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Bronze Wordsmith
May 17, 2018
Who doesn’t want a view of the sunrise or sunset instead of a boring office wall or motivational poster at work? Or the sound of waves or birds chirping instead of office gossip? Or knowing you will eat something exotic and delicious instead of unwrapping a lukewarm sandwich for lunch? I know I don’t, which is why I aim to be a digital nomad who travels from place to place for my clients.

But to have the kind of exciting, jet-setting lifestyle typically associated with working nomads, you have to start somewhere practical first. That “somewhere” is usually your earliest remote employment or flexible client. In my case, the freelancer friends who embarked on the digital nomad lifestyle way ahead of me were the ones who gave me helpful client referrals at the start. For that, I am eternally grateful. It was a tentative first step from a corporate job to a remote one, but it was a liberating experience I will never forget.

Not everyone has the sort of network made up of digital nomad jobs where they can also get referrals, though. A lot of us still have to rely on the old-fashioned way of looking for work. But how to start? Where does one go looking for remote employment? What kind of steps are involved in it?

The good news is that everything can be searched online these days. Yes, this includes the best sites for remote jobs. Even first-timers can land a dream client if they know where to look for them. So today, I am sharing five of my favorites sites to look for legitimate employment that aren’t confined to an office or workspace. I hope they can help you begin your digital nomad journey.

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Working Nomads

Of course, the first site on the list will have the word “nomad” in it! Working Nomads offers an extensive list of telecommuting jobs ranging from software engineers, title reviewers, writers and editors, economic experts, social media specialists, and more potential employment in the administrative, sales, design, marketing, health care, legal, and human resources departments.

The site curates the kind of remote jobs that they find exciting and matches independent professionals to the clients that require the type of job skills and experience they have. The founders themselves are former nine-to-fivers who got bored of the daily grind and eventually gave in to the call of the nomadic lifestyle (and have since lived in half a dozen countries because of their chosen career paths!).

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Calling itself an “all-in-one freelance business management system,” CloudPeeps boasts of having more than 20,000 clients in over a hundred countries today. The site specializes mostly in public relations professionals, social media managers, and virtual assistants. However, there are job categories for copywriting, design, SEO, administrative work, and other careers, as well. They provide the platform so that business owners can connect with skilled freelancers and work together seamlessly.

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LinkedIn admittedly has mixed reviews when it comes to being a recommended site for nomad jobs. Some people say it’s just a glorified social media platform (used to stalk ex-co-workers and others), while others genuinely find it a helpful site to find remote jobs.

I’ve seen it be an excellent resource at the very least. Not only does the site regularly feature articles on working remotely; you could also type “remote jobs” in the search bar and narrow the categories down further to see if there’s a particular career in any place you like available. LinkedIn also helpfully categorizes people who have had remote working experiences, so it’s an easy enough process to see which companies they have worked for or are currently in employment.

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FlexJobs is a popular website for remote jobs because it offers a thoughtfully curated list of remote employment. There are over 50 available job categories on their website ranging from entry-level to executive positions! You can start searching for work by job title, location, division, or even the company name.

The site has been around for over a decade and has gotten an accredited business badge from the Better Business Bureau. Apple, Dell, SAP, and Xerox are just some of their high-profile clients. Suffice it to say that FlexJobs is one of my go-to sites for potential new clients. It’s one of the first resources I recommend to people looking for remote jobs.

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We Work Remotely

The site’s name says it all – if you’re looking for remote work, here’s where you can find it. Boasting of having 2,500,000 monthly visitors, We Work Remotely regularly updates their job postings right smack on their home page (which admittedly looks a bit busy and sophomoric for my tastes, but presents the kind of information I need). At the moment, I see dozens of openings for programmers, software engineers, WordPress developers, customer support agents, copywriters, blog writers, sales and marketing people, and designers. In short – just about anybody can find remote work here that suits their needs and experience!

So if you are starting on your digital nomad journey, don’t worry about not getting hired right away. Many employers do not care if you aren’t a seasoned remote worker yet. What’s vital is that you have the correct attitude, know how to communicate well, and have a developed set of skills needed for the job they are offering. And if you do have the remote experience, make sure to update your resumé to indicate the positions you’ve taken on as a digital nomad, along with the tools that make remote work hassle-free for you.

This list of best sites for remote jobs is just a guide to get you started on a flexible, nomadic career. You will find that there will be more opportunities as soon as you begin. It was how it all unfolded for me. You will get referrals from satisfied former clients, ex-co-workers and colleagues, and other people who know how good you are at what you do – no matter where you do it. And with that, I wish you the best of luck!

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