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Jun 14, 2018
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In a perfect world, I would have a single source of income to cover all my needs and wants (along with my family’s, of course). But being a work at home mom and a freelancer has rendered that impossible at the moment. I’m not really complaining about the multiple ways I’m currently making money because I get to be creative, resourceful, and learn so many new things. Plus, it opens up even more opportunities to earn cash in ways I wouldn’t have been aware of had I stuck with my 9-to-5 office job.

One of these awesome ways I recently discovered was via a favorite magazine of mine - Woman’s World. I never in my life considered writing for Woman’s World, much less get paid for it. It seemed too...intimidating. But, as a friend pointed out, they have to get their content somewhere, right? So I looked at the possibility of contributing, and to my delight, discovered other ways to earn from Woman’s World magazine beyond article writing. I’m happy to share with you three of those ways today.

1) Contribute to Woman’s World stories

I know I said that I found article writing intimidating, but the way Woman’s World structures their contribution from readers is just so...appealing! I already mentioned that I’m a big fan of the magazine, mostly because of the Food & Recipes articles (I love recipes!), as well as the ones on weight loss and keeping fit. Now that I have lots of stories to tell as a WAHM, I’m seriously considering submitting them - for cash!

That’s right, unique story contributions to Woman’s World can earn you up to $250! For your article to be approved, however, it should be truly fun or inspiring to read, original, and something you’re willing to give over to the magazine as their property (understandably so, because they are going to pay you for it)*. So if you’re ready to start sharing your stories, here are a few important reminders. There are different categories you can submit stories to, and they have their own requirements, email addresses, and corresponding contributor’s fees if chosen for publication:
  1. Test a new diet! - you will need to submit your contact info, age, height, weight, size, diet history and (if possible) a recent photo to [email protected]; contributor’s fee: $100**
  2. Have a personal story to share? - submit to [email protected], contributor’s fee: $250
  3. Got a heartwarming story for readers? - email it to [email protected], contributor’s fee: $100
  4. Have an act of kindness to share? - please include your name, address and a clear photo of yourself and submit to [email protected], contributor’s fee: $25
  5. Ready to reveal your favorite money-saving recipe? - you will need to include your name, address, phone number and a clear photo of yourself and email to [email protected], contributor’s fee: $25
  6. Do you believe in angels and have stories about them? - send your story to [email protected], and include your name, address, phone number and a clear photo of yourself, contributor’s fee: $100
  7. What makes you happy? - tell the readers all about it via [email protected] and make sure to submit your name, address, phone number and a clear photo of yourself, contributor’s fee: $50
  8. Got an embarrassingly funny experience, or an amusing story about your kids? - share it via [email protected] and include your name, address and phone number, contributor’s fee: $50
*All submissions become the property of Woman’s World, and it is within their jurisdiction to edit for style, publish, or reuse submissions as they see fit.

**A special note on the Test a New Diet submissions: if you are picked out to participate, Woman’s World will pay you $100 to test a diet for one week and for you to report on your results.

2) Share a unique and adorable picture of your baby or your pet

If you don’t feel like contributing articles, why not submit photos instead? Woman’s World accepts baby or pet pictures (yours, of course, and not someone else’s!) via [email protected]. Make sure to include the name and age of the child, as well as your relationship to the child or pet. Contributor’s fee of photos is $100 each!

3) Join the Woman’s World sweepstakes

The magazine has a sweepstakes, contests, and giveaways page for those who want to try their luck at winning cash, as well as an array of exciting prizes including jewelry, appliances, gift cards, tech gadgets, household and car accessories - and more! Woman’s World takes pride in providing a secure giveaways platform by asking readers to submit only their email addresses to contact in case of winning. To underline their legitimacy, there is a page dedicated to past winners of their contests.

The verdict?

If you’re a big fan of magazines like I am, I bet you will also find the opportunity to earn from the same magazines you love! Woman’s World has been my go-to pick-me-upper for some time now, and I’m really happy to learn that they provide ways for people like you and me to earn some cash on the side.

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Your turn!

Have you ever contributed content to a favorite magazine, or joined their contests? Please tell us all about your experience - was it a fun one, did you get rejected, or did you get successfully published (or won something) and gotten paid for it?

Link: https://www.womansworld.com
iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/womans-world/id735128654?mt=8
Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bauermedia.us.epaper.womansworld&hl=en



Jun 22, 2018
Wow, this is a great opportunity. I will check the site and see if I can contribute. I am a woman and I have been writing on parenthood for a long time (on my blog and various writing sites). I have also written in women issue. Furthermore, I am also a mother of 15 months child and I would love to share my child's photo with Woman's World Mag.

Janine F Warren

Sep 21, 2018
Oh wow!!! I love woman’s world magazine and always get a kick out of the cute baby and pet pics feature! I had no idea you can earn hundreds of dollars for being a contributor but now that i do you no what im going to do next haha!

So i am not very good at telling stories even if i want to tho i have lots of them to share esp. about my journey of being a single mom but what i do know is to take pics - lots and lots of them! I have both an adorable baby and a puppy and both are very fotogenic haha! i want to share their pictures beyond my facebook and instagram and i think this magazine would be an awesome place to do that. So thanks to the op for this suggestion - i am going to be submitting those pics and cross fingers i get paid a hundred $$$ for them!!

Sweepstakes sounds good too if not cash then appliances and other items will come in handy if i win. Hmm maybe i should try the diet challenge too just to add to possible income haha wish me luck!
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Jun 13, 2018
Thank you so much for posting this, June! I’ve been a fan of this magazine for quite some time now. While I’ve never contributed to them, I have contributed to a variety of online magazines and websites. There is a great demand at the moment for topics concerning women, although in a perfect world these wouldn’t be called “women’s topics” and just “topics.” Heck, even the hubby loves reading Woman’s World. I think the topics there are relevant to everyone.

But with that said, it’s good to have a platform for us to contribute to – and one that provides topics that are suited to us.

If you’re thinking about contributing to Woman’s World, remember that it’s all about the angle. Try to come up with a unique angle for your stories.

Magazine editors have probably seen just about every topic under the sun. Nothing you can do about that. But what you can do is try to come up with a unique spin, or angle, for your story. For example, there must be hundreds of articles out there about now to get your kids dressed in time for school. But if you give a unique angle to it, you distinguish yourself from similar topics. Editors love that!


Jul 10, 2018
WOW I also so love womans world but not sure about sharing for the world to see will have to think about that awhile


Jun 13, 2018
A few more tips to pitching to Women’s World:

1. Make sure you contribute to the correct section. Pick a section that suits the strengths of your story. For example, if you’re writing about a human-interest story, the Love and Laughter section might not be the right one.

Given the amount of proposals editors receive, they might not have time to correct you and tell you to resend to the appropriate section - your proposal is heading straight for the slush pile (is that even a thing in this day and age?).

2. Give your story heart. The point of your story is to make them feel something. It doesn’t matter if you’re writing about a diet or your journey as a mom. Give your story a strong emotional currency.

3. Focus on being human. One of the best ways to give your story heart is to tackle the human condition. Talk about people’s motives, their struggles, and, ultimately, their successes. Everyone wants something – and everyone has to face some sort of challenge achieving that goal. Write about that.

4.Write for a specific type of reader. Try to avoid being too self-indulgent. Never forget that you’ve got readers, and that you’re trying to communicate something to them.