LEGIT TranscribeMe Review: Earn Up to $2,200 Transcribing from Home - Scam or Legit?


May 23, 2018

Voice to Text apps are becoming more and more prevalent these days. Despite this, there are still people who prefer having their recordings transcribed the old-fashioned way. I can see why: I use my phone’s Voice to Text input a lot in my work as a journalist, but accuracy isn’t always reliable. This is especially true if I’m conducting an interview in a noisy room, or speaking with someone who talks like they have a mouth full of marbles.

To compensate for that, I still take regular audio recordings and pass that to a transcriptionist friend. Human transcribers are still the best, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks that. Transcribing is big business. So big, in fact, that I decided to become a transcriptionist myself!

One of the biggest come-ons for me was the opportunity to work from home. If you hate traffic, crowds, and have a reliable internet connection at home, I suggest you give transcribing a shot, too.

My friend recommended TranscribeMe (Link: transcribeme.com), one of the biggest players in the transcribing game. She got most of her jobs on the site, and eventually I was also making pretty decent money from it.

The Application Process

TranscribeMe connects independent transcribers with the site’s roster of clients. Before you can start taking jobs through them, you’ll have to pass the screening and training sessions. This ensures that the transcribers who work with TranscribeMe meet the minimum qualifications, and are able to produce good work.

You will be asked about the languages you speak. TranscribeMe accepts clients from all over the world, so speaking multiple languages will be an advantage.

TranscribeMe does not charge an application or testing fee, which is good. Sites that request an upfront fee without any guarantee of being accepted are usually shady.

Once you pass their screening process, you can move on to the good part...taking jobs and earning cash!

Doing the Job

You will receive an audio file, which you will transcribe. That simple! These files range from quick recordings that are around one minute long, to ones that are an hour or two long. If you prefer doing shorter recordings, you can choose the tasks that most appeal to you.

I mentioned working from home, and you can even set your own schedule. But remember that this isn’t an entry-level job. TranscribeMe will expect good output and reliability, so don’t slack off!

The site also has a series of training modules that will help you on your job. I consider myself experienced and skilled, but I still appreciated the fact that I could turn to these training modules when facing a difficult task or problem.

Pay Rates and Earning Opportunities

Basic rate is $20 per audio hour. Note that “audio hour” means the duration of the audio recording, not the amount of time you spent transcribing it.

TranscribeMe’s top monthly earning is $2,200. I haven’t made anywhere near that amount, but one day I will beat that record!

Most transcribers on the site make an average of $250 per month. That amounts to about 15 hours of work. There were months where I would dedicate twice that amount of time and earn upwards of $500!

If you have a medical or legal background, you’re in luck. Medical or legal transcription jobs pay higher, due to the specialized nature of these recordings. You may have to take special training for these, especially for medical transcriptions.

The site keeps an accurate record of your total earnings. You can request payouts whenever you want, which are sent via PayPal.

Moving Up the Transcribing Ladder

You may be working at home and at your own pace, but working with TranscribeMe is like working for a regular company. That means there’s a ladder for you to climb; if consistently produce good work, you can move up to better paying-jobs and positions.

When you start, you’ll first handle basic transcription jobs. You can then move up to quality assurance, then reviewer, then lead quality assurance. If you stick with it long enough, you can even get promoted to salaried positions such as project manager or customer service representative.

TranscribeMe is one of the few home-based jobs that offer upward career mobility. When you get onboard, I suggest you be in it for the long haul.

The Verdict: Legit or Scam?

I think the answer is pretty obvious: TranscribeMe is totally legit! The pay is decent, but it can quickly add up if you’re willing to put in the time. Plus you can get promoted which is just tremendous.

You’ll need a reliable connection, decent computer, and good comprehensions skills. If you have those, give transcribing a try!

TranscribeMe Screenshots

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Your Turn

This review is based on my own experiences doing transcription jobs at TranscribeMe. Now it’s your turn to share. Have you given transcribing a shot? Where did you work and how much did you earn?

