LEGIT Vigo Video / Hypstar app - Scam or Legit


May 23, 2018
Vigo Video or formerly called Hypstar is a Short Video app that aims to entertain. Also, this application also gives Money to its members just by completing several missions. The Vigo Video application is proven to pay its members, has made many Withdrawal options from this Application.

Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ss.android.ugc.boom&hl=en

Signing Up And Signing In

Previously you had to set up Smartphone, Internet Connection, Bank or PayPal account, and Google Account or Facebook. If you have prepared the necessary tools and materials above, please continue reading this Tutorial.

1. First, you must create a Vigo Video Account, Please click here to register.

2. Second, Select "Start Now" To continue. Select "Start Now" to continue.

3. Thirdly, you are prompted to proceed with How to Login using your Facebook account.

Please fill in Email / Mobile Number> Select "Login / Login"> and Select "Continue".

After that, wait a few seconds. After this, you will be prompted to download an application called Vigo Video.

Download and open the application. When you enter the Vigo Video app, there will be many videos. For you to upload Video and make Money, You must Register or Sign in first. Sign Up by clicking on the "Sign Up" menu located in the top right corner and choose signing in with your Facebook account or Google account.

How to Earn Money
To earn money, you have to collect Flame first, There are two ways to get Flame, which are as follows:
  • Make quality Videos
  • Invite friends using your referral link.
Make a Video To Earn Flame
You can generate Flame just by making short duration Video, that is maximum 15 seconds. The amount of Flame given varies - depending on the quality of the content itself. To make the video, please click the camera icon located in the middle of the page. The trick to getting a lot of Flame from uploading Video is as follows:

1. Create and share videos using Vigo Video camera.

2. Make sure your videos are of high quality and have interesting content and fit into the talent category.

3. Create your video to keep it creative, entertaining, unique and interesting for your followers

4. Draw the audience's attention so that they like, share and comment on your video.

5. Upload videos with new material every day.

Avoid the following:

1. Content with an irrelevant title. (Titles created to attract the attention of the audience).

2. Video content that has been uploaded several times is less creative or copy other videos.

3. Stealing or copying other users' videos inside / outside the community without permission.

4. Content containing sensitivity.

Invite Friends To Earn Flame

The second step to get Flame is to invite friends through a referral link. You can share links to Facebook. If you successfully invite friends through a referral link, then you will get 20% Flame from friends who successfully signed up through your referral link.

To invite friends, Select Profile> Flame> "Click to invite friends."

Withdrawal / Withdraw can only be done through Bank and PayPal.

The Verdict: Legit or Scam?
I have been paid in the past, however, I would love to hear others opinions on this as well. If you have any questions or experience, Please comment below.
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Bronze Wordsmith
Apr 16, 2018
It has worked fine for me. I have been paid 3 times already, It just takes time for me to get more flames.
Pablo, please share payment proofs if you have been paid. It's a great way to help the community to figure out which providers are legit and which ones aren't.


Video Editor
May 26, 2018
Tucson, AZ
It took me a few months, but it just depends on how funny and original your videos are. I have only redeemed for PayPal, I haven't seen the option for Amazon Gift cards.
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