LEGIT VIP Voice Review: Take Surveys to Enter Contests and Auctions - Scam or Legit?


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Jun 13, 2018
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Another day, another survey site! I recently posted my review for Viewpoint Forum, and now I’ll be giving you my VIP Voice review. Why all these reviews? Well, I think the way to maximize your earnings with survey sites is to use several at once. That way, if one site doesn’t have any surveys for you, you can always try the next one.

There are several VIP Voice reviews on the interwebs right now, but I’d like to share my own opinions about the site. As mentioned in previous posts, I’m a relative newbie to survey sites. I’ve already tried more survey sites than the regular person, but I still think there’s a lot to discover in this scene. So I hope I can provide you with my own unique take and answer the most crucial question: is VIP Voice legit?

But before we hop on to the review, here’s some info on the site.

Who (or What) is VIP Voice?

VIP Voice is a survey site, like many others. But what sets it apart are the rewards it provides. I’ll be discussing that in-depth in one of the sections below, but spoiler warning: these rewards are pretty swanky. They promise to treat you like a VIP by giving you the chance to win gadgets and even vacations. Is it too good to be true? Keep reading to find out.

VIP Voice is the online research arm of The NPD Group, which has been around since 1967. The NPD Group is one of the biggest market information and advisory groups out there. Through VIP Voice they get information that helps businesses make better decisions.

How do You Earn on VIP Voice?

The company provides rewards and incentives for you to answer those surveys. Once you sign up, you’ll be asked to provide information about yourself. This info will help VIP Voice match you with surveys that fit your demographic. I work in construction, and most of the surveys I took involved stuff like safety gear, power tools, and even heavy equipment!

It’s sometimes tempting to provide wrong info. And I get it, I’m a privacy nut myself. But the more info you provide, the easier it will be for VIP Voice to find appropriate surveys for you. And that translates to more earnings! So try to provide accurate, truthful, information.

What Can You Earn on VIP Voice?

I was really excited about VIP Voice… until I learned about their payout methods. Most survey sites give you points for each survey completed. You can then redeem these points as cash or gift cards.

With VIP Voice, you still earn points. But you can’t redeem them as gift cards. Or even cash. Instead, you use your points to enter sweepstakes or bid for stuff on their own auction site. I’ll give you a minute to process all that information.

On VIP Voice, you use points you worked for to enter contests with no guarantee of getting anything of value in return. The second option is to use those points on their exclusive auction platform.

If I were using VIP Voice for myself, I’d pack it up and move to the next review. But I’m a professional, so I kept using it. For science!

What’s Good and What Sucks About VIP Voice

What’s Good

You take surveys to earn points. That’s an easy enough task, and a great way to earn points during your free time. But to be honest, that’s not exclusive to VIP Voice. All legit survey sites provide this benefit.

What Sucks

No cash or gift card options. Using your hard-earned points for contests you might not win or for auctions you might not want to bid on flat-out sucks.

The Verdict: Legit or Scam?

VIP Voice is legit, but I recommend you stay away from this site. They will give you your prizes if (and that’s a big if) you win. But there are so many better sites out there that I can’t recommend you try VIP Voice. It is simply not worth your time or effort.

VIP Voice Screenshots

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Your Turn

This review is based on my own experiences using VIP Voice… and using my points to enter contests where I didn’t earn a single thing. Now it’s your turn to share! What’s your take on this site?

Let’s hear your stories!

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Jun 14, 2018
Even with Amos’s dire warning to stay away from this site, I still found myself wondering: is VIP Voice legit? The reason I asked is that I know it’s owned by a research company that’s been around since the late 60s, and as shallow as it seems, longevity does count for me when it comes to being trustworthy. So let this one become an addition to the other VIP Voice reviews that are currently out there. Kind of like my two cents among a piggy bank of paid survey coins.

The good

So yes, I joined VIP Voice and became part of “a community of 3 million”, with a fraction of that number having been said to legitimately have won exciting prizes like tech gadgets, sports accessories, and other stuff you wouldn’t turn your nose up at.

Have I won anything? Nope. Since there are no cash or even gift card rewards here, I have none to show about how “enriched” my bank account (or life in general) has become since joining a little over a month ago. I did, however, earn so many VIP Points to be able to qualify for their sweepstakes draws, so yay me.

