UniqPaid Review: Take Surveys and Offers for Cash - Scam or Legit?


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May 16, 2018
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You could probably tell based on some of my past reviews that I’m a fan of great web design. To me, design isn’t just something frivolous or skin-deep. When a company invests in professional design and makes effort to make it memorable and easy to use, that tells me a lot about the company. It’s like getting dressed for a big meeting or job interview. Your skills may not necessarily be related to that dress shirt and tie you’re wearing, but it does tell your boss about your attention to detail. These things really do count.

For my latest review, I checked out UniqPaid. This site is the reason I brought up the value of good design. As far as design goes, UniqPaid looks like something that came out of the aughties (which it actually did: the company was started in 2001). The tiled background, the stock photo of a dude holding up bundles of cash… this is pretty old school-looking.

But the same way it isn’t fair for a potential employer to judge you solely on appearance, it wouldn’t be fair for me to judge UniqPaid without looking beyond the lackluster design. Who knows? Behind UniqPaid may actually be totally legit! I dived right into the site and tried to get a feel for how it works. Without further ado, here’s my UniqPaid review!

What is UniqPaid?

UniqPaid is part of a genre of sites known as GPT (“Get paid to…”) or survey sites. GPT and survey sites are similar in a few ways. Both will pay you for taking surveys. But with GPT sites, there are more ways to earn. In addition to completing surveys, you get paid to read emails, watch videos, and visit other websites.

Why do you get paid to do these things? You get paid to answer surveys because surveys are a major component of market research. A company hires UniqPaid to help it conduct market research through surveys. UniqPaid then incentivizes its members to take these surveys by providing rewards. The information taken from these surveys will be turned-over to the hiring company, which will use it to make better, more informed business decisions.

As for visiting other sites, the owner of that site will sometimes want to boost their metrics. To do that, they will hire a site like UniqPaid to incentivize members to visit that site.

How Do You Earn on UniqPaid?

Pretty simple. As mentioned above, you get paid to complete surveys, read emails, shop online as a UniqPaid member, and visit sites. Each time you complete those tasks, you get a set number of points. You can then convert and withdraw these points as cash.

But wait, there’s more! In addition to those methods, which are pretty standard for GPT and survey sites, you can also earn the following ways:

Earn Bonuses for When You Sign-Up

In addition to the earning methods listed above, UniqPaid also offers bonuses for new members. No a whole lot of GPT or survey sites offer bonuses. Or if they do, it can be a bit lackluster. I’m happy to report that UniqPaid isn’t one of those sites. Their bonus incentive program for newbies is pretty awesome: you’ll get a 10% bonus for the surveys you complete during the first two days of your membership on the site.

A 10% bonus during your first two days may not look like a lot on paper, but trust me, it’s a big deal. UniqPaid doesn’t have a whole lot of gimmicks for newbies, but that bonus is more than enough, in my opinion.

Refer Friends

Most GPT / survey sites will pay you a flat fee for each person you refer to their site. UniqPaid isn’t one of those sites. UniqPaid provides a three-tier referral program. This means you’ll earn from your referral, your referral’s referral, and your referral’s refferal’s referral. You’ll get 10% of your referral’s daily earnings, then 5% on the second level, then 1% on the third level. How awesome is that? You stand to earn three times for each person you refer to the site!

Earning Potential

Each of the basic tasks on UniqPaid earns you the equivalent of five cents to $1.50, depending on length. Your monthly earnings depend on how many tasks you’re eligible for, how many tasks you actually complete… and how soon UniqPaid can pay you for them.

That last item is pretty alarming to me. I’ll discuss that in the Red Flags section below.

Payout Options

Your earnings are provided via PayPal or cheque. One of the good things about the site is that they don’t impose a payout minimum. So it doesn’t matter if you want to cash out $100 or one cent; you can do that on this site.

