a legit platform or another potential scam.

First things first - what is it?

Virily calls itself “a blogging platform that gives you a chance to earn”, so yep, I’m glad they got that earning thing explained right off the bat. It also looks like a good way to help generate traffic into your own personal blog if you already have one, as well as getting the kind of free exposure you need to monetize it.

As for its name? From personal observation and deduction, Virily seems to be a mix of the words “viral” and “verily” - so I’m guessing it aims for content submissions to become truly shareable and widely circulated on the Internet. There is a menu for the kind of content (along with guidelines) and a wide variety of topics that Virily encourages its users to submit content about, from polls, to open lists, to quizzes.

How long has it been around?

Established in May 2017, Virily is very new and still looks to be in its beta stage for the most part.

Does it pay well?

I can’t vouch for how quantifiable a Viril (AKA the site’s reward point for contributions) is because the FAQ explains it’s not a currency. I will hazard a guess though, based on the payout scheme, that a thousand Virils will be roughly the equivalent of a dollar.

A minimum Virily payout via PayPal requires $10 in your account, which sounds pretty doable. Bank transfers, on the other hand, require a minimum of $100.

So in order to get the minimum payout, your original content must be highly shareable, get lots of attention and be very readable, and you would really have to hustle with your submissions while actively interacting with other members and read as many articles as you can, in turn. Also, according to the FAQ, the amount that you earn could also change on a daily basis, given the different revenue distribution between users.

Is registration free?

Yes, it is, and you also get 10 Virils for free upon sign-up! There are no maintaining fees here, and regular visits can earn you 10 Virils each day.

How do I start earning extra income from Virily?

As previously mentioned, signing up with the Virily community alone can already earn you 10 Virils. The same amount is credited to your account for every daily visit to the site. Each person you refer to Virily who signs up earns you another 20 Virils (take note of the referral limits, though - 500 a day for referred visitors, and 1000 a day for referred sign-ups). It looks as if Virily is one of those blogging sites that pay as long as you stick around as a member, and that they have a good referral rewards program in place, too.

In fact, just about any activity you do while on Virily has an equivalent reward point or Viril. To further illustrate and break down how you can earn using this platform:
  • Membership: 10 Virils when you sign up, 10 Virils for each day you visit the site
  • Referrals: 1 Viril for each referred visitor, 20 Virils for each referred sign-up
  • Published content: 15 Virils for a story, list, ranked list, gallery, or open list; 30 Virils for a quiz, poll, Hot or Not, or Versus; 5 Virils for image or embed content; 2 Virils for submitting items to other authors’ open lists
  • Reading content: 2 Virils for every poll read (the author gets 5); 2 Virils for every quiz read (the author gets 5); 1 Viril for every article read (the author gets 3)
  • Commenting: 1 Viril for every article comment (the author gets 2). Spam comments will get you a deduction of 5 Virils
So it looks like there are lots of ways to earn here, but it’s best to take note of the limits to all these activities.

The verdict?

Virily looks to be legit, even though it’s a very new site meant for generating extra income. Though the payout scheme is not as straightforward as I’d prefer it to be, the different ways to earn makes it a lot more appealing than the usual uncertainty involved in completing surveys (with the possibility of getting screened out or disqualified). Also, I like the sense of community and how the site encourages interaction among members, which is a far cry from the kind of solitary tasks typically associated with GPTs and survey sites.

Virily Screenshots

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Your turn!

Would you consider submitting original content to a revenue sharing/social blogging site like Virily, or is it GPT and paid survey sites all the way for you? Share your thoughts with us below!

Link: https://virily.com/

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Rookie Wordsmith
Jun 6, 2018
Virily is a legit but very slow earning and you can't depend on it for a living.The good thing is that you'll always enjoy the community around there and you'll learn new things.
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Oct 15, 2018
Virily is doing good at the moment. I belong in a Facebook group where many of its members are writing for Virily. They are the people who encouraged me to try this website, and so I did.

I signed up for this website a week ago and I have multiple accounts because I am trying it out. I’m looking at this website more like a social network rather than a blog.

The owner/s of this website is/are doing great too. It looks like they have combined all the ideas from multiple blogs before. It's a little bit similar to Niume and the idea of earning points from every activity, I believe they got it from Blogbourne.

I feel that it's too early for me to say anything about this website. However, if they get to keep their promise regarding the payout, then it's good.


