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May 17, 2018
While I consider myself a veteran in the survey-taking business, I do admit to being a newbie when it comes to the niched, specialized fields involved in online rewards sites. Medical surveys are some of them. As a disclaimer, I’ve tried medical transcription work before and I failed miserably. Not having a background remotely associated with the medical field contributed to my lack of success.

But I admit to getting my curiosity piqued with the premise of paid medical surveys. This is because some registered nurses and doctor friends of mine swear by a couple of them. During their off days, apparently, they are just like the rest of us – looking for ways to make some extra cash by doing what they do best (going online and doing familiar online tasks, that is).

So today I decided to make a list of the best medical surveys for cash based on my friends’ expert recommendations. I’m giving way to their professional opinions and providing this post as a platform for what they have to say. Call it a public service for those who have a medical background and would like to use paid survey sites as a means to improve medical-related products and services! At any rate, here is a short but sweet list of what they consider the top three medical surveys for money.


Of course, something called “Med Survey” would fall under a list of best paid medical surveys, hah! Kidding aside, what makes this one a favorite among medical professionals is the fact that users can actually influence the kind of technology used in the medical and health care fields. By answering surveys online and via phone, user feedback gets to shape various products and services of different health providers. MedSurvey welcomes members who have backgrounds in veterinary medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, healthcare, chiropractic, podiatry, nursing, eye care, etc.

Why they think it’s great. Plot twist – it’s not just open for registration among doctors and other health professionals – but also to patients and clients! That’s right, even people with non-medical backgrounds can weigh in on what works and what doesn’t in the medical industry. I like that they’re choosing to level the playing field when it comes to improving the state of healthcare – by asking the opinions of even its consumers. This makes me want to sign up with them even more.


Brand Institute

Though not solely focused on the medical industry, Brand Institute nonetheless emphasizes the importance of how medical surveys help shape and influence its current and future products and services. Calling themselves “the world’s premier brand identity consultancy”, this Miami-based market research company has been around since 1993. On its site homepage is an impressive array of global health institutions whose names they helped to successfully market and improve.

Why they think it’s great. Apart from also being open to non-medical professionals, Brand Institute, the general feedback from users is positive. The most common remarks have to do with how fast the site pays, and how “seriously” the site takes its members. However, I learned that medical professionals do get paid more for taking surveys, compared to non-medical professionals (I don’t think that will discourage me from joining, though).


Medical Advisory Board

Medical Advisory Board is operated by Decision Analyst, Inc. This global marketing research business was established way back in 1978 and has since proudly done consultation for various Fortune 500 companies. Their survey-taking arm was launched to get members’ opinions to help their partner medical companies develop new medicines, equipment, and have better practices.

With the short list of medical surveys that pay well, Medical Advisory Board seems to be the favorite among medical professionals. The website alone is sleek and professional-looking when I visited it. Right off the bat, I was advised that email invitations to answer surveys only come several times a year, and the minimum cash out amount is $25. But it doesn’t seem to matter to people who have taken their surveys, because it seems to be truly worth their while. Surveys average 10 minutes to complete. Screener surveys tend to be shorter and easier. Longer surveys, however, come with a variety of incentives. These can be extra points, cash or a check, a free gift, or a new product to test.

Why they think it’s great. There is a great earning potential on Medical Advisory Board. The usual shorter surveys are pretty average and pay more or less the same amount as non-medical surveys. But my friends have sworn by the more specialized ones which have earned them upward of 5000 points upon completion. So cashing out at $25 just to answer a couple of surveys a year actually works for them. The FAQ also indicates that non-medical members can join – so yayyy!


The verdict?

It only makes sense for medical survey companies to ask for survey takers among medical professionals. Who else can shape the future and make the present situation better in the field of medicine and caregiving, right? Not only are ethical processes understood right away, but their expertise will really help improve and shape how the industry (and its policies and practices) will be a few years from now.

But what made these three paid survey sites stand out for yours truly is that even non-medical professionals are allowed to weigh in with their opinions. This comes as both a surprise and a delight to me. It makes experience a truly valuable asset, even if it’s via the lens of a former (or current) hospital or dental patient, someone who takes medication or therapy, or generally a client or consumer of healthcare products and services. As previously mentioned, I have yet to sign up with any of these medical survey sites because I initially thought they were meant for healthcare professionals only. But once I do, I will make sure to share with you a more in-depth review based on my experiences.
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