There are many surveys to qualify for, which I was kind of surprised at. At one point, I was able to accomplish around 7 in a full week! And the surveys aren’t lengthy either - I think the average is around ten minutes tops. However, it soon dawned on me that something was strange about the surveys themselves...

The bad

...I learned that VIP Voice actually outsources most of its surveys to Toluna, which got a legit review ranking in this forum but has since gotten mixed reviews by other members for a variety of reasons. This is why it felt like most of the surveys were redundant, and didn’t feel as if it they were genuinely trying to get consumer opinion on their products and services. In short, it felt...almost scammy and spammy.

The verdict

I feel bad about saying this, but I feel like I’ve just completely wasted time and effort on VIP Voice :( Apart from the obvious reasons for not recommending this site (including no cash or even gift card rewards), it just feels like it’s not being upfront about what it really is all about. I mean, if all a survey site offers is the “chance” to win big at something, why work for that chance when you can work for something legit and well defined, like cash?
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May 16, 2018
Oh, man. VIP Voice is an… interesting site, I guess. I’m not a fan of their rewards program, because you’re never guaranteed to get anything. Here are some of my opinions about VIP Voice:

VIP Voice: Look and Feel

There’s nothing noteworthy about their site. It looks pretty bland. The design is bland, and the stock photographs are not very memorable. That said, there isn’t anything alarming, either. I’ve seen some pretty scammy sites, and they look scammy right off the bat. VIP Voice looks pretty middle of the road.

It’s a Self-Benefiting Site

You deserve guaranteed rewards for the time and work you put in. VIP Voice doesn’t offer that. You can spend hours upon hours on VIP Voice and get nothing of value in return. That’s crazy.

You can win in theory, but why would you gamble with your effort that way? This is such as sucky premise that I really wish other members would chime-in about why they used VIP Voice. I’m legitimately fascinated.

I call it self-benefiting because its payout options, particularly the sweepstakes, only benefit the site. You could lose a contest, and the VIP Voice won’t owe you anything. That’s a losing premise.

VIP Voice: is it Legit or a Scam?

Amos and June already gave their VIP Voice review. They answered the question is VIP Voice legit. I definitely share their sentiments. VIP Voice is indeed legit. But their reward program leaves you at a disadvantage. And because of that, I recommend you avoid VIP Voice at all costs… unless you have a gambling addiction, in which case, you need to go seek professional help.


Jun 13, 2018
Looks like I’m late to the VIP voice review party :)

Anyways, I can confirm what everyone else says about VIP Voice. Sure, it’s legit – they will fullfil their part of their bargain. But what is their part of the bargain, exactly? Read on to find out –

My Take

VIP Voice doesn’t really pay you… which kind of defeats the purpose of a survey site, right? I mean, isn’t that why we join survey sites in the first place? Well, VIP Voice does reward you, sort of. You get the chance to win in their sweepstakes. Not the word “chance.” Nothing is guaranteed here. You can work your rear off and earn lots of entries… and still come up dry.

That’s just the way it is, really. There’s nothing deceptive about VIP Voice. The moment you check out their site (which looks really bland and boring), you’re made aware of their payment and rewarding methods. So caveat emptor, I guess.

Is It Worth it?

Since we’ve established that VIP Voice is legit, it’s time to move on to the next question: are they worth it? And the answer, at least as far as I am concerned, is a straight-up no. I prefer working for guaranteed pay. Since VIP Voice doesn’t offer any of that, this site is an easy pass for me.

What about you guys? I wanna hear from other members what they think about VIP Voice!


Sep 28, 2018
Long story short they're legit and that company behind them is around forever. ( since 1967). For non US citizens I doub't there is much as from what I know they concentrate mostly on US surveys but that might've changed. I've been using them for quite a while and my overall experience with them is positive.

Just like the other sites you can earn points by answering surveys for market research.
After you earn points they encourage you to try your luck with their sweepstakes. I rather cash out my money but a lot of people get lured into this and then try their luck. If you're feeling lucky then be my guest and maybe you win something but keep in mind that you can also lose all your hard earned points.

So if you're asking yourself if vip voice is legit then the answer is yes. The problem is just that you can't cash out the points directly and have to use them as bids in their sweepstakes. Sometimes you win and sometimes to lose but for someone like me who likes to make a steady extra income then I prefer the other sites that pay me right away in cash or gift cards.