Top Five Quick Pay Survey Sites You Can Try Today


Bronze Wordsmith
May 17, 2018
Today, I’m going to do a quick pay survey review. By “quick pay survey”, I actually mean those sites that won’t make you wait weeks (or even months!) to get your hard-earned rewards or cash. For this, I have personally selected five of the best ones I’ve tried and approve of.

Because I’ve made GPT and survey sites my main go-to for earning some extra income, I have experienced being made to wait in frustration for my payouts to be processed. Some of those sites didn’t even bother answering my queries as to the estimated time of arrival for payments! For the meantime, I will not name those vexing sites…at least not yet. Maybe I will in the future, in another full-length post.

But for now, I want to focus on those quick pay survey sites that do process earnings in a decent amount of time. I’m pretty sure there are more than five of them, though I’m sticking to that number because they are all that I’ve had experiences with, so far. If you have others to recommend or know of reliable quick pay survey reviews you find helpful, I would be glad to hear all about them and even consider featuring them on this blog.

So without further ado, here is my list of five survey sites that pay quick, and why I would recommend them to you.


I have already listed PrizeRebel as one of my favorite paying survey sites for a number of reasons. For starters, the site has quite the pedigree – it’s been around since 2007 and currently has millions of users doing tasks and surveys with them. But what makes them a winner in my book is that users not only get to choose a variety of ways to earn points (and consequently, rewards), but the site also throw in a referral system to add a bit of passive income (up to 30% of successful referrals’ earnings) into the mix! Now that’s pretty generous of them, in my honest opinion.

Why I think it’s great. Here’s where I mention why PrizeRebel makes it to my list of survey sites that pay quick. It’s because they do! Not only is there a low minimum withdrawal amount of $5 (via PayPal), but it also only takes a couple of days to receive payment! They process rewards in as little as 24 hours, hence the speedy redemption.



MindSwarms is a unique entity in the sea of survey sites I’ve taken so far. Instead of completing straightforward surveys, members get to do video versions of them. Surprisingly, even if its concept seems innovative and cutting-edge, MindSwarms has actually been in operation since 2008. The surveys aren’t that lengthy either – at least the ones I participated in are less than ten minutes long. There will be some preliminary questions prior to the main self-recorded video survey, but you can expect just around seven questions to answer in the main survey itself.

Why I think it’s great. In the pursuit of viewable and accurate participation, MindSwarms actually pays participants FIFTY freakin’ DOLLARS per survey! To sweeten the deal some more, you can expect your payment to be sent to you within 24 hours via PayPal. Just for those reasons alone, I can’t recommend MindSwarms enough.



Even though they’re relatively new to the GPT and survey sites game, GrabPoints has won my admiration and loyalty, thanks to a number of practical reasons. Surveys are first and foremost on the menu, of course. But apart from that, users can earn points by way of watching videos, downloading mobile apps, completing offers, and – my personal favorite – earning via their referral program! There’s a tier system for the referrals so your earnings will depend on which country you’re in, but that’s one sweet passive income I can’t and won’t pass up.

Why I think it’s great. People like me who have been members of GrabPoints have gathered more than enough proof of how fast and easy they process payments. To begin with, there’s a very low threshold for cashing out – only $3! – but it also takes a short amount of time to see your earnings in your PayPal account. The longest I’ve had to wait was 72 business hours, but I usually average 48 hours for cash payments. I really appreciate how this site understands that people like us need our cash ASAP for most of the time.



It isn’t surprising at all that Swagbucks makes it to my personal list of quick pay survey sites. It hits all my practical criteria for what makes a survey and GPT site worth pursuing – a menu of different and fun ways to earn, longevity in the survey sites arena (they became active back in 2005), consistently positive feedback from users, and a trustworthy rating from the Better Business Bureau – ten million members is nothing to sneeze at, after all. I also like the rewards options – PayPal, which I always like, as well as gift cards from Amazon , Target, iTunes, and Walmart.

Why I think it’s great. As if the above-mentioned reasons aren’t enough, Swagbucks also offers a low trigger payout amount for their Amazon gift cards, which I think are the best kind of gift cards out there. I’ve already received a couple of $5 Amazon GCs in a little over 48 business hours! The minimum cash out amount is quite good, too – just $5 in earnings and you can request for a PayPal payment.


Opinion Outpost

I’ve been using Opinion Outpost for several years now, and I have earned a bit of money from their simple referral system. By simple, I mean it has no tiers or levels to deal with; just straightforward earnings from people you refer. The thing is, you’re only allowed to refer up to five people, and at one dollar per person, you can’t expect to make too much from this system. But hey, it’s better than nothing, and I appreciate the five dollars I made from those references!

Why I think it’s great. Aside from the referral system, Opinion Outpost is a true quick pay survey panel. You can cash out at just 100 points or the equivalent of $10 (for cashouts, and just $5 for gift cards), which is not the lowest I’ve encountered by far but is still pretty decent and doable. What makes them a winner though, is the speed with which they process payouts. Gift cards take a couple of business days to process, which is understandable. But with PayPal payments, they pay instantly! It’s always an awesome experience to get that email saying someone has sent me money via PayPal, and Opinion Outpost has given me my fair share of emails with that kind of good news.

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