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Jun 13, 2018
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The internet is full of people sounding off on just about any topic you can think of. Anyone with a social media account - which means most of us - will be aware of this. Online, everyone’s got a voice. But in my opinion, most of that is just empty noise. Because what are we actually achieving? It’s not like we’re getting paid for our opinions, right?

All right, sorry about the rant. I’m a San Antonio Spurs fan, and I’ve gotten tired of all the opinions getting thrown around about the imminent trade of our star player.

But anyways, back to the topic. I think our opinions are a valuable commodity. If you’re gonna share what you think, you might as well get paid. Good thing then, that there’s been an influx of survey sites on the internet. These sites reward you for answering surveys and sharing your thoughts. Yes, you’re being paid for your opinions. I can get onboard with that!

I’ve already tried a few survey sites, and I’ve even written a few reviews about them. Some of them were great, some of them kinda sucked. Today I’ll be reviewing another survey site: Viewpoint Forum. Are they any good? Read my Viewpoint Forum review to find out!

Getting to Know Viewpoint Forum

Viewpoint Forum has a survey pedigree: it is a member of MarketVision Research, which is in turn part of the market research colossus Insights Association.

All in all, a good first impression.

How to Earn on Viewpoint Forum

Viewpoint Forum is, as I mentioned above, a survey site. You register on the site, take surveys, and collect points for each one you complete. Once you reach the minimum amount of points, you can redeem these points, either as cash or as gift cards.

When a survey becomes available, a notification (direct from Julie Owens, their director of member services) will be emailed to you. Make sure you don’t include Ms. Owens in your spam list. Also take note, some surveys have deadlines. So try to complete surveys as soon as you get them.

Earning Potential on Viewpoint Forum

The site will send you around two surveys a week. At first glance, that doesn’t look like a lot. (I was under the impression that to make survey sites worthwhile, you needed a balance of quality and quantity). But each survey will pay about 125 to 225 points.

Converted to cash, that’s about $25. That’s actually a decent amount. Remember, survey sites aren’t supposed to replace your dayjob. So $25 is pretty sweet. Enough for a few drinks with my friends after a long day of work, or to replenish my cat’s food stash.

Payout Options

Before everything else, you gotta remember that there’s a minimum payout of 750 points, which is equivalent to $20. A few other sites have lower minimum amounts (some going as low as $1), but I don’t mind Viewpoint Forum’s higher rate. I’ll be honest here - if you’re hard up enough to make a $1 withdrawal, you’ve got bigger problems to attend to.

You can request payouts as either cash or gift cards. It takes about 10 to 14 business days to process payout requests.

How to Join Viewpoint Forum

This is where it gets difficult. You can only join if you get an invite from a current member. Since I’m pretty new to the survey scene, it took me a while to get an invite. I had to ask a bunch of strangers (to the person who responded and sent me an invite - thanks!). If it was difficult for me, I’m sure it was also difficult for other people. Not a fan of this.

The Viewpoint Forum Referral Program…

… no longer exists. Nothing to see here. Move along.

What’s Good and What’s Bad About Viewpoint Forum

So what does the site have going for it? And what does it have going against it? Let me list them down for ya.

The Good

Pretty good average monthly payout

If you make $25 a month and save your earnings, you’ll have $300 at the end of the year. That’s not chump change!

The Bad

Y u so exclusive?

I had to send a bunch of awkward messages to people just to get into this dang website. If you’ve got a lot of contacts in the survey scene, awesome. But for the rest of us, signing up won’t be easy.

The Verdict: Legit or Scam?

Viewpoint Forum is legit, but I think it’s too exclusive for its own good. After looking at different survey sites, I really do think a good survey site needs to be more open. A wider user base is good for everyone - it’s beneficial for the site, and (most importantly) it’s beneficial for us. I liked Viewpoint Forum, but here’s hoping they make membership to their site more accessible.

Viewpoint Forum Screenshots

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Your Turn

This review is based on my experience using Viewpoint Forum. Now I pass the mic to you. Got anything to add about the site?

Let’s hear your stories!

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