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May 17, 2018
I’m in the business of blogging, and that means sharing info that I think will be valuable for my readers… even if that info is about another blog! Today, we’ll be covering a blog called Hip2Save. The blog doesn’t just make blog entries, they’re a valuable resource for finding bargains and coupons. They’ve got lots of features devoted bargain-hunters such as ourselves will fall in love with.

I think all frugal husbands and wives need to hear about Hip2Save, which is why I’m writing about them now! But before we get into the deep end, here’s a quick overview of Hip2Save:


Hip2save: An Introduction

Hip2Save is a coupon site and blog. Hip2Save says it’s “not your Grandma’s coupon site!” I doubt my grandma ever used coupon sites (she was more of a regular coupon-person), but I get what they mean. There’s more to Hip2Save than “just” coupons. The site does a good job of sharing various in-store deals, online bargains, freebies, budget-friendly recipes & easy crafts, secret store savings, and – yes – even good old-fashion coupons.

The site is owned and run by Collin Morgan, a mother of three and proud wife to a marine. Her site looks folksy, but don’t let that fool you: this site has all the great functionalities you would expect from a modern coupon site. In fact, to call Hip2Save a blog isn’t entirely accurate since there’s so much more going on here!

What’s Awesome About Hip2save?

Okay, now that I’ve given you a brief introduction to Hip2Save, here’s a list of all the things I love about this site:

Discounts For The Entire Family!

As a devoted couponer, I try to find deals that will benefit everyone in the family. Finding discounts for household stuff is relatively easy, but what about discounts for me, my wife, and my kids?

Luckily, Hip2Save has a pretty diverse array of discounts. For real; it’s pretty mind-blowing, actually. You know the feeling when you enter a really awesome well-stocked shop and your mind just freezes? That’s the feeling Hip2Save gave me.

I would have been happy just gazing at this marvelous site, but my son quickly nudged me and pointed out the Final Fantasy XII for PlayStation discount that was posted. Hip2Save seriously has it all. From toys to video games, to food-related discounts that I know my family would really love.

Heck, there’s even a discount for the Nintendo Entertainment System Classic, which was impossible to find. As an 80s and 90s kid, I badly wanted this, but could never find them in stores. I’m glad Hip2Save finally gave me the chance to get it – and at a great discount, to boot.

And with Halloween just over, I was able to rely on Hip2Save to show where I can avail of Halloween discounts when dressing up my kids for the holiday!


Discounts And Updates Keep Coming

Hip2Save proudly declares that they update the site every ten minutes. I never timed them, but I don’t doubt that it’s true. Every time I check the site, there’s always something new for me to check out. It’s actually difficult to keep track of all the good stuff Hip2Save posts, and guess what? That’s a great problem to have! It means the site is always on top of things. I mean, what’s the point of a coupon site if you could just Google for bargains, right? But Hip2Save is a valuable resource, and they regularly post stuff I wouldn’t be able to find on my own.

It’s Got A Handy Coupon Database

If there’s something you need to get, you should check Hip2Save’s coupon database before buying. The section compiles information about coupons you can print and present when you go shopping. The database is really simple to use: simply type in the keywords of the product you’re planning on buying. For example, I or my wife need to make a quick run for diapers. So I typed “diapers” and got a list of all the relevant coupons I can use.

This is really handy. In the past, we didn’t always look for coupons before going shopping (I know, we were bad couponers). Between making a shopping list, planning our budget, and getting our kids dressed, there wasn’t always time to look for coupons. But Hip2Save solves that, since using the database is really easy.

On top of all that, the database even includes cash-back offers from apps like Ibotta and Checkout51. Plus, offers from Target Cartwheel are included in the list. Hip2Save’s coupon database is a database of awesome!


You Can Use Hip2save On The Go

Hip2Save is optimized for use on both desktop and mobile devices. They also have a free downloadable mobile app, which gives an even better experience on the go. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices. And check this out – the app is even available on Kindle.

The app provides some exclusive features, including several store coupon policies, restaurant deals, and so much more. But I personally think its greatest feature is the fact that it makes the Hip2Save experience portable. Think about it: us frugal parents are usually out scooting between errands and chores. I rarely have time to sit down at my desk and boot up my desktop computer. But using a mobile app is definitely something I can do. Hip2Save works perfectly with me and my wife's lifestyle. No matter where we are, the app is there, ready to serve up a fresh batch of bargains and discounts for us to check out.

They’re Building A Community

Colleen Morgan is the public face of the site. And for good reason – this is her baby, and she’s like the godmother of couponing. But it isn’t all about Colleen. Members can upgrade their membership to become a Hip2Save Insider. As a Hip2Save Insider, you’ll have access to the Hip2Save community, which shares even more deals and gets access to some exclusive perks.

Registering is really easy, and there’s no excuse not to!


It’s Got A Customizable Experience

Remember when I mentioned Hip2Save has a full suite of features? When you become a Hip2Save insider, you will also be able to customize your site experience. That means getting deals you’re especially interested in, managing your various subscriptions, and so much more!

You Can Track And Save Discounts

Here’s another cool feature I like. When you become a Hip2Save Insider, you will have access to the “Hip List” function. With it, you will be able to “save” specific coupons or discounts to your account for use later on. This is especially handy if you run out of printer ink!

My wife and I always get distracted by screaming kids and the endless array of chores. I’m glad to know that with the Hip List, we’ll never lose track of a discount ever again.

They Got A Great Social Media Presence

Speaking of community, Hip2Save has a pretty active social media presence. They regularly post live Facebook videos containing info on exclusive deals not available elsewhere. They even have multiple Facebook pages and groups that cover different needs and interests:

Main Hip2Save Facebook Page

Hip2Save’s Official Deal Group

Hip2Save HOT Deals Page

Hip2Save Target Deals Page

Hip2Save Baby Deals Page

Of course, they have other social media accounts as well:





There’s a lot to digest here, and I think it’s awesome that Hip2Save is everywhere.

Hip2Save has Heart

Hip2Save is, at the heart of it all, about overcoming adversity. You wouldn’t know it from the happy vibe of the site, but Colleen went through a difficult past. She went through addiction, which she eventually kicked just before her kids were born. But even then, she went through extreme bouts of depression and bulimia. She sought treatment, but was saddled with a great amount of debt.

Colleen found solace and redemption in the unlikeliest of places; couponing. At first, coupons were a way to save money and deal with her debt. But eventually, coupons became a way to reach out and help people.

In a touching and inspiring video, Colleen reveals: “I know they’re just coupons, just pieces of paper, but I also know what they’ve done for me, and what they’ve done for so many of my readers. …Coupons have helped me become a better mom, build up my confidence, helped me pay off my debt, helped me pay it forward in such a huge way. Coupons do just so much more than saving money.”

That last line speaking to me: “Coupons do just so much more than saving money.” And I believe it. Thanks to coupons and discounts, I’ve become a better provider for my family. And that’s pretty empowering. These discounts all have percentages and numbers and set values attached to them, but the truth is, the benefits they provide are truly priceless.


What’s there not to love about Hip2Save? They share great bargains, have great features, foster a truly awesome community, and best of all, have a touching story. To me, Hip2Save isn’t just a site or blog; it’s become part of my life, it’s almost family to me. Check out Hip2Save, and I’m sure you’ll feel the same way!
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