Oct 24, 2018
This app is excellent because of their vision of allowing people to work and earn money by working online. Basically, Virily is a blogging platform that lets it's users to express their creativity & writing skills and at the same time earn some money.
Virily's currency is called "Virils". By doing tasks such as writing content, commenting, reading, and so on, the users can earn virils that can be redeemed for cash.
They pay monthly via PayPal and Payoneer. Minimum payout on PayPal is only $10, while for Payoneer $100.
In just 2 months, I already have accumulated lots of points, enough to cashed out thrice via PayPal.
However, the earning pace is slow. I'm not saying that it's hard to earn from this website, it's just that you need a lot of effort to make enough money from this website.
I just hope they increase the number of virils they give to each task. This site would be perfect if ever that happens.


Nov 11, 2018
Virily is a website on which we can post Polls, Quizzes, Articles and even Embed pictures to earn. This site is legitimate and paying. I agree that there are different ways to earn from this site but virtually, earning is very slow cause lots of my friends had to quit due to slow earning pace. I also joined but was not active anymore.

Members need to earn 10 dollars minimum in order to get paid. Payments will be sent through Paypal after a month. For example, let's say we have a minimum $10 in our account by November 20, then we will be paid on December 20.

These days I am not active on the website but still, it's a legit website. I can say this because I got paid twice already. I am posting the link of my last payment proof from the website. https://prnt.sc/kk63r9

Anyone can really make money from this website. You just need to dedicate your time in order to complete tasks.


Dec 9, 2018
Virily is a great platform for the writers. I've been a member of Virily for about three months now. It took minimal effort to go from “Newbie” to “Sky Rocket” and to make it onto the leaderboard.
It's great that there's no minimum word count and articles are clearing now for me in under an hour sometimes. You can write on almost anything as long as it doesn't violate their terms and condition.
The people are very friendly and creative as well. There are many fun things to do in their site such as taking quizzes, participating in challenges, creating polls and especially writing posts.
However, whenever there are updates and changes, they don't inform users. Also, their support staffs are not very responsive to queries of the users.
Despite of these few negative sides, I still enjoy being a member.


Rookie Wordsmith
May 16, 2018
I also think Virily (lol@ that name) is legit. As previously mentioned, you create blogs posts on the site, and get rewarded whenever people view or read your work. I still consider Virily more a reward site because it “rewards” you like other rewards sites. Virily is more of a rewards site, than an actual blogging platform, even if your task involves creating posts.

As someone who enjoys writing and creating content, I think Virily presents a great opportunity for earning. If you like writing and producing content, you should look into trying Virily out.

I think we’re facing a bit of shortage of content-driven rewards sites, so it’s good that Virily is here to give more creative people the opportunity to earn. But I do need to give this disclaimer: while it’s always nice to earn, Virily will be more like a passion project. And that’s because your earnings won’t be that great on the site. So look at it as a creative outlet more than an actual earning method. I know that sucks, and I’m only recommending this to people who need that creative outlet. So overall, I would say balance your expectations. But if you like creating content, who knows? You might be pleasantly surprised!


Dec 21, 2018
Virily is a legit website. Some of friends had received payment from virily. I was active on that few months ago. However, I feel that the earning curve is very slow. Even though there are other options to make money like creating quiz, polls etc, it is too slow. Also it is not clear how the virils are converted to dollars.


Feb 20, 2019
Virily.com is a writing/blogging sites that share its revenue with the users. Users get Virils or points for doing some things such as posting, commenting, and voting. Users can write almost anything as long as it doesn't violate their terms and condition.
People there are friendly and creative. There are many other fun things to do there aside from writing like taking quizzes, participating in challenges, creating polls, etcetera.
Minimum payout is only $10 for Paypal and $100 for Payoneer. The earning is slow, and their support isn't that active and very helpful, but it's still an entertaining site that really pays its members.


Mar 14, 2019
This platform looks quite good at the moment. I like the website design, functionality and how it works too cause it's so simple. It seems like they made it easy for their members to navigate and share the posts, and it is fun also. Virily was introduced to me by a friend.
I didn't know we will earn 20 Virils for articles with images. I might give it a try soon. I hope this site will stay, as I saw a comment by someone, there are many writing sites stopped paying and closing down, many of us are quite disappointed and tired of testing out a new one. I hope this won't let me down.
Nov 19, 2018
I'm a satisfied blogger in the Virily. I was a member since June 2017. At first, I was hesitant to join. Got talked into joining so many communities just like Virily, only to be disappointed, but Virily has been a pleasant surprise. Right now it’s fun, and it is proving to be profitable.

What I found most enjoyable were writing quizzes on this site. I had never written a quiz before and became addicted, anyways, they brought in the most comments, likes, favorites, etc. for me and I made about $14.00 in total. I was skeptical that they would pay, but they did. I’m no longer writing for them as I’m into online selling now.