The 3 Best Online Income Sources


Jan 21, 2019
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Being a home-based entrepreneur has never been this enticing, thanks to the internet which has opened a lot of opportunities you never thought were possible before.

Back then, starting a business used to cost a lot, a stark contrast to how little one would need nowadays if they want to make money online. However, it’s not as simple as you think.

Firstly, always keep in mind that making money online is still work; there’s still a lot of work involved, and you need to do your homework to make it go your way. Do your research—what to do, who your market is, how much it will cost you, etc. Otherwise, the whole process could be overwhelming.

To get you started, you can try out a few proven income sources.

Three tried-and-tested ways to make money online

1. Sell Products

A sure way to make money from home is selling products through affiliate marketing or giving feedback on products that you’ve tested and used so readers and followers of your social media accounts could try them out, too. Should the reader end up buying the product, you will get a commission.

The good thing here is that you don’t have to worry about having your product to sell. Just be truthful with your reviews of the products you are trying out and traffic to your site or accounts will follow. You should also have an idea of the profile of your followers, so you will know which products are useful to them. Your reputation is on the line here so make sure to either be honest with what you post or don’t try out products that are of no help to your readers.

The downside to this is that there is no assurance that the number of people reading your blog will purchase the product. How much you will earn from these—from a few hundreds to thousands of dollars—will depend on the affiliate. In one year that I did affiliate marketing, I earned $36,649, less than half of the $83,065 I’ve made from five blogs and freelancing.

If you want to give this a try, check out CJ Affiliates on how to get you started. You may also do a generic search for products and companies with an affiliate program. Once you’re in, you will receive a link that you can include your posts to promote the product.

Keys to Making Money with Affiliates

Be discerning with the products you are trying to sell. You will need to try out a lot to smooth out your income, but make sure not to push for everything that comes your way.

Be creative with your reviews. Use visuals that will show that you have used the product. Let photos and videos show the changes (hopefully positive) that you noticed after using the product.

Avoid graphic banners; your readers will ignore them. Go straight to the point: write a review, convince your readers to buy, and include a link that will lead them to site where they can buy the product.

2. Try self-publishing

Take your writing career a notch higher by trying self-publishing. This income source is easily my favorite. It’s a passive income source that allows you to earn big as long as you’re diligent enough to be able to create a new product every three months.

I have been doing this the last couple of years, and this is how I did so far—10 books published and $21,803 in earnings, or about $1,800 a month. Now imagine how much you can make if you can regularly come up with new material.

Now you ask: what am I going to write? That’s the advantage of being a blogger. Since you’re already creating content around a particular theme, build up on that so you will be able to create enough material to produce an entire series of books to sell online.

Keys to Self-publishing Within Three Months

Brainstorm your book idea—what do you want the readers to know and what is the transformation they can expect after reading your book.

Research on other books that has a similar theme to yours and go over the reviews. That should give you an idea of what to include in your book.

Start outlining the chapters based on existing materials.

Over the next few weeks, start writing or polishing the existing material. Post every chapter you finish to your blog so you can keep track of when you should finish your book. Once completed, put all chapters together and add extra content for readers who will buy your book.

Go back to each book-related blog post and update it with a call to action and a link to your Amazon book page. Doing these ensures traffic to your blog, which will now become a marketing channel for your book.

Advertise. Yes, at some point, you need to spend on advertising. That’s just how it is. I spend about $20 on Amazon advertising each month.

3. Do videos, make money

Advertising and affiliate partnerships make good money, self-publishing is even better, but making online courses is the best. As they say, the real money is in creating and selling your products.

While you benefit from Amazon’s monthly views by self-publishing, the thing is the $3 you make for every copy sold is a far cry from the $300 you could make by selling video courses.

Video courses may take longer to develop and may not sell as many as books, but you only need a few sales to make thousands a month.

Creating great courses isn’t as difficult as it seems. Don’t be intimidated by the technicalities that go with operating the camera to make a video. The most challenging part here is converting your book material into a video course that is both entertaining and instructional.

