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May 16, 2018
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Hey guys. Sorry for not posting these last two days - I had a pretty nasty case of the flu. Anyways, while I still haven’t fully recovered, I managed to write a new review for you. :)

I’ve been testing lots of survey sites these last few months. Most of them were pretty good, some of them (okay, a lot of them), not-so-good. After looking over the list of survey sites I have on regular rotation, I’d like to review another one: Vindale Research.

These guys are one of the longest-running survey sites in the industry. When I was just starting out, Vindale Research was one of those names people recommended, along with other big players such as Swagbucks , and GrabPoints . Does the site live up to the hype? Is Vindale Research a scam, or is Vindale Research legit? Read my review and find out!

First impressions

I’m not sure if anyone else shares this belief, but I think first impressions matter. Most websites look like they were put together using an ancient version of MS Paint. I appreciate it when a survey company takes the time to make their website presentable. And this includes more than just the design. Information needs to be easily accessible and clearly written. When a website is deliberately ambiguous, it’s usually a red flag for me - or at least, makes me a bit skeptical.

The website of Vindale Research is one of the better ones I’ve come across. Clean, easy to navigate, and everything you need to know is right there in front of you (or at least within just a few clicks). Of course, a pretty website doesn’t automatically make a survey site legit. I liked how Vindale Research presented itself, but I had to investigate deeper.

About Vindale Research

Vindale Research is one of the longest-running survey sites in existence. If I’m not mistaken, they’ve been around since 2004 - that’s plenty of time to fine-tune their operations both for members and client companies. They’re also based in New York (I initially thought they were an Asian company).

Market research is big business. The research requirements of companies are so big they need to hire survey sites like Vindale Research. The company pays Vindale Research, which in turn pays members such as us to complete surveys. The intel taken from these surveys helps the company with a variety of actions, including creating a new product, expanding to a new market, or improving its customer experience.

Companies are usually pretty cautious. They rarely make decisions without getting info from the market. Surveys are an important component of that decision-making process.

How do You Earn on Vindale Research?

The most basic way to earn on the site is by completing surveys. You may have to pre-qualify for certain surveys, but don’t worry. Pre-qualifying is SOP with survey sites. They do this to ensure that each person answers surveys that are appropriate for their demographic.

For example, as a college professor, it wouldn’t make much sense for me to answer surveys about outdoor camping gear. Instead, the site assigns me surveys that fit my profile - mostly politics and other “brainy” topics.

Reminder: some of these surveys come with deadlines. Make sure you fill-out a survey as soon as you can. You won’t want to miss the opportunity to add to your earnings.

More Ways to Earn

In addition to answering surveys, which is pretty standard for all survey sites, you can also earn on the through the following methods:

Opening Sponsored Emails - You’ll earn just for reading sponsored emails! But remember, this is an opt-in option. If you’d like to receive sponsored mail, be sure set the email preferences in your Vindale Research account accordingly.

Watch Videos and Provide Feedback - These are basically video surveys. Not every member will be eligible to take these, though. To find out, check if there’s a Videos tab on your Surveys page.

Photograph and share your earnings - Vindale Research wants you to show the world that they’re legit. Whenever you receive your payouts, take a picture (or better yet, video) of yourself with your cheque or payout notification. Doing so will earn you an easy $5.

Refer your friends - A survey site gets better the more people hop aboard. To encourage people to sign-up, Vindale Research is incentivizing you to refer your friends to the site. Whenever one of your friends signs up, you’ll get $5!

Find reward codes - This is like an online scavenger hunt of sorts. You’ll have to go through Vindale Research’s blog, social media pages, and other content for hidden reward codes which can be converted to cash.

Earning Potential

Unlike other survey sites, Vindale Research pays in cash outright; no more messing with points and trying to mentally convert those points to real-world dollars.

Pay per survey varies on length and how hard it is to answer the questions (don’t worry, this isn’t like the SATs; even the most difficult survey on the site is still pretty easy to complete). On the low end, you’ll make $1 per survey, which is actually a decent rate. On the high end, you can make $5 per survey. These are pretty good numbers.

