The Seven Best Online Surveys for Amazon Gift Cards


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May 17, 2018
I have to admit that when all this first started out as a side hustle, I wasn’t really in it to get an Amazon gift card for doing survey panels. I prefer getting paid in cash – the faster, the better (and the higher the cash – dude, even better!). However, as proven by my family and myself over the years, an Amazon gift card is almost as good as cash. In some cases, it’s even better, as with buying digital music and content. I suspect it’s the primary reason why a free Amazon gift card for survey completed is always on the menu of GPT and survey sites.

At any rate, if you also like Amazon GCs as rewards for doing tasks online, I’m here to discuss the best (and my personal favorite) sites that give you precisely that. I’ve carefully chosen and reviewed a couple of sites that not only allow you to buy stuff on Amazon because of their rewards but also won’t make it hard for you to work towards said rewards. By this, I mean you won’t have to wait too long, or work too hard to rack up points to meet redemption requirements.

So without further ado, here they are – the seven best online survey panels for Amazon gift cards, along with my reasons for recommending them (in no particular order).

Opinion Outpost

Established in 2009, Opinion Outpost has lots of surveys on their menu for earning online (not surprising, given that “opinion” is part of their site name). They are available only for US residents, though.

My personal take? You get an Amazon gift card for completing survey tasks, and you get it fast. This is because the minimum payout is just the equivalent of $5 (or around 50 points) at Opinion Outpost . Easy-peasy lemon breezy!



SwagBucks, AKA “everyone’s favorite survey site” (based on hundreds of forum and social media feedback), is another in a long line of ways to get an Amazon gift card for survey taking. SwagBucks not only offers surveys to complete, but also easy and doable tasks like taking up offers, playing games, doing online shopping, and watching videos.

My personal take? I know for a fact (and based on research) that SwagBucks actually releases around 7000 gift cards on a daily basis! Though I really prefer cashing out when it comes to survey panels, I love that I’ve gotten so many gift cards (Amazon included) from SwagBucks for all the points I’ve earned with them so far.



Being one of the older survey and GPT sites (it’s been around since 2007), PrizeRebel has earned a sort of pedigree among those who have had their fair share of survey panel memberships. It has remained consistently legit with their menu of tasks in order to earn points for rewards: filling out surveys, playing games, completing paid offers, watching videos, and using promo codes and contests found on social media sites. There’s just really a lot to do here for a variety of rewards, which makes it an exciting site to participate in.

My personal take? You can do tasks and take survey for Amazon gift card at just a $5 minimum “trigger” payout so you won’t have to work too long and too hard to get rewarded. With over 500 retailer gift cards to choose from, it’s kind of like a buffet of rewards served up here at PrizeRebel .



Downloading apps, watching TV, completing offers, and answering survey for Amazon gift card are all on the GrabPoints menu of tasks for rewards. Honestly, there are so many gift cards to choose from (aside from cold, hard cash) that you might not be able to make up your mind about which one you want to get, first. We’re talking about games, television, music, merch, and all manner of goodies up for “grabs”. It’s really just a matter of earning enough points to try them all out, really.

My personal take? Perhaps one of the best things I can say about GrabPoints is how fast they deliver rewards. I have never gotten a cash-out or gift card delivery beyond 48 hours, unlike other GPT and paid survey sites that take at least a full week, or worse, only pay once a month (if at all)!


Ipsos I-Say

Though reviews for this online rewards site are a mixed bag, Ipsos I-Say nevertheless has some pretty good features that cannot be ignored. One is that it’s available for joining by practically anyone all over the world (though I am not entirely sure about particular country restrictions). Also, getting disqualified for surveys at I-Say isn’t as vexing an experience as that of other survey sites’. You do get 5 “consolation” points every time this happens.

My personal take? I really like that I can get a PayPal cash out at just a $10 minimum payout, and complete survey for Amazon gift card at just 500 points (or around a $5 equivalent).


Survey Junkie

With its clean, fresh, and clutter-free interface, Survey Junkie is a “site” for sore eyes (haha!). The entire look and feel seem to be geared towards younger users, though surveys here are currently available to around 3 million users (hopefully of all ages). They also give users a sort of nominal earning even after getting disqualified for a survey – which is good. Points accumulated pave the way for more rewards, after all.

My personal take? Though it’s kind of a bummer that only US-based users can avail of Amazon gift cards as rewards, I do like how low the payout is to redeem them (around $10).



This GPT site has been around since 2011 and has had a consistently impressive Better Business Bureau rating. You can take surveys, complete offers, download apps, watch videos, and even refer friends to earn here. There’s an impressive array of gift cards in their rewards menu, ranging from mobile phones and accessories, entertainment, movies, restaurants, gaming, clothes, to just about anything your heart desires!

My personal take? InstaGC is my personal fave site to save up some Amazon gift shops for holiday “shopping”. There is a one-dollar minimum threshold for Amazon gift cards which is awesome, though I tend to let my earnings accumulate before requesting for a payout (it’s more fun to “shop” that way).


The verdict?

As an avowed survey-taker who likes getting rewarded with cash, I can still understand the appeal of getting an Amazon GC as a reward, instead. As my family and friends have pointed out, they like purchasing stuff they actually find useful and which suits their personal preferences. I guess as opposed to me blindly picking out gifts for them that I am not entirely sure they will appreciate, heh. They also have no expiration dates, allowing you and me to start accumulating them as rewards and only using them when the occasion, season, holiday (or sale) arise.

As I previously mentioned, you can always expect to get Amazon gift card for survey panels because it’s practically as good as cash, anyway. The difference though lies in what wastes your time and what makes it worth your while. I mean, I’ve hopped on enough GPT and survey sites that list them as rewards and incentives, only to waste a lot of time and effort trying to meet an unreasonable minimum points redemption requirement. Or, I get screened out before I can even request a payout, which just sucks major b@^!$. Hopefully, this list of survey sites that reward you with Amazon gift cards can be of help in picking out which is which, and also to keep frustrations at a minimum (or eliminated altogether).
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