How to Join

Want to hop aboard the UniqPaid train? It’s easy to join the site, and is free of charge. As it should be - I have yet to see a legit GPT / survey site that charges people just for registering. (If you know of a legit site that charges, do let me know. I’m pretty curious if they exist or not)

Anyways, to become a member of UniqPaid, simply visit their registration page. Here’s the link:

UniqPaid Registration Page: http://www.uniqpaid.com/sh/signup.shtml

UniqPaid: The Green Flags and The Red Flags

Instead of calling what I find good and bad about the site “pros” and “cons” I decided to refer to them as Green Flags and Red Flags.

Green Flags are reasons why you should go on and try this site out. Red Flags are reasons why you should stop for a second to think about whether the site is worth your time and attention.

Okay, with that said, let’s get on with it!

UniqPaid: the Green Flags

The site has tons of ways to earn, from bonuses, to offers, as well as the basic methods (surveys, reading emails, visiting sites, etc.) This makes UniqPaid very multidimensional. And then there’s the referral system, which I’m a pretty big fan of.

The site may be old, but something tells me they spent a lot of time ensuring their programs were up to date.

I also appreciated the fact that there was no minimum payout imposed on members. While I personally always save my earnings for a relatively large payday, I also acknowledge that some people may need their money more often. At least the site lets them withdraw whenever they need it… in theory, at least. Why is that? Read the Red Flags section to find out.

UniqPaid: the Red Flags

On UniqPaid, you can get disqualified in the middle of taking a survey. This is absolutely the bane of my survey site existence. Spending time on a survey only to know you can’t complete (and earn) from it makes me want to hurl my laptop across the room. Still, UniqPaid isn’t the only one that does this - it’s almost industry standard, and I can’t make up my mind whether that makes it better or worse. (Probably the latter)

But I found another red flag that was, uhm, redder than what I mentioned. In their FAQ page, I spotted the following entry:

Why is my payable amount lower than the total account balance?

Your earnings become payable when we receive the appropriate revenue from sponsors. Usually this occurs 30-40 days after you signed up for offers. For example, if you sign up for an offer on May 10, your earnings from this offer become payable at the end of June.
Okay. A 30- to 40-day wait to get your funds is pretty long as it is. But what I find especially troubling is the line “Your earnings become payable when we receive the appropriate revenue from sponsors.” I have extensive experience as a freelance writer, and I’ve learned to read below the lines. My reading of that line is “we’ll pay you when we can afford it.”

They say there’s a 30 to 40-day wait. But what happens when there’s a delay on the sponsor’s side? Does that mean your payment will be delayed, too? The answer to that seems to be yes. Because if UniqPaid could afford to pay you, they wouldn’t have mentioned having to wait for sponsorship revenue first.

And that is a huge, huge red flag. So big it practically blocks out most of the good things about this site.

The Verdict: Legit or Scam?

UniqPaid is legit! But that doesn’t mean I recommend them. I’m pretty spooked by their disclaimer about having to wait for sponsor payments before I can get paid. I mean, it’s nice that they’re upfront about it, but that doesn’t mean it’s good, right?

That’s so disappointing, because UniqPaid has pretty good ways to earn. I always assumed a site that has lots of ways to earn will also have lots of clients and, in turn, lots of money. Guess that’s not the case here.

I’ll leave it up to you whether you want to try them out. But I cannot recommend a site that has to make you wait until they themselves get paid.

UniqPaid Screenshots

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You Turn

And that’s my review for UniqPaid. Now it’s your turn to share! If you had a good experience on this site (i.e. you got paid on time), let me know. Because I think that disclaimer can only mean bad things.

Let’s hear your stories!



Bronze Wordsmith
Apr 16, 2018
Thanks for you in-depth review of UniqPaid. Personally I would not bother with this site and you're right it's a huge red flag that they do not pay you until you get paid, not saying UniqPaid is a scam, but it definitely doesn't deserve a legit rating out the gate. Once I see some payment proofs from them I will change it but for now I will put it as unrated. So ETB community anyone got paid by UniqPaid so that we know if they are a scam or legit?