Let’s hear your stories!



Rookie Wordsmith
Jun 6, 2018
Transcribing isn't such an easy task at all.I once tried humanatics but never worked for me at a because first my application never went through.


Jun 11, 2018
I really wanted to work in transcribeme but I can't pass their exam. I might try again for the last time.


Aug 1, 2018
I want to say that I have tried this site, but I can't be 100% sure. It sounds great and I would like to give it a go. I might not have passed the exam or something. I will definitely check it out again as I would love to be able to make $250 a month for some extra income. I would take even half that amount if I can just pass the test.


Jul 31, 2018
The application for this site is very difficult. It took me hours to transcribe the first audio but I ended up cancelling it because it was pointless. Transcription is not for me, I guess.


Sep 6, 2018
I haven't tried TranscribeMe when I saw it on the list of freelance sites days ago. I have tried applying to local a Transcription company in my country but I'm having doubts about it even if I passed all 3 stages of training/screening. Giving away my information always scares me. But I'll check this one out and will update what happens.


Rookie Wordsmith
May 16, 2018
Thanks for this review, Bess! Can confirm, Transcribe.me is a great place to get transcribing work.

I also did this while I was taking my post-graduate courses. I was a broke student, and needed some extra cash. Nobody recommended Transcribe.me to me back then - I only found it by searching for online transcription jobs. I’m lucky I found Transcribe.me right away, and didn’t waste my effort on some scam transcription site.

The pay was great, for what I did. On an average month, I made $200. I once earned $600, but that was pretty much all I did that month. If you wanna go all-in on transcribing work, you can do that.

It was a great way to earn, but I need to list a few reminders for everyone:

Transcribe.me is very particular about quality – The company has a team of quality checkers, so be sure your work is up to snuff. If you pass something that isn’t up to their standards, it may be sent back. And that means added work – and wasted time – for you.

This take a lot of effort – The basic rate, like Amos mentioned, is twenty bucks an hour. I lived in a city with a high cost of living, so I really had to exert enough effort to pay the rent.

This isn’t “easy” work – There’s a lot of no-brainer work to be found out there. This isn’t one of them. To transcribe recordings properly, you need to be engaged at all times. And doing so takes a lot of effort. The last thing you want is to mess up a key phrase or word in an important recording.

Set aside time for this – I would recommend having a set schedule for doing transcribing work. Basically, treat it like a “real” job (which this is, actually). That way, you can concentrate better and produce better work. And that, in turn, will open up more earning opportunities!
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Aug 4, 2018
United States
Transcription is not an easy job whatsoever! Good typing and listening skills are needed as well as a very quiet place to work. I don't think I would manage this type of job. It is just not for me. I am glad to see that other people are making it work for them.
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Nov 4, 2018
I wished that I did a little more research about TranscribeMe.com. When I first started out, I applied to TranscribeMe.com and I was booted out because the sample transcribes audio was hard to translate. I decided not to apply again and go with another transcription job that has better pay.

Amy Es

Sep 24, 2018
Hey Bess. Great review on transcribing audio from home.

Lots of people are talking about how this is a difficult job, and that is true. In the world of work from home jobs, this is one of the more challenging ones. It takes a lot of skill, work, and in some cases, training.

But it can still be enjoyable, especially if your client does interesting work. I did some transcribing work for a semi-successful journalist. He would interview all sorts of people, from celebrities to artists to business people. It was actually really interesting for me because I got to listen-in on these interviews. So the job was pretty fun.

If you’re transcribing stuff from a person who does a lot of field work (like my client), expect some less-than-ideal recordings. My client would often do his interviews in noisy coffee shops (remember the time when coffee shops were supposed to be quiet?), and it was challenging to transcribe when their voices were drowned-out by the sound of college kids doing group work in the shop.

One time, I transcribed an interview of a woodworker. That was fascinating, because the artisan talked at great length about the virtues of reclaimed wood. But it was tough because the shop was very noisy.

So yeah, it is a big challenge. But it’s a pretty rewarding job!