Key Tips for Making Money with Video Courses

Courses don’t necessarily have to be lengthy. Try to be concise and engaging without compromising content and creativity. Include talking head videos, slideshow presentations, or even animations. Share personal experiences if you have to.

Invest in equipment. Get a quality webcam or DSLR camera and a digital microphone.

In producing the video, keep this in mind—what is the change you want to create? People don’t buy information; they buy the transformation.

These three aren’t the only sources for online income, but these have been proven to bring in money. They are passive income sources so you have to make sure you regularly come up with a new product.

Have you tried any of these? How was your experience?

Share them, together with essential tips, in the comment box below and help budding online entrepreneurs reading this.



Rookie Wordsmith
May 16, 2018
Thanks for this awesome list, Slave of Oreo!

I’d like to add my +1 to going the Do It Yourself route with publishing your own book – or in my case, graphic novel. You gave some really good advice. If you don’t mind, I’d like to add a few tips for other budding creators, as well:

- Have an audience in mind. A lot of writers smugly proclaim that they’re writing “for themselves, and no one else.” Yeah, and their final product usually supports that – most of the work produced by writers of that type are incomprehensible and totally unreadable. Writing should not be a self-indulgent practice; you gotta write for a specific audience, whether it be kids or science fiction geeks, or noir fanatics.

- Having an audience in mind will help guide you when writing your story. Since you’ll be writing for a specific type of person, you will automatically adjust your writing to suit that person. This isn’t about selling out; it’s simply about making sure your writing resonates with an audience. (And you want your writing to resonate with other people, right?)

- Know how to market your work. Your book or graphic novel won’t sell itself. It sucks having to do marketing, but that’s part of the game.


Rookie Wordsmith
Jun 13, 2018
There are some really good pieces of advice on this thread. (Come on, peeps! Let’s keep adding to this thread – this is a great resource for anyone looking to earn a bunch of cash through online means!)

Instead of sharing specific sites and apps, I thought I’d share some broad online earning “types” and why I like using them. Check ‘em out:

Sharing Economy Gigs

These are basically “Uber of”-type gigs. I used to haul stuff through the Dolly app, which is like the Uber of hauling. And I’ve even driven for Uber, which is the Uber of Uber, lol.

Sharing economy gigs are awesome, and I think they’re one of the best-paying earning methods you can find online. But they do require you to have the proper equipment – in most cases, a vehicle. But I’ve seen some food couriers use bikes to make deliveries. So check the requirements of your preferred gig before starting the application process.

Passive Earning Methods

This is one the other end of the extreme – passive earning methods are total no-brainers. They involve stuff like watching videos on rewards sites, or installing a web traffic monitoring app on your phone. Super easy to do.


Rookie Wordsmith
Jun 13, 2018
I wanted to add: I’ve tried so many different earning methods. Designs shirts and selling the designs on RedBubble? Tried it. Take random odd jobs on sites like TaskRabbit and People Per Hour? Yes, and yes. Hauled people’s cargo and drive passengers around via Dolly and Lyft? Been there, done that. I’ve even donated blood plasma and, er, other bodily fluids.

But here’s the thing: my favorite, and maybe the best, online earning method will still be the passive methods, like watching videos and stuff like I mentioned in my previous post!

Janine F Warren

Sep 21, 2018
For me one of the best online income sources is clothes consinement (sp?). I tried all sorts of online rewards sites and even doing adult chat and stuff but when i got a baby i found myself with lots of still new baby clothes that were a waist to just give away or chuck in the bin. Im trying my best to recycle and do this for every little thing in our lives and when i discoverd thredup, not only do i get to consine my son’s clothes that he outgrew quickly or sometimes never used at all but also i get to earn some money from selling them! It has really helped me buy baby needs like diapers and formula so its like selling my baby’s stuff to get him new stuff he needs haha!

I want to be able to sell other products beyond baby clothes because i really like ecommerce platforms so thank you for the cj affiliates links i will make sure to look into that real soon!