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May 17, 2018
Back in college (a long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away), I had to find different ways to earn some pocket money. I couldn’t just ask my parents for extra cash – not when they’re already footing a large part of my undergrad education. I ended up washing other students’ and faculty members’ cars, mowing lawns during the summer break, and doing data entry as a teacher’s assistant – you know, your basic un-sexy student jobs that paid in dimes? But boy, I really wished there were paid surveys for students back then!

Today’s college kids have more opportunities to earn from GPT and paid survey sites. Not only is the Internet widely available now (well, duh), but there are even more online rewards sites that don’t ask too much in exchange for cash or gift cards as payment. Anyone can accomplish these tasks during their break or in-between classes.

So as a dad to a daughter who will be going to college very soon, I found myself doing some research on the best survey sites she could do to continue what she’s already started as a teenager. One of my most important criteria would be if it’s something I would have taken on as a college student myself.



Why I would’ve liked it as a college dude:

There are several things I like about CashCrate now, which I think I would have blown a gasket over when I was a college dude. One is that it’s easy to sign up and be part of the community, and you can start taking surveys and signing up for offers straight away. Another is that it pays in cash, which is extra-useful for broke college students like I was back then. There are also referral and affiliate programs in place for some extra earnings – my daughter has a blog which she can readily monetize should she choose to, and she can easily influence her friends to sign up so she can earn from the referrals.

But the best reason this site checks out for me is that I believe an appropriate online survey for students should involve a community that is supportive and encouraging to other members. CashCrate meets this requirement, not just for college-age users, but for yours truly, as well.


Why I would’ve liked it as a college dude:

There is a good reason why SwagBucks almost always makes it to my list of best sites – whether it’s under the ones that pay in cash, are appropriate for teens, or have apps you can use when you’re on the go. It just works – plain and simple.

If I had the kind of technology we have now back when I was in college, I honestly think I would have made a decent amount of money waiting in line for class registration, at the student canteen, and other queues that are part and parcel of being an undergrad. SwagBucks tasks are doable via mobile devices and if I’m getting a bit burnt out doing surveys, I can always rely on other activities to earn from, such as watching videos and playing games while on my feet.



Why I would’ve liked it as a college dude:

GrabPoints is so generous with the kind of time and effort you exert on their tasks that I was truly blown away by just how much you can earn with them hourly and monthly. I made these charts previously to illustrate just how much – we’re talking over a $225 monthly earning for those like me who put in an average of 40 hours a month on the site’s tasks. Even half that amount is already a great boost for a college student’s allowance!

And they pay fast – one of the speediest to cash out via PayPal, based on my experience. There was even a time when I got my money in my account barely 24 hours after I redeemed my earnings!



Why I would’ve liked it as a college dude:

College is the best time to be an influencer, if we are to observe the boatload of Instagram and other social media stars who dedicate a substantial chunk of their lives blogging, vlogging, and generally being visible to their audiences all the time while doing ordinary things. If I had that much influence in my pinky finger, I honestly think I would have used it for the referral program via PointsPrizes, which allows me to get 10% of my referred friends’ earnings! I’m basic like that, so sue me!

The site also places special emphasis on having a safe and secure system in place. They seem to be big on user privacy, which appeals to me and my daughter. And aside from cold hard cash via PayPal, the gift card menu on PointsPrizes is pretty attractive to college-age kids: Netflix, iTunes, Steam, Amazon , and other fashion, gaming, and food-centric GCs means dad won’t have to pony up for these little luxuries – not when daughter dearest can earn them herself!


Why I would’ve liked it as a college dude:

A good college student survey site usually means there is a mobile app version of it for busy kids who are rushing from one class to another. It should have a referral system to add up to the passive income earning, as well. A low minimum payout is also welcome because it means money on hand when an emergency arises. Fortunately, SurveySavvy meets all these requirements, and then some. It already makes it to my list of best-paid surveys for teens because of all the reasons I’ve mentioned, plus the fact that the survey topics are age-appropriate.


The Verdict?

Those are just five examples of surveys for college students that I would recommend to anyone wanting some supplemental income while they are studying for their degree. I already use most of them, and my teenage daughter has also signed up for some of these sites in order to augment her allowance. There are plenty of legit, reliable, and safe survey sites any college-age person can sign up for. If you know more and would like to share them with the rest of our readers, we’re all ears!
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