LEGIT Vase Review: A Survey Site for Residents of Malaysia and Singapore - Legit or Scam?


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Jun 13, 2018
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Most survey sites I’ve come across are based in the United States or the United Kingdom. Which is what makes Vase pretty remarkable. Vase is based in Malaysia. I heard about the site from a co-worker in my construction firm who worked some contracts in Kuala Lumpur.

Vase is a consumer insights company, meaning they help clients conduct market research. Vase has worked with some pretty popular names in global business, such as KFC, the Universal Music Group, and Carlsberg. They’ve also worked with some big regional brands like Grab and Kopiko.

But anyways, you’re probably not reading this to hear how impressive their client portfolio is. So here’s my Vase review. If you’re from Malaysia and Singapore, read on to find out whether Vase is legit or not.

How to Earn on Vase

On Vase, you take surveys and get paid a set amount of money for each one you complete. Once you’re done registering (I’ll be providing instructions on how to register later in this review), you’ll have to take a “profile survey” before you can start taking surveys for pay.

This profile survey is given to establish your demographic. Vase does this to determine whether the surveys you take suit your profile. For example, since I work in construction and enjoy sports and outdoorsy stuff, I might get screened out from a survey about beauty products or cosmetics.

Once you’re done with all that, you will receive email notifications in your email inbox whenever a survey becomes available. Trust me, you won’t want to miss these notifications - some surveys have deadlines. If you find out about a survey after that deadline, you’re out of luck. To make sure those notifications don’t get lost in your inbox, I suggest getting an email account just for Vase.

Each survey takes about 5 to 10 minutes. A bit on the long side, in my opinion, but nothing out of the ordinary. One of the cooler things about Vase is that even if you get screened out, you still get paid! I’ve always ranted in past reviews about how sucky it is to get screened out of a survey after you’ve started answering it. On Vase, it’s easier to accept getting screened out because you still earn a nominal amount. Great program, Vase peeps!

Refer Friends

You can also earn by referring your friends to the site. Vase’s referral program is pretty straightforward. You get a referral link, which you then share with friends. It’s important to tell your friends to use that link when they register. You’ll get 1 Malaysian Ringgit for each person that uses your link. (If any Americans are reading this RM1 is equivalent to around 25 cents)

The best part is there doesn’t seem to be a limit to your referrals. I can understand why, since it looks like Vase is still in Beta, and is still trying to encourage the growth of its user base.

Earning Potential on Vase

You won’t earn big bucks on this and other survey sites. And that’s okay - survey sites aren’t supposed to be a way to pay the rent or the mortgage. Vase and other survey sites are good for earning what I call beer money. Basically, you're just supplementing your income with your survey site earnings. Keep that in mind and you won’t be disappointed.

While Vase is pretty well-established, their survey site is still apparently in Beta mode. This means they’re still trying to get the ball rolling on their survey servings. What that means to you, is that the frequency of surveys will vary, and, as a result, your earnings as well.

But with that said, each survey you do get to take will pay anywhere from RM1 to over RM100.

I’d like to repeat my tip to always check your email inbox for survey reminders. To maximize your earnings, always take your surveys as soon as they become available.

Payout Options

They pay two ways: through bank transfer (they use Via Bank), or by availing of product rewards. The latter is provided as coupons for Aeon vouchers, which my coworker tells me is one of the more popular voucher programs in Malaysia.

Sadly, Vase doesn’t use PayPal. It would have been nice to have that option, since PayPal is a widely-used payment option the world over. (Disclaimer: I don’t use Via Bank, and that option might be the best for the Malaysian and Singaporean markets)

Payout requests are processed on a first-come, first-served basis. This usually translates to about a week of waiting. Having to wait one week to get your payment is a bit long- not only that, it’s pretty disappointing. Remember, you won’t be earning big bucks through these sites. So it’s a bummer that you’ll have to wait that long for what amounts to pocket money.

How to Join

Only Malaysian and Singaporean residents can join the site. The site will check your IP address to determine your location. I suggest against using a VPN if you’re not from Malaysia or Singapore. If Vase finds out, they can lock your membership, nullifying your earnings. If you’re not from those countries, there are lots of international sites to try.

To sign-up simply visit their site and complete your registration. Here’s a link to their site:


You’ll have to provide your name and email. Once you’re done signing-up, an activation email will be sent to you.

Also, you will be given a preliminary “profile survey” to determine which demographic you fall under. This is pretty standard practice with other sites. I like it; it tells me they’re actually interested in your background. This helps them give you appropriate surveys.

The Verdict: Legit or Scam?

Vase is legit! Their website is slick, and their operations are professional. I hear good things about this site, and I’m sure you’ll like it, as well. Just make sure you’re actually from Malaysia or Singapore.

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