I also made a decent bit of money through the referrals. One time, I even made more money in a month through referrals! I became a sort of survey site evangelist to my friends, and manages to convince them to join Vindale Research.

Payout Options

When your total earnings reach $50, you can request a payout. Yeah, compared to other sites, that minimum is huge. You’ll have to hustle and save to reach that amount. Some of my friends aren’t too keen on a $50 since they’ll have to wait a bit before being able to withdraw their earnings. I’m on the same point as them. Some sites offer super-low minimum payouts - sometimes as low as $1 - and it can be tempting to use those sites instead.

Barring that hurdle, getting your money is pretty easy. You can get your funds either through PayPal, or have a cheque mailed directly to you.

Vindale Research: Positives and Negatives

There’s a lot of information to digest in the sections above. To make things easier, here’s a list of positives and negatives about the site. Think of it as the TL;DR version of my review.

The Positives

The pay per survey is high - Earn $1 to $5 per survey? That’s amazing. I’m no stranger to sites that pay cents per survey. Even on the low end. $1 is a good amount.

Lots of ways to earn - If completing surveys isn’t your thing, you can try other other options: watching videos, referring friends, opening emails, and looking for hidden promo codes.

Professional-looking website - I’m a bit of a design and UX geek. Every time I see a well-made survey site, I need to take the time to offer my compliments. Good job, Vindale Research, that’s a great-looking website you got there.

Great customer service - The fact that I’ve only had to contact their customer service once is overall a good sign. But that one time that I did - to ask about my earnings for a specific month - the person answering my messages was prompt, friendly, and managed to explain everything pretty clearly.

The Negatives

High minimum withdrawal - This is the one thing that spoils Vindale Research for me. The site may pay a lot per survey, but it’ll still take you a while to hit that $50 minimum. Here’s hoping they eventually lower it!

The Verdict: Legit or Scam?

Vindale Research is most definitely legit! The company is quite professional, and the pay per survey is pretty high compared to other sites. Of course, there are some downsides, too, which I’ve discussed above. But I do think the good more than outweighs the bad. Give this site a try!

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Your Turn

This review is based on my own experiences working from home as a musician. Now it’s your turn to share! How have you made a living from home as a musician?

Let’s hear your stories!

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May 23, 2018
I actually signed with Vindale Research after reading your review above. At first I had some trouble signing in, so I emailed their customer support and sorted the trouble with their support. Turns out Yahoo wasn't delivering their welcome email, not their fault. Anyway, once I logged in I noticed it all felt very familiar and that's because Vindale Research is actually Global Test Market, some of you might know Global Test Market fro sites such as InstaGC , GrabPoints where they appear as single survey offers.

Now I still haven't reached my payout as it's minimum $50 but I have no reason to believe that Vindale Research is a scam. I even googled Vindale Research review and while some people say they haven't been paid it seems like there is generally a positive sentiment and enough payment proofs to offset any worry. A note regarding payouts, they only pay on the 15th and 30th of each month and the minimum payout Is $50 so that's a lot of surveys you need to complete.

Personally, I will continue using them and reach my minimum payout so I get paid for the work I've already put in, but after that I will probably just stick with Global Test Market through GrabPoints as I get paid per survey and I can check out after $3 versus $50. So don't really see the upside to locking myself in for 2 payouts a month and with high minimum. Just my 2 cents anyway.
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Oct 24, 2018
They were on my list of survey providers to try but then I found some bad comments on https://www.consumeraffairs.com/online/vindale_research.html . A lot of people complain about them which makes me think that they might be a scam. I haven't tried them myself but figured I would share it here so other users will be warned. In the end we are all here to make money. Nothing worse than filling out some surveys and spending a lot of time on it just to get banned and not paid. Been there done that. Thats why I only work with trusted providers and always check the reviews. In this case the vindale research reviews weren't positive at all.

Does anybody here have a good experience with them ? I noticed there aren't so many posts yet so i assume they're not very popular around here.
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Nov 13, 2018
Good point @Jambalaya . Every time I see an article like that I skip the page entirely. Got burned before so every time I see some warnings on some of the sites out there I will just skip it.

The initial vindale research looks alright but I I will stay away from this one :)